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Hardy comments - The Future Now Show - December 2016

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The Future Now Show

December 2016

Hardy comments


Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) / Asian Pacific trading space / US Dollar as a world currency /
Donald Trump / Petrodollar / Energy / Electric cars

Hardy F Schloer reflects on the impact that president-elect Trump's antipathy towards the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) could have for the Asian-Pacific trading space, and considers the future prospects of the US dollar as a world reserve currency. Central to the latter is the historical connection with oil (as in the petrodollar) and the inevitable loss of primacy that oil faces as an energy source with the rise of electric cars and alternative (non-fossil) sources of energy to power them. - Paul Holister

Future Now Show

The Future Now Show


Hardy F. Schloer, CEO, Schloer Consulting Group

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Jack Gallagher,
Repetitor/Coach at de Stilte, theNetherlands

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