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the future of Personal Growth


Seminar in SPAIN

the future of Personal Growth

Friday, 12 December 2014 - Evening
Saturday, 13 December, 2014 -
09:30 am till evening

Location: Hotel Peralada Wine Spa & Golf, C/ Rocabertí, s/n, 17491 Peralada (Girona)


The seminar language is English.

A collaboration between
Schwab Filosofia, Socratic business club Alt Empoorda and the Club of Amsterdam.


When all secure fundaments are one by one collapsing, we need new ones. These cannot be found in the actual way of doing things. What is changing?

"Advances in physics, technology and neuroscience pose an ever-evolving set of questions about the nature of the world and man's place in it; questions that we may not yet have the answers to, but that philosophers diligently explore through theory and argument. And of course, there are some questions of morality and meaning that were first posed by ancient thinkers and that we must continue to question as humanity evolves: How should we treat one another? What does it mean to live a good life? " (Huffington post)

"The financial and climate crises, global consumption habits, and other 21st-century challenges call for a "killer app." I think I've found it: philosophy. Philosophy can help us address the (literally) existential challenges the world currently confronts, but only if we take it off the back burner and apply it as a burning platform in business. Philosophy explores the deepest, broadest questions of life — why we exist, how society should organize itself, how institutions should relate to society, and the purpose of human endeavor, to name just a few.." (Dove Seidman in Bloomberg Business week)

In these uncertain, moving and shifting times, leaders are required to have strong intuitions in creating strong future horizons. We did not learn that in our universities and business schools; we lived in fixed narratives of study, job, family and nation. These narratives have become part of us.

If the world changes drastically, we should have a deep understanding of what is going on. Because all changes relate to our thoughts and actions, personal growth makes us being prepared for any situation.

If you as a leading personality know what is going on, inside of you and what the cultural and psychological clashes are within your own mind and feeling; then you can help your company or organization, because you understand the other persons involved.

The secret is to create coherence in your company (killing fragmentation, separate silos and non-communicative relations) by leading a process of integration and shared values. So all become agile and ready to respond.

The Socratic Design is a method that is capable of silencing old thoughts with philosophical analysis, maximize the art of listening and creating new concepts and paradigms by dialogue between empathic connecting minds.

This method is capable of sourcing the tacit knowledge that we share, to design new futures and narratives.

In normal meetings we reproduce our old concepts and are addicted to our intelligent thoughts (which is the past tense of thinking). In the Socratic dialog we tap into our deepest layer of consciousness and create new meanings.

We also reflect on the oldest and basic questions.

The Socratic Design method facilitates the maximum collaborative intelligence that can generate strong practices based on values and personal knowledge. In this seminar we do not transfer knowledge from the experts to the audience: we create new knowledge in a guaranteed frame of out of the box thinking.

All the participants will emerge from their distinctive individual positions into a original level of thinking and reflecting. The Socratic dialog method is the only method that does not start from fixed disciplinary silos , but starts radically from the urgent question.
In this method we:

1 Analyze our hidden pre assumptions and fundamental thoughts that tie us to a past culture.
2 Develop a horizon of values to have strong compass for any future scenario.
3 Analyze our best practices and experiences in personal growth and learning.
4 Create knowledge in a strong collaborative way out of atomic debates.
5 Develop new assumptions for personal growth.
6 Design strong narratives
7 Develop concrete roadmaps.

The Socratic seminar is a exciting experience of creating knowledge. The Socratic Design guarantees a process of values, listening, reflection and design.
You will be at your "best", free from addictive thoughts and open to other ideas.

You will not receive knowledge transfer but you will create yourself out-of-the-comfort-zone knowledge.

The seminar is a think tank in which we pose urgent questions on the theme and develop know-ledge. This knowledge will be directly translated into concrete road maps and future scenarios, or simply into new narratives.

It will be a whole day of dialog, brainstorming and creating. There are inspirators from Berlin, Amsterdam and Bilbao.

Rosana Agudo
Mark Blaisse
Jan Bruch
who will not deliver speeches but participate with you all.

The socratic design method will be rolled out during the day, resulting in the different scenarios.

What do you take home?

- A personal experience of personal growth (how to jump out of your normal assumption)
- A personal experience of creating knowledge in one day, in a collaborative mind context.
- Knowledge about:
- How to eliminate fragmentation and internal non communication in your organization,
- How to prevent Burn out.
- How to promote well being by personal growth programs
- How to synchronize your organization on the learning goals of your team.
- A cool network.
- optional: The Peralada "well-being experience": Nature, trekking, Spa, golf. padel or tennis.

Humberto Schwab
Socratic Design

Socratic Design

Humberto Schwab
Philosopher, Owner, Humberto Schwab Filosofia SL, Sant Climent Sescebes, Girona


Rosana Agudo, Bilbao
Mark Blaisse, Amsterdam
Jan Bruch, Berlin

Friday, 12 December 2014
Friday evening welcome and getting to know each other.

Saturday, 13 December, 2014
Socratic Design seminarin the first part we share values, harvest our personal experiences and create concrete knowledge. Value waterfall, appreciative inquiry interviews and Socratic Dialogues will be the methods to form a strong body of knowledge with new horizons. These sessions include strong personal commitment and deliver creative common wisdom.

14.00 -16.00
Lunch: - gastronomic menu Alt Emporda

18.00 - 21.00
In the second part we will deliver new narratives and concrete frames to develop road maps for persons and organizations. We use the future scenario method to deign clear futures.

resentation of the results

Late night dinner


This is not a registration - please ask for conference details and registration information without obligation:

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Or just send an email to and cc to

Schwab Filosofia
With philosophical tools we create new, out of the comfort zone, future scenarios, based on the tacit knowledge in the company. We know how to harvest this and create new knowledge.

The Socratic business club Alt Emporda is a networking club and a joint venture between the Golf hotel and Schwab Filosofia.

The Club of Amsterdam is an independent, international, future-oriented think tank involved in channeling preferred futures. It involves those who dare to think out of the box and those who don't just talk about the future but actively participate in shaping outcomes.
We organize events, seminars and summits on relevant issues and publish findings & proceedings through various off-line and online media channels. Our goal is to become a global player and catalyst for innovation in industries, science and society.
We currently have more than 4,500 Members globally.

Humberto Schwab
Owner Humberto Schwab Filosofia
Director Club of Amsterdam
Board member Connected Village

Humberto Schwab works as a philosopher in Catalunya Spain . He developed the Socratic design method and uses this to transform profoundly people and businesses towards value based strategies and new ways of organizing the intelligence within the company. Business with a strong moral and a strong philosophy are winners, Humberto helps them to design a plan that is close to their competences. He worked for big companies as Rabobank or Electrabel but also small ones like Waag society, Koppertcress and NVD. He gives masterclasses at the Stockholm School of economics in Riga and several European Art academies.. For Paris he developed future scenarios with the Creative Cooperative.
We should think differently "the thinking that created the problems cannot deliver the solutions".

Rosana Agudo
Associate Director, Tecnologia para la Transformación Interior (Technology for Interior Transformation)

Researcher and expert in disciplines and cultural traditions related to the inner development of the human being. Specialist in Techniques for the Training and Development of the Potential of People and Organizations.
Creator of the School of Active Meditation and Evolutionary Development. Founder of the Platform For Conscious Citizenry Lur Gozoa. Co-founder of Mirra - Association for Woman's Leadership. Director of TTi - Technology for Inner Transformation.Director of Vision to Action - International School for Changemakers.
Rosana Agudo is Vision-Coach and has been practicing with people and groups for more than twenty years and has created and implemented innumerable workshops, talks, courses and presentations. Her methodology creates the conditions that allow participants to become conscious of the mental and emotional processes that determine behavior and its results. She teaches Sustained Awareness with the aim of overcoming the dominant mental model that limits the capacity for action and evolution.


Mark Blaisse

Mark Blaisse is a historian by education, a journalist by passion and a writer by necessity. His books as well as his support of numerous initiatives related to democracy, transparency, environmental questions and civil society underline his continuous engagement. Curiosity and a restless search for new ideas have rested in lecturing, blogging and writing for op ed pages. On the other hand, financial obligations have pushed him as a consultant into board rooms and government offices as well.
He recently finished a play on God's the sense of humor and is currently working on his first novel located in Central Africa. He lives and works in Amsterdam.


Jan Bruch
Founder at Neumorgen and Goodlife Capital

Jan Bruch is an Entrepreneur and Socratic designer based in Berlin. His mission is to build good life companies and to help leaders to create unity on a moral, ideal and strategic level.
He founded Neumorgen, an innovation consultancy, and Goodlife Capital, a seed fund investing in Startups that make the world a radically better place. At the Social Impact Lab, he serves as a jury member and mentors entrepreneurs. He hosts a monthly Socratic Design Salon. He studied business, but considers practical philosophy his best education.


Hotel Peralada Wine Spa & Golf
Carrer Rocabertí, s/n
17491 Peralada (Girona)
Tel. 34 972 53 88 30
Fax. 34 972 53 88 07
Reservas 902 35 07 07

By Car

From Barcelona/Girona by motorway AP-7 (E-15), exit 4 Figueras, towards Llançà-Portbou.
From France by motorway AP-7 (E-15), exit 3 Figueras north, towards Llançà-Portbou.

Airport Barcelona – Peralada 145 km (1h.45min.)
Airport Girona – Peralada 50 km (45min.)
Airport Perpignan – Peralada 60 Km (55min.)

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