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Books about the future of Sexuality

. Books about the future of Sexuality

Culture, Society and Sexuality
Richard Parker, Peter Aggleton

This new and revised edition of "Culture, Society and Sexuality" brings together and makes accessible a broad and international selection of readings to provide insights into the social, cultural, political and economic dimensions of sexuality and relationships, and emerging discourses around sexual and reproductive rights. Clearly structured and presented, the book makes an extremely useful reference for students and researchers. Section one focuses on the social and cultural construction of sexuality as an emerging field of inquiry over the course of recent decades, and examines some of the most important theoretical insights and areas of investigation that have emerged as this field has developed. Section two links research on the construction of sexuality to a growing body of work on gender and sexuality in relation to a wide range of practical issues and contemporary social policy debates. It is an essential reader not only for students and researchers in these areas, but also for activists, health workers and service providers, who daily confront practical and policy issues related to sexuality, sexual health and sexual rights.

Sexuality - Key Ideas
by Jeffrey Weeks

Most of us are programmed into thinking of our sexuality as a wholly natural feature of life. But sexual relations are just one form of social relations. Sexuality has both a history and a sociology -- it is not simply a matter of biological or psychological drives. Drawing on the analysis of Michel Foucault and other key thinkers, this new edition of Sexuality examines the subject in terms of social, moral and political issues, and features new material on AIDS, queer theory and postcolonial perspectives on race.

This book provides an indispensable, comprehensive introduction to the sociology of sexuality, discussing its cultural and socio-historical construction, its relationship with power, and the state's involvement in its rationalization and regulation.

Sexing the Body: Gender Politics and the Construction of Sexuality
Anne Fausto-Sterling

Anyone who has been following the new brain science in the popular press -- and even those whose casual reading includes journals along the lines of Psychoneuroendocrinology -- will be fascinated by the puckish observations of Brown University biologist Anne Fausto-Sterling, whose provocative and erudite essays easily establish the cultural biases underlying current scientific thought on gender. She goes on to critique the science itself, exposing inconsistencies in the literature and weaknesses in the rhetorical and theoretical structures that support new research. "One of the major claims I make in this book," she explains, "is that labeling someone a man or a woman is a social decision. We may use scientific knowledge to help us make the decision, but only our beliefs about gender -- not science -- can define our sex. Furthermore, our beliefs about gender affect what kinds of knowledge scientists produce about sex in the first place." Whether discussing genital surgery on intersex infants or the amorous lives of lab rats, the author is unfailingly clear and convincing, and manages to impart humor to subjects as seemingly unpromising as neuroanatomy and the structure of proteins. -- Regina Marler

Sex Matters: The Sexuality and Society Reader
by Mindy Stombler, Dawn M. Baunauch, Elisabeth O. Burgess, Denise Donnelly, Wendy Simonds

This anthology of over 50 contemporary readings looks at the dual forces of social construction and social control of sexuality. By also including selections from mainstream media among the scholarly literature, such as "The New York Times Magazine" and trade books, the authors make controversial and complex topics more approachable for students.

Handbook of the Evolution of Human Sexuality
by Michael R. Kauth

Humans are inherently sexual creatures, and human culture is essentially a sexual culture. This edited volume helps to explain "why" humans are so consumed with sexuality.

The volume's primary theme is the evolution of human sexual attraction: that is, evolved human sexual psychologies. Scholars from a variety of fields, including anthropology, primatology, psychology, and biochemistry, discuss human (hetero)sexual attraction, mating/reproductive strategies, and mate preferences from the perspective of Evolutionary Psychology. Three authors also present theories of same-sex sexual attraction.

A secondary theme is the explication of sexual concepts and implicit assumptions about sexuality. Scientists and scholars in the multidisciplinary field of sexology often employ common but imprecise concepts that are loaded with personal and discipline-specific assumptions that are rarely acknowledged and even more rarely discussed. In this volume, contributors attempt to define specific sexual concepts and discuss their assumptions about sexuality. The volume concludes with an analysis of how contributors used sexual language and their avoidance of the concept of "sexual orientation".

In the Shadows of the Net: Breaking Free of Compulsive Online Sexual Behavior

by Patrick Carnes, David Delmonico, Elizabeth Griffin, Joseph M. Moriarity

As Internet usage has exploded in recent years, so has the prevalence of compulsive online sexual behavior - a problem first addressed five years ago by Patrick Carnes and coauthors of the breakthrough book, "In the Shadows of the Net". Updated with the latest information, trends, and developments, the second edition equips readers with specific strategies for recognizing and changing compulsive sexual behaviors. This book contains personal stories which reveal how desperate life can become for online sex addicts - divorce, career loss, and financial ruin are common outcomes. More importantly, the authors set forth a path for breaking free from compulsive online sexual behavior and sustaining lifelong recovery.This book contains practical recovery information which is immediately useful to readers. The new content addresses the staggering pervasiveness of the problem as well as recent clinical developments. It contains personal stories which demonstrate the depths of addiction and the path to recovery. Patrick Carnes is the most well known and widely respected expert in the field of treating sexual addiction.

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