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Books about the future of Success

. Books about the future of Success

Elements of Success
by Nisandeh Neta

This book reveals the ingredients that make up every successful result. It offers a five-step process of creating success, with in-depth explanations on each step and tips how to work with them.
It teaches you how to manage every step of the way to your personal success, with little effort and maximum results.

Often we are not aware of what the elements are of the process of creation. Once we're good at something, we think it is because of our talent, or because of being lucky, without investigating what the process was that moved us from the state of "hunger" to the state of "fulfilment".
If we don't know what the recipe for success is, it is difficult to repeat it.

The book "Elements of Success" teaches you all you need to know about the recipe for success.

Becoming successful is easy, if you know what to do...

The Psychology of Winning
by Denis Waitley

There is often only a small difference between the top leaders in every field and those who merely "do well." In The Psychology Of Winning, Denis Waitley offers simple, yet profound principles of thought and healthy behavior that guide men and women to the top in every field of endeavor ... principles that give you the winning edge in every situation.

Richest Man in Babylon
by George S. Clason

"This book holds the secrets to acquiring money, keeping money, and making money earn more money.

Millions of readers have become familiar with George S. Clason's famous "Babylonian parables" through the distribution of these success secrets of the ancients by banks, insurance companies, investment houses and employers. Acclaimed as the greatest of all inspirational works on the subject of thrift and financial planning, these fascinating and informative stories have become a modern classic in their field.

In language as simple as that of the Bible, this book presents a sure path to prosperity and happiness. It offers an understanding of - and a solution to - your personal financial problems which will guide you successfully through a lifetime. The Richest Man in Babylon is a book you will want to read yourself, recommend to friends, and give to young people just starting out in life."

The Science of Mind
by Ernest Holmes

The Science of the Mind was originally published in 1926 by the founder of the worldwide Religious Science movement. It was completely revised in 1938 by Ernest Holmes and Maude Allison Latham; this 1997 edition is the 1938 version with an added introduction by Jean Houston and a one-year study program that breaks the weighty tome into digestible bits. Using creative techniques, Holmes guides the student in easy-to-follow steps toward mastering the powers of the mind to find purpose in life. His explanations of how to pray and meditate, heal oneself spiritually, find self confidence, and express love have helped millions change their lives for the better. The Science of Mind is one of those spiritual classics that belongs on the bookshelf of anyone who wishes a life for themselves free of compulsion and negativity. -- P. Randall Cohan

Power Through Constructive Thinking
by Emmet Fox

Fresh with contemporary relevance, this classic of positive thinking from one of the world's great motivational writers offers galvanizing insights on self-transformation. Based on Emmet Fox's simple message that "thoughts are things" and all potential lies in their creative and constructive use, these thirty-one inspiring essays how to have it all -- health, healing, happiness, and a liberated spirit -- through the power of constructive though. First published in 1940, Power Through Constructive Thinking has been a never-failing source of strength and renewal for generations of readers.

Psychological Foundations of Success: A Harvard-Trained Scientist Separates the Science of Success from Self-Help Snake Oil
by Stephen J. Kraus

Tired of self-help snake oil? Had enough of pop psychology “gurus” who do little more than repeat the same old clichés and self-improvement urban legends? Then check out Psychological Foundations of Success.

This book summarizes the cutting-edge research being conducted in the field of “positive psychology” – the scientific study of happy, successful, highly-achieving people. Although based on solid science, the book offers a practical, five step approach for achieving more:

Step One: Vision – The Science of Figuring Out What You Really Want From Life
Step Two: Strategy – The Science of Turning Lofty Ambitions Into Consistent Action
Step Three: Belief – The Science of Minimizing FUD (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt)
Step Four: Persistence – The Science of Drive and Determination
Step Five: Learning – The Science of Making “Course Corrections” in Life

Five Minds for the Future
by Howard Gardner

We live in a time of vast changes. And those changes call for entirely new ways of learning and thinking. In Five Minds for the Future: Howard Gardner defines the cognitive abilities that will command a premium in the years ahead:

the disciplinary mind - mastery of major schools of thought (including science, mathematics, and history) and of at least one professional craft
the synthesizing mind - ability to integrate ideas from different disciplines or spheres into a coherent whole and to communicate that integration to others
the creating mind - capacity to uncover and clarify new problems, questions, and phenomena
the respectful mind - awareness of and appreciation for differences among human beings and human groups
the ethical mind - fulfillment of one’s responsibilities as a worker and citizen

World-renowned for his theory of multiple intelligences, Gardner takes that thinking to the next level in this book, drawing from a wealth of diverse examples to illuminate his ideas. Concise and engaging, Five Minds for the Future will inspire lifelong learning in any reader as well as provide valuable insights for those charged with training and developing organizational leaders—both today and tomorrow.

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