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Africa: A Ticking Bomb with Cristiana Benedetti Fasil - The Future Now Show

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The Future Now Show

May 2020

Africa: A Ticking Bomb

Cristiana Benedetti Fasil

"The demographics of Africa are unique. Sixty percent of the population is below 25 years old. However, millions of youth lack employment and educational opportunities and cannot develop their full potential. Especially girls and young women are disadvantaged. Women are the backbone of the society. Their empowerment is the key to an inclusive and sustainable economic development. We cannot let down the youth of Africa and we need to act now to defuse the ticking bomb of youth unemployment. With Social Venture Africa we want to make our small contribution to address the challenge."



The Future Now Show

Cristiana Benedetti Fasil, President and Co-founder of the NGO Social Venture Africa,
Researcher at the Directorate General Joint Research Centre of the European Commission

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