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the future of Services
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the future of Services
Services as part of products

Thursday, February 17 , 2011
Registration: 18:30-19:00, Conference: 19:00-21:15


Het BethaniŽnklooster, Barndesteeg 6B, 1012 BV Amsterdam [Next to Nieuwmarkt]

The conference language is English.

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We see more and more examples of services as part of products. Thinking on services is hot. From service design to design thinking, taking a service as a central element in possible success of a product is adopted by many. But what is the next stage in this development. Will services become the dictators of our life. Will services shape our products?

An important development is the rise of service ecosystems. Services as the glue and fuel of connected touch points. Example of this evolution is the way our travelling in public transport transforms from a fare based experience into a subscription based experience. The virtual credit on the OVchipcard (Dutch public transport card) results in different kind of service, behavior and product experience.

These kinds of shifts will happen in all areas. The way we move to a service dominate economy will influence the way we consume, we behave and the way products and services itself will be shaped. In this session we look at these developments from different angles.

Concept by
Iskander Smit

Pieter Jan Stappers, Professor, Chair of Design Techniques, TU Delft
Future of Services - Future for Designers?

Service Design is posing a number of challenges to professionals and those who educate them. It combines elements from experience design, interaction design, software design, product design, and combines them with new challenges in the areas of user context, customer involvement, business models and organizational change. In this presentation I illustrate these changes, and how they impact Dutch industries and education.

Iskander Smit, Strategy Director,
A future of impulse driven and hyper personalised services

We see the world changing from content driven to context driven. Social software, augmented reality and playful location-based services. We grow into an era knowledge is always available; the trick is to be curious enough to find it. There is an incredible increase of touch points that are becoming sensors of our behavior. What are the consequences of the ubiquitous availability of the smartness, of a predictive web? How would it work if we have real context based services where the impulses retrieved from interactions are the angles and boundaries of the service? Iskander introduced impulse shaped services as the new kind of services and in this talk he will focus on this future of the new service ecosystems shaped from impulses, both digital and physical.

Lorna Goulden, Lead Creative Director, Philips Design
Consequences of The Internet of Things from a design perspective

Lorna will talk on the changes in our experience with products now that they more and more are connected. Lorna will talk on the Internet of Things from a design perspective and share her view on the way the Internet of Things transforms products into product-service systems.

Robert Hewins, Director, Benelux for Pentacle, The Virtual Business School
Beyond the new normal

Robert works with organizations and businesses to develop and execute strategies that benefit from the convergence of globalization, the multiplier effects of web-based services and rapid innovation. He will discuss players that have failed or successfully adapted to evolving "everything is a service" Darwinian ecosystems, and talk about the impact of emerging trends on today's winners: will they thrive, just survive, or fail?

18:30 - 19:00
Registration & welcome drinks

19:00 - 20:00
Introduction by our Moderator
Kwela Hermanns

Part I:

Pieter Jan Stappers, Professor, Chair of Design Techniques, TU Delft
Future of Services - Future for Designers?

Iskander Smit, Strategy Director,
A future of impulse driven and hyper personalised services

Lorna Goulden, Lead Creative Director, Philips Design
Consequences of The Internet of Things from a design perspective

Robert Hewins, Director, Benelux for Pentacle, The Virtual Business School
Beyond the new normal

20:00 - 20:30
Coffee break with drinks and snacks.

20:30 - 21:15
Part II:
Open discussion

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The full service internet agency creates successful and effective websites and online applications. The work of is based on the business objectives of our clients, customer expectations and the use of ICT technology. To enable to serve our clients in our different fields of expertise, is divided in three areas of expertise with their own specific competence and focus. Our strategy consultants develop online strategies and concepts, while the unit web development realizes and implements online applications. The dedicated unit hosting facilities maintains (24/7) web environments.

Since 1994, has a proven track record. Respected clients as e.g. Robeco, SNS Bank, VolkskrantBanen, ReedBusiness, T-Mobile and Routenet are organizations which benefit from the experience of

Pieter Jan Stappers
Professor, Chair of Design Techniques, TU Delft

P.J. Stappers works at ID-StudioLab in the faculty of Industrial Design Engineering, TU Delft. The focus of his research and teaching is on the early phases of design projects, with a special focus on understanding the needs of end-users, matching these needs with opportunities in new technology, and communicating needs, ideas, and product/service concepts.

After an MSc in experimental physics an a PhD on the dynamics of visual perception, his research interests shifted from Virtual Reality to new media tools in general, with a focus on studying creative processes of designers, and developing interactive, visual computer-based tools for the support of creative design. After 2000, his interest widened to explorative contextual studies of user experience (, techniques for co-creation, and the role of design skills within research.

P.J. does not blog or tweet, but has a rudimentary web presence on

Iskander Smit
Strategy Director,

Iskander Smit works as strategy director, one of the oldest internet agencies in the Netherlands. Based in the heart of Amsterdam is specialized in the creation and realization of online services.

Iskander is responsible for strategy within and advices clients how to transform their products and services into engaging online ecosystems. Inspired on our models Virtual Warmth, Exploding Website and Realtime Company.

Iskander is educated as Industrial Design Engineer and works since 1994 in digital media as interaction designer, concept developer and strategist. Driven by the added value of interactivity and the social power of connected media. He has a strong passion in how human behavior works and is related to the use of products and services and the interactions with others.

Lorna Goulden
Lead Creative Director, Philips Design

Lorna Goulden is the Lead Creative Director responsible for Product & Service design for the external market. She is the author of the award winning 'Creating a Public Lighting Experience' which outlines an innovative vision for the public lighting of Strijp-S in Eindhoven and is currently supervising its implementation.

After joining Philips Design's in 1994 Lorna has worked with Philips research and business groups in both Europe, Asia and the US on interaction concepts and new product development. In 1999 she set up and managed a design team carrying out early Experience Design research - the foundation of what is widely employed by Philips Design today. More recently she has been directing innovation and strategic design initiatives for a range of external clients as well as Philips Corporate IT Innovation and Strategy.

Lorna has lectured at both the Design Academy in Eindhoven and the Royal College of Art in London. She is a member of 'Council Internet of Things' think tank and is on the steering committee of the Virtual Platform which is the sector institute for e-culture in the Netherlands. She is also a member of the board of the 'Culture for Micro-Credit' foundation.

Robert Hewins
Director, Benelux for Pentacle, The Virtual Business School

Robert leads the Benelux project and programme management practice for Pentacle with the key objective of supporting clients make their transition to the New World successful, and sustainable.

Robert has worked on business transformation, change management and large-scale business system deployment programmes with industry leaders. He has previously taught Masters, MBA and Executive MBA- level courses at the Rotterdam School of Management, University of Leiden and Delft Technical University (Top Tech) in the Netherlands, and Keele and Lancaster University in the UK.

Based in the Netherlands, Robert and his team deliver Pentacle's unique Learning to TransformTM vision, approach and teaching style to clients in the Benelux.

Kwela Sabine Hermanns

Kwela is a highly focussed, process-oriented entrepreneur and innovation specialist with many years of business experience in education, research, training and project management in the creative industries.

She is bi-lingual in English and German, owns a Masters degree in New Media Studies and trained in small business innovation at Copenhagen Business School.

She coaches and trains people and organisations in goal implementation and dynamic change management techniques.

ĒMy own goal is to support inter-disciplinary innovation towards value based and surprising sustainable futures. I combine a highly analytical and strategic mind with a passion for team work, people and relationship buidling.Ē

Het BethaniŽnklooster
Barndesteeg 6B
1012 BV Amsterdam
[Next to Nieuwmarkt]


    • Cross the Station square (starting from the station's downtown exit) in the direction of the St. Nicolaas church.
    • Pass the church and follow the St. Olofspoort across the Zeedijk, which leads to the Nieuwmarkt.
    • Walk along the Nieuwmarkt, keeping the Waag building on your left hand side.
    • Turn right at the corner of the Nieuwmarkt and the Kloveniersburgwal (Kloppenburg patisserie = banketbakkerij Kloppenburg) into the Barndesteeg. You will find the BethaniŽnklooster at number 6B.


Metro stop Nieuwmarkt. Exit Nieuwmarkt.
Turn right at the corner of the Nieuwmarkt and the Kloveniersburgwal (Kloppenburg patisserie = banketbakkerij Kloppenburg) into the Barndesteeg. You will find the BethaniŽnklooster at number 6B.


  • Turn right at the car park exit, in the direction of the Jodenbreestraat.
  • Follow the street to the end, which after crossing the St. Antonies Sluis (St. Antonies Lock) turns into the St. Antoniebreestraat. This street ends up at the Nieuwmarkt.
  • Turn left and walk along the in the direction of the Barndesteeg (at the corner you will find Kloppenburg patisserie = banketbakkerij Kloppenburg), keeping the Waag building on your right. You will find the BethaniŽnklooster at number 6B.


Parking in Amsterdam's city centre is not easy. Loading and unloading for the BethaniŽnklooster is permitted in the Barndesteeg. Street parking is scarce. You'll stand the best chance of finding a place to park on the Oudezijds Achterburgwal.

It's easier to park in one of the car parks near the BethaniŽnklooster, where there is usually a place to park. If you want to be sure of a place to park you can reserve a spot in one of the car parks by calling the Parkeer Reserveerlijn 0900-2022002. If you're planning to arrive with several cars, it is advisable to make reservations.
The following car parks are to be found in the immediate vicinity of the BethaniŽnklooster:

  • P1 Parking Amsterdam Centre (Prins Hendrikkade 20a - opposite Central Station)
  • P1 Parking Waterlooplein (Valkenburgerstraat 238)
  • Business Parking (near Waterlooplein - Valkenburgerstraat 146 A)
  • Parkeergarage Kroon & Zn (near Waterlooplein - Waterlooplein 1)
  • Parkeergarage Markenhoven (near Waterlooplein - Anne Frankstraat 2)

  • Bijenkorf Garage (accessible from Rokin - Damrak)
  • Krasnapolsky Garage (accessible from the Dam - Warmoesstraat )

Visitors to the BethaniŽnklooster receive a 10% discount on the parking rates in the following car parks:

  • P1 Parking Amsterdam centre, Prins Hendrikkade 20a (opposite Central Station) 1012 TL Amsterdam. Tel.: 020-638 53 30
  • P1 Parking Waterlooplein, Valkenburgerstraat 238 1011 ND Amsterdam. Tel.: 020-420 79 30

TIP: Get directions by text message on your cell phone now for free: go to: Please ask for a discount voucher for P1 Parking Waterlooplein or P1 Amsterdam Centre at the BethaniŽnklooster's booking office. Upon your departure, you will need to feed the voucher and the ticket into the ticket machine. You will receive a 10% discount over the total parking fee.

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