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LAB on the future of TOURISM
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on the future of TOURISM
2-day lab in the Alt Emporda in Catalonia, Spain. A unique place.

Date: May 25 & 26, 2010

Registration deadline: April 15
Registration Click here
Location Alt Emporda in Catalonia, Spain

Moderator Humberto Schwab, Philosopher

The language is English.

For 8 - 12 participants.

Who should attend?
Strategic leaders and innovators in the travel and tourism business.

What will they take home?
Output: strong validated future scenarios for developing new businesses. Strong concepts to innovate. New services made concrete.

Outcome: new tools to innovate and collaborate.


Justin Francis: In search of Utopia

I'm optimistic that in the future, travel and tourism will be both sustainable and responsible, with a focus on preserving identities and cultures, celebrating the unique and conserving what is locally distinctive about a place. We'll fly less and, in turn, we'll fall back in love with travel closer to home.

I think we will begin to have a more personal, meaningful relationship with the places that we visit and a better understanding of our individual motivations for travelling. When we contact a travel agent, they'll be asking us, 'What do you need from a holiday?' rather than, 'Where do you want to go?'

An immersed experience of a Do-tank

... in a world of climate change and economical reshape ...

In this two-day lab program we will deep dive the different aspects of tourism like the ecological, the socio economic, the cultural, the psychological and the technological aspects. The group of participating experts will be transformed, thanks to the innovative philosophical tools, into a experience based think tank.

Each of the participants will multiply his or her practical wisdom on the matter by sharing his or her experiences in a collaborative intelligence acceleration process.

The basic values, good practices but also the basic assumptions and concepts are the starting point. We will then completely redesign the concepts of tourism and travel. The art of innovation is to rethink traditional steps and open new stairs for good strong experiences. The deep dive is to unravel the underlying meaning of tourism and travel. From this Socratic dialogs we go on into designing practical applications within new horizons. So we design from scratch with the basic values and the possibility of the newest (internet) technologies and web 2.0 applications..

We will consider different certain and uncertain trends:

What will be the possible scenarios if we consider the climate change and the choice for more ecological lifestyles?

A Norwegian plan to create a wind-turbine eco-tourist village in the sea is such an example.

We will create different future scenarios and concrete applications and services. We will end with concrete stories of good experiences in 2020!

The lab will have the structure of a do-tank:

  • Analyse the actual situation with different approaches.
  • Share best experiences in hybrid, deconstructive approaches.
  • Design new concept models (rapid prototyping).
  • Reflect and refine.
  • Make a what-to-do plan (road map) .

Using the following business innovation tools:

  • Value and appreciative inquiry.
  • Socratic discourse
  • Future scenario method (of SHELL)

Registration: €
Registration deadline: April 15

The price for the LAB includes lunch and coffee/drinks and excludes travel and stay.

Also included is a brochure and CD of the results.

For travel and hotel information see

For registration & questions, please contact:
Humberto Schwab
phone: 0034 610654109

Humberto Schwab
Owner, Humberto Schwab Filosofia SL
director, Club of Amsterdam

Humberto Schwab is owner of Humberto Schwab Filosofia SL. He studied physics and philosophy at the University of Amsterdam and was for years teaching at Montessori Schools, Rietveld Art academy and Hoogeschool of Amsterdam. He was the frontrunner in innovating secondary education with a complete new philosophy curriculum. He designed a new method and wrote 6 books for this method. Her also designed a complete new format of teacher training and executed this training.

As an innovation philosopher working in Spain and Holland, he is involved in innovation processes in education, cross media, business and ngo's. He developed the eurolab method, which is a value and philosophy based futurelab. Students from different universities participate in these labs, mostly situated in Spain. The students work in a think tank simulation and produce real advices for governments or business.

The lab formula is used for companies to reflect on their philosophy or to redesign their philosophy regarding the future roads. Business is always related to ethical values because needs of persons are related to values. The Socratic dialogue is a strong contextual method to foster collaborative brainstorms. Humberto Schwab designs new tools for innovation and reflections together with several other philosophers and trainers.

He also participates in several innovationlabs with i.e. Mediaguild and other organisations.

His main goal is getting individuals and groups into the collective thinking mood, using philosophy as the treasure of strong ideas and concepts.

He is active in creating an optimistic approach of the European challenge.

The lab will take place in the Alt Emporda in Catalonia Spain. A unique place. In the the Albera Natural Park, with plenty of possibilities to enjoy unspoilt nature. This park has been nominated for UNESCO world heritage. The nearby coast offers quiet beaches, often hidden in small rocky coves, and the Cap de Creus Natural Park. In the nearby picturesque villages you can find expressions of (Catalan) culture; good restaurants, wine-houses, music festivals, local festivals, monastries, castles and megalithic monuments. The Alt Emporda has always been a favourite spot for artists, the exceptional combination of mountain and marine scenery has inspired many. Among others, the artist Salvador Dali left his traces in the Dali museums in Figueres, Cadaqués and Púbol.

You can book in the
Hotel Peralada Wine Spa & Golf
C/ Rocabertí, s/n
17491 Peralada (Girona)
Tel. (+34) 972 53 88 30
Fax (+34) 972 53 88 07
Reservations (+34) 902 35 07 07
hotel at

Hotel Peralada is located in the Alt Empordà (Girona), a region in the north of Catalonia, between Figueres and the Costa Brava beaches.

How to get there
From Barcelona from motorway AP-7 (E-15), exit 4 Figueres, direction Llançà-Portbou.

From France from motorway AP-7 (E-15), exit 3 Figueres north, direction Llançà- Portbou.

Barcelona – Peralada 145 Km.
Girona – Peralada 46 Km.
Perpignan – Peralada 60 Km.

By Airplane

Airport Girona-Costa Brava

Airport Girona-Costa Brava website.

Airlines are
Ryanair -
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Air Europa -
Monarch Airlines -
and many more.

Barcelona Airport

Barcelona Airport website

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