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Taste of Diversity Cultural Market
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Special Season Event
Taste of Diversity

Cultural Market

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Where: PricewaterhouseCoopers, Thomas R. Malthusstraat 5, 1066 JR Amsterdam
Near metro stop Henk Sneevlietweg. Metro 50. Free parking.

No entrance fee. The market is outdoors or - depending on the weather - indoors.

Cultural Market with food, drinks, music, dance etc from different Cultures and Continents.
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This evening has two parts - see also the Conference:



Letcho from the Poesta
The Hungarian kitchen is based on onions, tomato and peppers. Letcho is the traditional meal with these ingredients. It is cooked in a special kettle on an open fire. In Hungary the quality of your letcho is reflecting your personality.
is a traditional Brazilian drink which is popular all over the country, especially at the beaches, where it is the favorite drink to go with some delightful appetizers and creates a sensual and relaxed atmosphere. Enjoy a cold cocktail made of cachaça!

Golden Temple
"In its fourth decade of tickling meat-shunning palates, this temple of taste is still one of the best vegetarian (and vegan) options in town." - Frommer's Review
Golden Temple also offers Yoga Workshops at the market.

  Raclette & Swiss Wines
Traditionally, the Swiss cow herders used to take the cheese with them when they were moving cows to or from the pastures up in the mountains. In the evenings around the campfire, they would place the cheese next to the fire and, when it had reached the perfect softness, scrape it on top of some bread or potato.

By the Swiss Embassy.
Dutch Shakuhachi Society KAITO
KAITO is a small organisation that is involved with the SHAKUHACHI.

The shakuhachi Is a very old Japanese instrument. Learning to play the shakuhachi is not easy: it is difficult to develop the right power to make a strong sound. We need advisers and teachers from original Japanese traditions to play the HONKYOKU correctly.
I think this very old instrument can be a strong teacher for today's society to teach us patience, strong breathing power, spiritual intuition, etc.
"It is not me that is playing the shakuhachi: the shakuhachi is playing me…"
Workshop between: 18:30 and 21:00
Concert between: 21:30 and 23:30

Bridging Diversity - an Art Workshop
by Job Romijn
Reshape your brick according to taste, on the spot. The different "bricks" from all the different people will join together to form a very diverse bridge. Look how your brick fits in and stands out at the same time.
Workshop between 18:30 and 21:00
  Bubbels from Budapest
Hungary is one of the oldest wine producing countries. The Romans loved the Hungarian wines, and the worldwide famous Tokaji - "King of the wines and wine of the Kings" - was drunk by many kings, queens, emperors and conquerors.
Due to both world wars and the communistic period, the Hungarian wines became a forgotten treasure.
We bring the Torley pezsgo, sparkling wine with double yeasting. Brut, sec, demisec and Tokaji.
Wine Tasting:
Welcome to India
Considered as one of the most ancient civilizations on the planet, India’s gift to the world is its unique spiritual wisdom, yoga, meditation and the message of Vasudhaiva Kutumbhakam – A One World Family where Harmony in Diversity and Human Values form the basis of this multi-cultural nation which has a rich diversity of languages, customs, cuisines, religions, literature and arts. Within this kaleidoscope of immense variety there is a thread of continuity that has determined Indian civilisation and social structure. Come explore with us – A Passage to India!
  Children define a powerful vision of the 21st Century
In 3 short films and card-games about Leadership. Dreams & Goals and Teamwork we offer several `young life visions’ of our leaders of the 21st Century.

"With imagination you can like in a dream...imagine what you would like there to exist" - Alexandra (Brazil), 11 years old.

"If you can't cooperate, you can't succeed" - Requinsio (Netherlands), 10 years old.

© Tools4Teams/Value!/EMF Films
  DJ Nico from Bulgaria
with world music, carribean, zouk, gipsy, bollywood, roots music ...

Viva Brazil!
Brazil is the fifth largest country in the world and one rich in culture and staggering beauty. Come and witness the energy and exuberance of Brazil through the world famous dances of Samba, Axe, Lambada Zouk and Capoeira brought to you by Viva Lambada and native Brazilian, Edilson Conceicao Pires. You won’t be able to stay still but that’s good as you can participate in short workshops.

21:00 and 23:30

Food from Japan
Taji (Masayuki Tajima) is keen about Food. He is a designer, communicator and chef for food and food culture. He studied architecture at UC Berkeley (USA) and Urban Design & Food Culture at TU Delft (NL). He is a journalist for JDN (Japan Design Net), the biggest online design & art website in Japan. Taji launched the freelancing food design office "Chef Design", currently based in Rotterdam with “more creative solution for excitement and better taste in our life”.

Indian Culture
Hindi costumes, exotic Indian films, interesting touristic places.
By the Indian Embassy


and many more ...

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Thomas R. Malthusstraat 5
1066 JR Amsterdam

Near metro stop Henk Sneevlietweg. Metro 50. Free parking.

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