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the future of Food Design
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the future of Food Design
Thursday, November 23, 2006
Registration: 18:30-19:00, Conference & Food Tasting: 19:00-21:15
Where: ROC, Hotelschool, Da Costastraat 64, Amsterdam
The conference language is English.


Taste, presentation of food, atmosphere, even design of food itself have existed for a long time, but they were often treated as separate elements. The contemporary awareness in design as well as in food culture enable a more holistic approach, which recently led to outstanding creative developments.

This event is going to highlight three influential aspects: a) aesthetics from a consumer perspective, b) innovative food products and c) design supporting senses and a good time.

Masayuki Tajima, food culture specialist
What is Food Design?

"Food is food and design is design" - the consumer generally tends to keep these subjects as distant and separated entities. The only occasions where they appear as a unity is in nicely decorated and presented meals at restaurant, new looking bottles or a cucumber curved out in the shape of a flower. The consumer's vision of the design consists of a directly aesthetic and artistic nature and hardly goes beyond imaginative food and products. Charm, function, innovative and yet elegant forms, poetic and romantic creations may be the key words for food design. Through the pleasure of eating and feeling these artistic pieces consciously, the consumer gets the chance of experiencing a high degree of human touch.

Maurice Nio, Owner, NIO architecten
Fire Emperor

The Fire Emperor is the new appearance in the heart of Amsterdam's city centre. The Fire Emperor will be the pivot of public life. No-one can escape from this voracious building that day and night devours anything that comes near: innocent tourists and experienced gluttons, pale potatoes and fresh coriander, tame pigeons and live squid, raunchy market stalls and exclusive restaurants, worn-out musicians and erotic services, the water of the 'Rotte' and the faded perfumes of waitresses. Everything is being digested, pushed along and shovelled out again, but not before it has been substantially reshaped under high pressure. Because it is the new non-stop market hall that houses in the Fire Emperor. Everybody has something to look for here, and everybody and everything is prepared to defy the heat of the kitchen in the Fire Emperor. This is where the city boils and where people travel along on the vapours of exotic dishes.

Angélique Schmeinck, Master Chef
Experience & Temptation… The creator as seducer

A good idea generates energy, creates movement and makes you attractive to co-workers, guests and suppliers. That sounds good, but where do you get this great idea?
Everyone dreams, in the car, during a meeting or on the terrace in the sun.
These dreams often produce the most beautiful thoughts and fantasies, which result in a feeling of excitement and energy. Often enough, such great ideas disappear just too easily. Idea missed. Chance missed.
But sometimes the idea becomes an itch wanting to be scratched, what if it were to be realized? It doesn't matter what it is. A new project or a product, an event or an activity, or a new dish. Make time for renewal!
Angélique will tell in here presentation the process of creating taste dimensions and the influence of 'seducing' to give a total experience. Therefore she will use as example here Culi-Air project…..The hot air balloon as a enormous convection oven

18:30 - 19:00

19:00 - 20:00
Welcome by our Moderator Mikael Besson, Chef, freelancer for the gastronomy and hospitality industry

Part I:
Masayuki Tajima, food culture specialist
What is Food Design?

Maurice Nio, Owner, NIO architecten
Fire Emperor

Angélique Schmeinck,
Master Chef
Experience & Temptation… The creator as seducer

20:00 - 20:30
Food Tasting and drinks

20:30 - 21:15
Part II: Panel followed by an open discussion.

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Masayuki Tajima
food culture specialist

Active as a food culture specialist. Taji promotes food culture through 3 means, design, taste, and communication. His background is in spatial design as of architecture and urban design, active chef and caterer. As a means of communication, he gave lectures and writes articles about design.


Maurice Nio
Owner, NIO architecten

Maurice Nio (1959) graduated cum laude as an architect in 1988 at the Faculty of Architecture of the Delft University of Technology on a villa for Michael Jackson, the most curious final project of that year. This project has been of vital importance to his hybrid approach. Through a mixture of mythological and pragmatic mental processes, cryptic and at the same time utterly transparent design strategies, he has realized projects at BDG Architekten Ingenieurs (1991-1996), such as the enormous waste incinerator aviTwente. At VHP stedebouwkundigen + architekten + landschapsarchitekten (1997-1999) he realized the Zuidtangent, the longest high-quality public transport line in Europe. As from January 1st, 2000 he operates from his own design studio NIO architecten and currently works on the most beautiful shopping centre in the world and the most obscure houseboat in the Netherlands. Maurice Nio gives many lectures home and abroad, but has decided he no longer wants to be a teacher on art schools, academies or universities, and would like to design books again, or make his eighth video production, or else write new articles on urban development, architecture, film, video, television, photography or dance. Achievements anyway are his books You Have the Right to Remain Silent (1998) and Unseen I Slipped Away (2004).


Angélique Schmeinck
Master Chef

As one of the two female master chefs in the Netherlands, Angélique Schmeinck has been cooking at a star level for years. However, we also know her from surprising cooking items for television. With "Swinging in the Kitchen", she now has four books to her name, of which "A Mouthful of Art" has been called the most innovative cookbook in the world.

Angélique presents Tasting Intermezzos, Inspiration Workshops, Culinary Jam Sessions and other delicious productions with her own company. These include the spectacular Culi-Air®, in which she uses a hot air balloon as a convection oven to prepare a dinner.

Perception where everything revolves around flavour and aroma.
Angélique tickles the senses of small and large organisations that are looking for a special activity for customer relations or employees by offering various programs that are talked about for a long time afterwards. She makes them an intense experience. That is her strength.


Mikael Besson
Chef, freelancer for the gastronomy and hospitality industry

Born 1959 in Gavle (S), lived in Sweden for 12 years, then moved to Switzerland (Lausanne), where he started his career as chef with an apprenticeship at the Lausanne Beau-Rivage Palace Hotel *****. Having worked in different hotels and countries, MikaeI came back to Lausanne and after some years, started his own catering / party service (1988). In august -96 he sold the catering and moved to The Netherlands, where he worked for the KLM inflight catering. After that he worked as product developer in the industry and gastronomy. He is now a freelancer (living in Amsterdam) for the gastronomy and hospitality industry - also giving cooking lessons and home cooking sessions.


4-Trading Imports Hungarian wines from the best Hungarian winemakers.
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ROC van Amsterdam

The Dutch initials ROCvA stand for the "Amsterdam Regional Community College". We are a Foundation under Dutch law, established at the initiative of local and national government in 1997. The ROCvA covers Amsterdam and the nearby townships of Amstelveen, Hoofddorp and Hilversum. The Hotelschool is situated in the Da Costastraat Amsterdam

Like Community Colleges in other countries we focus on vocational education and training for participants from the age of 12 and adults in our region. We are one of the largest Community Colleges in Europe with some 35,000 students and 3,500 part-time and full-time staff at about 60 locations. The Hotelschool is situated in the Da Costastraat Amsterdam.

Vocational training and education
Our offering comprises long-term and short-term courses in vocational education, apprenticeships and adult education. This includes customised courses for the private and non-profit sectors. We work closely with the business community to provide these courses across a wide range of specialities. Indeed, customisation and speciality are key words here. Quality training deserves quality facilities. This principle is reflected in our accommodations. These also reflect the meshing of theory and practice, which is at the heart of vocational training and education in the Netherlands. The ROCvA Hotelschool is one of the leading schools in the world. In 2005 we founded The College Hotel as a training hotel for the students of the Hotel management school, Tourism and Bakery department.

Course options / levels
Our full-time college-based route combines study with hands-on training in the workplace. The part-time option is a work-based route - with part-time education and apprenticeship slotted together. The courses come in four levels (as defined by the Dutch Adult & Vocational Education Act and in line with European-SEDOC classification). Students at the highest level can go on to university/college equivalent studies.


Kookpunt cook-ware Rotterdam since 1959 distributor of cookware , espresso-machines , tableware , stoves & cookeries organizer of cook-workshops sponsor of voedsel-bank & slowfood dependance Breda also soon opening Den Haag
www.kookpunt .nl

ROC van Amsterdam
Da Costastraat 64

Bus station Marnixstraat
7, 10, 17, halte Elandsgracht
For directions by public transport
Ring A10 west, exit S106, Overtoom, Kinkerstraat

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