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the future of Software Architecture
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the future of the Software Architecture

Wednesday, November 30, 2005
Registration: 16:00-16:30, Conference: 16:30-19:15
Where: Syntens, De Ruyterkade 5, 1013 AA Amsterdam [Building of the Chamber of Commerce]



The conference language is English.


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Maarten Boasson
Maarten Visser
Niek Jetten



. Content

Maarten Boasson
Do we want to keep software architecture alive?
Like so many other interesting and useful concepts in the short history of software engineering, architecture is in danger of losing its meaning and becoming nearly synonymous with software engineering itself. This process is already happening and it may be too late to try to rescue the term. Regardless of what the term "architecture" will come to mean, the activity of designing the structure of a software system will always be crucial for successful development of such systems.

Engineering being the wrong analogy for the development of software, we will have to find new ways of thinking about software development. It is conceivable that either a different analogy, or a totally new concept can be formulated that does not suffer from the fallacies of the engineering analogy and can be sustained over a long future.

Maarten Visser
The future of web communities
This presentation will discuss new possibilities concerning the use of ‘web 2.0 technologies’ for building the virtual communities of the future. The focus will be on a project called ‘GridThinking’, which I started to explore the possibilities of ‘collective brainstorming’.

Bert Oosterhof
Software architecture adjustments for a changing business
Companies are more and more focusing on their core competencies. This results in outsourcing (part of) the activities or processes that are less strategic. Outsourcing IT is been going on for some years now, but outsourcing sales processes, or all HR-processes is a new and fast growing activity. These changes require adjustments in the software infrastructure to be able to integrate internal and external system, that support these process.


. Program

16:00 - 16:30

Welcome by our Moderator Karel van der Poel, CEO & Co-founder, Mirror42
Part I:
Maarten Boasson, Professor, Chair, Industrial Complex Computer Systems, University of Amsterdam: Do we want to keep software architecture alive?
Maarten Visser, Performance, Productivity and Integration Evangelist, BPMi Business Systems: The future of web communities
Bert Oosterhof, Corporate Senior Architect and Director of Technology EMEA, Informatica Europe: Software architecture adjustments for a changing business

Coffee break with drinks and snacks.

Part II: Panel with the Speakers

and our Moderator Karel van der Poel
The panel is followed by an open discussion.

Closing remarks.

Maarten Boasson

Maarten Visser

Bert Oosterhof

Karel van der Poel


. Speakers

Maarten Boasson
Professor, Chair, Industrial Complex Computer Systems, University of Amsterdam

Maarten Boasson studied mathematics in Groningen and computer science in Maastricht, the Netherlands. He started his career over 35 years ago with Hollandse Signaalapparaten, a defense contractor specializing in naval systems. He became involved in advanced studies aiming at control of complexity, both of the development process and of the system under development itself. This resulted in the creation of a novel architecture for distributed reactive systems, that has been applied successfully in numerous systems and is, more than 15 years after its introduction, still unsurpassed in its support for integration, fault tolerance and component reuse, in particular in combination with high performance. Using this architecture, he developed a radically different approach to proactive systems, in which simulation of explicit models replaces the traditional encoding of behavioral knowledge in data processing algortithms. This approach promises interesting possibilities in the areas of decision support, training integration and further reduction of development cost. In addition, it obviates the traditional distinction between simulation and operational system, allowing smooth transition and complete integration of simulation and real-time, operational system. In 1996 Boasson was appointed professor of computer science at the University of Amsterdam, where he holds a chair in Industrial Complex Computer Systems. In 2000 he left Signaal and started his own company, Quaerendo Invenietis (see, providing advise to numerous companies on issues of research and systems design and engineering. He was involved in the organization of numerous international conferences, played a major role in establishing a Dutch national research programme in embedded systems, and is co-founder of the Para Limes Institute for interdisciplinary research (see



Maarten Visser
Performance, Productivity and Integration Evangelist, BPMi Business Systems

During his study on ‘Communication and Communication Systems’ in 1994, Maarten took part in a project to build one of the first websites for selling dance music on the internet. This was 10 years too early…

After finishing his study he started working as a web developer and consultant on the field of E-Commerce and web portals. Currently he’s a advisor and business owner that focuses on Business Performance Management, Business Intelligence, Presence and Collaboration.


Bert Oosterhof
Corporate Senior Architect and Director of Technology EMEA, Informatica Europe

Bert Oosterhof is Director of Technology EMEA at Informatica Corporation, a supplier of Enterprise Data Integration software. Before joining Informatica he worked as technical director at syn-T-sys and Do~IT, both companies that focused on distributing new software technologies in the Benelux. Prior to this he has been in several technology related jobs, varying from Product Marketing Manager at Ingres, to Software Engineer at Cullinet software.


Karel van der Poel
CEO & co-founder, Mirror42

Karel (Karl) van der Poel is co-founder of Mirror42. Karel van der Poel also founded Blue-nova, a management consulting firm. From 1999 to 2002, Karel was Vice President Strategy and Research of GorillaPark, Europe’s leading business incubator. Karel was part of the initial team that started GorillaPark and raised over 65 Million US dollars in venture financing. From 1994-1997 Karel van der Poel worked as a technology & market researcher at PROLIN Automation B.V. based in the Netherlands. PROLIN was acquired by Hewlett Packard company in 1997. At HP OpenView Software Division Karel van der Poel served as world wide product manager from 1997 till 1999. At HP OpenView he was responsible for HP OpenView IT Service Manager and HP OpenView Service Desk. In 1996 Karel van der Poel worked as a technology and market researcher for Meta Software Inc based in Cambridge Mass, USA.

Karel van der Poel is a roundtable member of the Club of Amsterdam, an independent international thinktank that focuses on the future of the knowledge society.


. Tickets

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Event: the future of Software Architecture
Wednesday, November 30, 2005
registration: 16:00-16:30, conference: 16:30-19:15
Location: Syntens, De Ruyterkade 5, 1013 AA Amsterdam [Building of the Chamber of Commerce]

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. Supporter

Syntens is a national innovation network for entrepreneurs that has the objective to increase innovativeness of SME's. Syntens provides support, matchmaking and consultancy for technological and non-technological innovation. Syntens strives to enhance the Return On innovation of dutch SME's.


. Location

De Ruyterkade 5
1013 AA Amsterdam
[Building of the Chamber of Commerce]

You can download a map including route description at

Public Transport
Syntens or the Kamer van Koophandel [Chamber of Commerce] is located at the IJ River. Coming from the city center you turn left at Centraal Station. It is 10 minutes walking distance.

By Car
From all directions.
From Ringweg A10 West take exit S 102 Westpoort 3000-9000. Follow Transformatorweg, Spaarndammerdijk, Taamanstraat, Van Diemenstraat, Westerdoksdijk to de Ruyterkade.
There is a parking behind the Kamer van Koophandel, which can be accessed from the main entrance.

Alternatively there is a parking garage in front of Centraal Station.


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Club of Amsterdam
Phone 020-615 4487



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