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Event: the future of Energy - the Hydrogen Economy?
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. the future of Energy - the Hydrogen Economy?

the future of Energy - the Hydrogen Economy?
Wednesday, March 31, 2004, 18:30-22:15

For information about the VIP Reception (17:30-19:00), please visit the online Ticket Corner
Where: PricewaterhouseCoopers, Prins Bernhardplein 200, Amsterdam [next to Amstelstation], free parking.
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Why should you attend?
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The conference language is English.

The conference presentations are now online:

by Rob van Hattum
*.doc [39KB]

*.pdf [4.21MB]

by Kees Daey Ouwens
*.pdf [177KB]

. Why should you attend?

Energy is the very lifeblood of today’s society and economy. Our work, leisure, and our economic, social and physical welfare all depend on the sufficient, uninterrupted supply of energy. Yet we take it for granted – and energy demand continues to grow, year after year. Traditional fossil energy sources such as oil are ultimately limited and the growing gap between increasing demand and shrinking supply will, in the not too distant future, have to be met increasingly from alternative primary energy sources. We must strive to make these more sustainable to avoid the negative impacts of global climate change, the growing risk of supply disruptions, price volatility and air pollution that are associated with today’s energy systems. [European Commission]

. Program

17:30 - 19:00
VIP Reception

18:30 - 19:30
Registration, drinks, snacks, networking & great music featuring Russian singer Marynka Nicolai and her band 'Some Lovely Girls'!

Welcome by our Host Karel van der Poel, Co-founder, CEO, Mirror42

Part I: The Speakers are:
Rob van Hattum, Head of Science Programmes, VPRO television
Hubert Dubbelman, Manager Corporate Communications, DaimlerChrysler Nederland B.V.
Kees Daey Ouwens, Professor, TU Eindhoven

Coffee break

Part II: Panel with Keynote Speakers and the Challengers
Erik Middelman, Director, Co-Founder, NedStack fuel cell technology BV
Kas Hemmes, Projectleader, VG2 [the greening of gas], associate professor, TU Delft

The panel is going to be broadcasted by
Radio Netherlands in the Amsterdam Forum. The presenter is Andy Clark.

Closing remarks.

Rob can Hattum

Hubert Dubbelman

Kees Daey Ouwens

Erik Middelman

Kas Hemmes

. Speakers

Rob van Hattum
Head of Science Programmes, VPRO television

Rob van Hattum (48) has been producing radio and television programmes in the field of science and technology since 1982. The last 8 years he worked for VPRO. At this moment Rob van Hattum is head of science programmes for VPRO television. His work was rewarded with several awards - Best Dutch Science Film; The Boy Trip Award; Medaille D'Or Science Film festival Parma. His last production was a multi-media broadcasting event about the Hydrogen economy: A three hour live radio show, an internet document and forum and a 2 x 50 minutes documentary called "The Hydrogen Revolution".

Next to his Radio and Television work Rob van Hattum is, since 2000, content director of the Dutch Science Centre NEMO, in Amsterdam.
He was former Chairman of the Association of Dutch Science Journalists.

Hubert Dubbelman

As from September 1994 employed with DaimlerChrysler Nederland B.V. as Manager Corporate Communications. Job responsibilities include a.o. initiation, implementation and execution of Public Relations' and Sponsoring policies and strategies. Official spokesman of the organisation and its affiliates, media advisor and creator of CEO's as well as other company directors' speeches.
Represents company in several decision making and/or advising authorities on a local, regional and national level. Maintains relations with numerous line organisations and interest groups.
Apart from that, the Manager Corporate Communications is within the company in charge of editorial developments resulting from new media such as internet, intranet and extranet. Furthermore, he instigates and coordinates the company's activities in the field of socially acceptable entrepreneurship.

Kees Daey Ouwens
Professor, TU Eindhoven

(born in Haarlem, 1936)
I am a physicist (HTS Dordrecht and Eindhoven University of Technology). I teach thermodynamics and (renewable) energy sources. I did research in the field of solar cells and biomass. At the moment my activities are mainly directed to the use of biomass systems in developed as well as in developing countries. I worked for some time with Shell company and Philips. For about 20 years I worked for several governmental agencies. During the last 35 years I am strongly involved in environmental issues and in politics. This mainly in the area of energy, the environment and sustainable development.

Erik Middelman
Director, Co-Founder, NedStack fuel cell technology BV

Erik Middelman is director and co-founder of NedStack fuel cell technology BV, Arnhem, The Netherlands.
NedStack fuel cell technology BV is a producer of PEM fuel cell stacks, Direct Methanol fuel cell systems and hydrogen production equipment. Sister company NedStack fuel cell components is producer of components like bipolar plates and MEA's for PEM fuel cell stacks.
He is also Board member of Fuel Cells Europe, co-founder of the Dutch Hydrogen Assosiation (NWV) and member of the advisory board of ECN (Biomass and fuel cells).
His previous experience has been in research & development and production of advanced composite materials, high temperature polymers, membranes, non-wovens, electronic products, lithium ion batteries and thin film solar cells.

Kas Hemmes
Projectleader, VG2 [the greening of gas], associate professor, TU Delft

Dr. Kas Hemmes received a masters in experimental and theoretical physics in 1983 from Groningen University in the area of metal physics (high cycle fatigue and precipitation hardening). His PhD thesis was on the subject of perpendicular magnetic recording, received at Twente University in 1986. After his PhD work he became assistant professor and later associate professor in the department of materials science of TU Delft, responsible for the Molten Carbonate Fuel Cell projects carried out within the framework of the national fuel cell research program. As of November 2001 he joint the section E&I as associate professor in the Energy domain and is projectleader of the Dutch National E.E.T. project the Greening of Gas, in which the feasibility is studied of mixing hydrogen into the Dutch natural gas network.

Karel van der Poel
Co-founder, CEO, Mirror42

Karel van der Poel is a serial entrepreneur and has 9 years of experience in the technology and innovation industry. Karel van der Poel is co-founder and CEO of Mirror42. Mirror42 is the leading enterprise software provider fin the IT activity monitoring and IT governance market. Karel van der Poel also founded the consulting company Blue-Nova in June 2002. Blue-Nova explores the possibilities of new technology for its customers, and specializes in aligning business strategies with IT strategies. Clients are blue-chip companies, technology companies and research institutes. In 1999 he was part of the initial management team that started GorillaPark, a European business incubator focusing on early stage technology companies Karel served as Vice President Strategy and Research of GorillaPark and was responsible for the investment strategy and chairman of the investment committee. From 1997-1999, Karel served as Business Intelligence Manager and World Wide Product Manager Next Generation Products at HP OpenView Software Division; a 1 billion dollar software operation within Hewlett Packard Company. He started his career in 1994 as a technology researcher at Prolin Automation B.V. based in the Netherlands. In 1997 HP OpenView acquired Prolin. He worked as a technology and market researcher for Meta Software Inc based in Cambridge Mass, USA in 1996.

Andy Clark
Producer, Presenter Amsterdam Forum, Radio Netherlands

I'm Andy Clark and have been with Radio Netherlands for five years, I've been producing and presenting our discussion programme Amsterdam Forum - since the beginning of last year. Before coming to Radio Netherlands I was a radio producer and presenter at Radio Television Hong Kong, in Hong Kong, and before that I worked as a radio and print journalist in the UK.

Amsterdam Forum has been a great success - listeners from around the world e-mail us each week to put their questions and comments to our guests, we've had responses from more than 60 countries. Sometimes the programme features just one guest and in this category we've had a broad range of speakers from left wing US activist and intellectual Noam Chomsky and New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman to Dutch astronaut Andre Kuipers and head of the World Food Programme James Morris. Mostly though the programme is a debate format - most recently we've had debate on Israel's West Bank "security barrier" - to coincide with the case on its legality at the International Court of Justice in The Hague - and debate on gay marriage in the US where Henk Krol the founder of the Gay Krant in the Netherlands went toe to toe with conservative US activist and anti-gay marriage campaigner Peter Sprigg - director of the Centre for Family and Marriage Studies based in Washington.

. Sponsors

PricewaterhouseCoopers is a supporter of the Club of Amsterdam

PricewaterhouseCoopers is the world's largest professional services organisation. Drawing on the knowledge and skills of more than 150,000 people in 150 countries, we help our clients solve complex business problems and measurably enhance their ability to build value, manage risk and improve performance in an Internet-enabled world.

. Location

Prins Bernhardplein 200
1097 JB Amsterdam
[next to Amstelstation]
Telephone: 020-568 6666

Public Transport to Amstel Station
- From Station Amsterdam Central: Sneltram or metro 51, 53 of 54
- From Station Zuid/WTC (World Trade Center): Sneltram 51 (direction Central Station)
- From Station Duivendrecht: Metro 54 (direction Central Station) · Tram 12 · Bus 15, 37, 67, 69, 136, 157 and 169
From Amstel Station take the front exit direction Prins Bernhardplein.

You can park your car at PricewaterhouseCoopers.

From Utrecht
Follow the A2 in the direction of Amsterdam-Centrum. At traffic lights over the bridge over the Amstel turn right. Go straight on until the second set of traffic lights. Then turn right across the bridge in the direction of Diemen / Amersfoort. Turn right after going under the railway bridge and go passed the Amstel Station. Then turn left and first left again to park in the visitors parking lot or turn second left for car park (entrance at the back of the building).

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