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Chris de Bruijn - keynotes
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Chris de Bruijn


Prof. Dr. Chris de Bruijn
Scientific Coordination, European Institute of Molecular Medicine (EURIMM)

Since 2000, Chris de Bruijn has been responsible for Scientific Coordination at the European Institute of Molecular Medicine, a private institute for molecular medicine, developing evidence-based "personalised molecular medicine" and "personalised health management. Chris works with an international consultancy in molecular medicine & health technology. He also co-founded a biopharmaceutical R&D company (NDT, Inc.) based in California. His current focus is on facilitating know-how transfer between science-based and market-oriented organisations.

With expertise in genetics, molecular medicine, neurological diseases, and cancer, he has lectured at the University of Nijmegen and Eindhoven; he is a fellow at many prestigious institutions worldwide. He serves as advisor to the Dutch government in the areas of biotechnology and ICT in medicine.

Chris holds a Ph. D. in Medicine from the University of Nijmegen, did post-doctoral studies at Nijmegen and the Institute Pasteur in Paris, and he holds an MBA from the University of Nijenrode. He has over 120 publications in scientific/medical journals and authored books on biomedical and biogenetic research.

Chris is married to Jutta Martin and is the father of one daughter, Chérine.

See also the article: "My Genes, My Health" Strategy by Prof. Dr. Chris de Bruijn



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