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Club of Amsterdam, May 28, 2003
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the future of Medicine

[Ticket Corner]

the future of Medicine
The Patient Experience

Date: Wednesday, May 28, 2003, 18:30-22:15
For information about the VIP Reception (17:30-19:00), please visit the TicketCorner
Where: PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Prins Bernhardplein 200, Amsterdam [next to Amstelstation]
Ticket information:

Part I: Keynotes by

Oliver Angerer
, MD, MSS, Human Exploration Science Coordinator, European Space Agency

You can download his presentation 'Medicine for Mars' (PDF, 1,487KB)


Prof. Dr. Chris De Bruijn, European Institute of Molecular Medicine (EURIMM)

You can download his presentation 'My Genes, My Health' (ppt, 41KB)

Part II: Panel with Keynote Speakers and

Ronald F. Schreuder,
Director, Foundation STG/Health Management Forum,
Rik Riemens, Consultant, Achmea Healthcare,
Wouter Keijser, MD, Medical Director,, Board Member, Dutch Patient and Consumer Federation (NPCF)
and our Host Bernard Vast, M.D. Healthcare ICT Specialist, 2Cure.
The panel is followed by an open discussion.

Oliver Angerer, European Space Agency: "A manned mission to Mars is widely seen as the next step in human exploration. The technological and scientific preparation for these future exploration missions (lasting up to 1,000 days) is the mandate of ESA's new Aurora programme.
One preparatory step for the manned Mars mission is to simulate long duration missions in isolated environments on Earth. This will be done in the Concordia Antarctic station where adaptation to extreme environments, altitude physiology, laboratory medicine, etc., will be studied. Telemedicine and self-monitoring of health are key components of such an isolated living environment. Concepts such as low invasiveness, speed, self-diagnosis and ease-of-use of instrumentation are being studied.
These studies can contribute directly to solving problems of living on Earth today in areas such as medical home monitoring, remote healthcare, waste management, stress management and dealing with hazardous elements."

Chris de Bruijn, European Institute of Molecular Medicine (EURIMM)

An outlook for the next ten years:
"The next decade will show significant changes in the way healthcare is provided and financed in the industrialised world. The following forces will drive these changes:
- Empowered patients will be impatient patients. Inevitably there will be an empowered and more critical health consumer because they will pay more for medical care.
- As a consequence of ICT developments, web-based e-health adaptability will be essential for survival of all players in the healthcare business. Small, flexible health organisations could win the race, because they will adapt faster than large bureaucracies. Service and speed will be keys for consumer satisfaction.
- Genomics will cause the shift from cure to prevention, pushing us to "live up to our genes". Patients will know more about their own genetic profiles, motivating them to concentrate on illness prevention. New technologies will lead to more rational and standardised forms of medicine, requiring health providers and consumers to adjust from traditional frameworks."

The conference language is English.

Marynka Nicolai featuring 'Some Lovely Girls' is going to perform during the reception from 18:30-19:30.

Manage your Health is the report by Menno Scheers about the Club of Amsterdam event about 'the future of Medicine - the Patient Experience.

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