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Club of Amsterdam: Wednesday, January 29, 2003
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the future of Global Economy

[Ticket Corner]

Globalisation, Sustainability in the 21st Century

Date: Wednesday, January 29, 18:30-22:15. VIP Reception at 17:30.
Where: Auditorium, Hogeschool van Amsterdam,
Weesperzijde 190, Amsterdam [next to Amstelstation]
Ticket information:

Our keynote speakers are:
- Annemarie Jorritsma-Lebbink, former Dutch Vice Prime Minister, Minister of Economic Affairs:
"Giving a view on how western countries can and must deal with a sustainable economy in a globalizing surrounding. What are the risks, what are the chances. What role must the WTO, the EU and other international organizations play.
Globalization is a natural process, against which you can not and should not fight, but which you should promote and guide in the right direction."

Paul Hohnen, Vice-President, Strategic Development, Global Reporting Initiative (GRI):
"The September 2002 UN World Summit on Sustainable Development saw governments cautiously endorse globalisation. They did so believing that globalisation could be a tool for alleviating poverty and ensuring that the benefits of development were better shared. They also recognised the key role of business in this process. Recognising, also, that growth could have negative impacts for societies and eco-systems, governments committed to promoting increased responsibility and accountability by the business community. They specifically cited the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) guidelines as an instrument that could help business in meeting this challenge. The presentation will outline some of the ways in which the GRI is being used to help move industry and other stakeholders towards a more sustainable future, and to enhance corporate governance at the same time."

and our panelists are:
J.P.Thomas Thijssen, Managing Director of Hamilton International
- Mark de Beer, Deputy Director, Amsterdam Foreign Investment Office
and our host Peter C. van Gorsel, Director of the Institute for Media and Information Management, Hogeschool van Amsterdam.

"The Global Reporting Initiative is an admirable response to one of the primary challenges of our times: making global markets more stable and inclusive." - Kofi Annan, Secretary General of the United Nations

Who should attend?
This Event is essential for small and medium-sized companies as well as for large enterprises, NGOs and governmental organisations!
Anyone interested in economy should use this opportunity to stay in touch and be prepared for future developments.

Report about the Event & Resources
Mechanism for Sustainability, by Menno Scheers

Impressions from the Event


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