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Bram Alkema, Ideabroker
Gerry Bakx, Psychologist
Gerrie Bezuijen, Abbuffatta, Organiser of the Leisure Evening
Felix B Bopp, Director, Summit for the Future 2006
Yme Bosma, Media Republic
Oebele Bruinsma, Knowledge Stream Leader Trade
David Butler, Chairman, Global Business Partnership Alliance
Marc Canter, CEO and visionary, Broadband Mechanics
Patrick Crehan, Chairman, Summit for the Future 2006
Chris De Bruijn, Chairman, Foundation, IMMF
Jay de Groot, Lobbyist of the Club of Amsterdam
Gustav Dobos, Chair for Complementary and Integrative Medicine
James M. Dorsey, foreign correspondent, The Wall Street Journal
Finn Drouet Majlergaard, Founder & Managing Partner, Gugin


Leif Edvinsson, CEO, Universal Networking Intellectual Capital
Ahmed El Sheikh, Scenario Planning, The Pharmaceutical Strategist
Ralph Freelink, Founder, Centre for Holistic Inquiry
Erik-Jan Gelink, Founder, Provice
Homme Heida, Promedia
Martin Herzog, Philosopher, Brainworker's Online-Journal des Wissens
Glen Hiemstra, Owner, Futurist.com
Neville Hobson, Accredited Communication Practitioner, ABC
Antoinette Hoes, Ideabroker
Hans Hoogeweegen, Knowledge Stream Leader Healthcare
Soeren Jakobsen, Chief Transport Economist, Rambøll
Simon Jones, Knowledge Stream Leader Life Sciences
Sir Paul Judge, Chair, Royal Society of Arts
Kalle Kähkönen, CRS, Technical Research Centre of Finland
Jan Karel Kleijn, Ideabroker
Geoffrey Klempner, Philosophy for Business
Tom Kok, Chairman of the Board, AVRO
Richard Kranendonk, Ideabroker


Tom Lambert, Founder, Global Chairman, ICfCE
Mercedes Lassus, Founder, Director, M Lassus Consulting Srl
Bill Liao, Senior Partner & Director, openBC / CEO Finaxis AG
Peter R. Luiks
, CEO, Asian Centre for Consulting Excellence
Jonathan Marks, Knowledge Stream Leader Media & Entertainment
Peter Merry, Evolutionary Change Facilitator
Mark Minevich, Co-Chair, BTM Institute
Sijbolt J. Noorda, President of the Board, University of Amsterdam
Richard D North, Media Fellow, The Institute of Economic Affairs
Leif Thomas Olsen, Assistant Professor, Rushmore University
Hedda Pahlson-Moller, Managing Director, Evalueserve, Benelux
Nicolai Peitersen, Founding Chairman, Kesera
George Pór, Founder, CommunityIntelligence Ltd.


JP Rangaswami, Global CIO, Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein
Madanmohan Rao, Consultant and prolific writer from Bangalore
Sanjeev Rao, Founder, Partner, Gatway 2 India
Joop Remmé, Knowledgedialogue
John Renesch, Author
Roman Retzbach, Director, Future-Institute International
Dick Rijken, VPRO
Job Romijn, Artist
Desiree Röver, Medical research journalist
Elisabet Sahtouris, Evolution Biologist, Futurist, Living Systems Design
Jan Sall, Marketing Director, Club of Amsterdam
Huib Schwab, Philosopher, EuroLAB
Matthijs H. Spigt, Counsellor, Royal Netherlands Embassy at Berlin
Erika Stern, Knowledge Stream Leader Governance
Colby Stuart, Chairman, IFCCC
Bob Stumpel, Ideabroker
Carl Johan Sundberg, Investment Manager, Karolinska Investment Fund
Mike Taylor, UK Managing Director, Evalueserve
Jacqueline Ternier-David, International Forum for Social Innovation
Corinna Ullrich, DG Internal Market, EU Commission
Nol van de Mortel, CAM Implants B.V.
Rob van Es, Lecturer, Organisational Philosophy, University of Amsterdam
Peter van Gorsel, Director, Institute for Media and Information Management
Coenraad K. van Kalken, Director, NDDO Research Foundation
Mathijs van Zutphen, Philosopher, educator, artist and creator of VISH
Mick Yates, Founder, LeaderValues Ltd.
Lotte Zwijnenburg, Coordinator Communicatie, HvA/HES


Bram Alkema
Business Developer, FISQ, Media Monks


Moderator, Coach, Speaker, Visiting Professor, MBA teacher, Principal Consultant Business Strategy, Senior Manager Business Development, Senior Manager Consultancy Development, Business Modeler, New Media conceptualist, Blogger


Gerry Bakx


Life Sciences.

Dr. Gerry Bakx studied sciences, medicine and philosophy. He works as a coach and psychotherapist with a special interest in evolutionary psychology, cognitive therapy, systems thinking, chaos theory and creativity. He was invited as a speaker on international symposiums and congresses on personal development, emotional management and spirituality. He is invited as a key note speaker on the forthcoming European Depression Day later this year and on the Happiness Day scheduled for next year.


Gerrie Bezuijen
Abbuffatta, Organiser of the Leisure Evening


Abbuffata means eating till you're stuffed. Our concept is simple: fresh, good quality ingredients, to be eaten direct after preparation. Combined with 2 cook fanatics and the mediterian kitchen.

We are Gerrie and Giovanni. The first was born in Amsterdam and has a long experience in music business and is fond of good food and wine. The second is born in Toscane and has 20 years experience as a international chief cook.

Most important issue is that we enjoy our work. We love challenges and we can make your craziest idea's com true. If you can't think of anything we can do it for you. from a party or diner for 15 people at your house or catering for hundreds of people on location?


Felix B Bopp

Director, Summit for the Future 2006
founder & ceo, Club of Amsterdam

Session 4.

Felix is founder and ceo of the Club of Amsterdam, an independent, international think-tank that organises regular high-level discussions on preferred futures. It involves those who are not just talking about the future - but those who are active participants in shaping the outcome. www.clubofamsterdam.com provides rich resources about more than 25 topics from nanotechnology to philosophy.

Felix has been a voice promoting streaming media since its early days in the mid 90s. He made himself a name as a high-profile trend watcher on a global scale with a close eye on information and communication technologies [ICT] and the music & entertainment industry. His wide scope of interests leads him to develop a range of outstanding products in multimedia & publishing.

His roots are in music and the music industry. He is an accomplished composer of theatre, ballet and film music and also had a successful career as a performer.


Yme Bosma
Business Manager, Media Republic / Eccky

Media & Entertainment.

Yme is currently working as Business Manager Eccky at Amsterdam based Media Republic. Eccky is a ‘game’ developed in cooperation with Microsoft that allows two MSN Messenger users to create and raise a virtual baby together. Eccky was launched on October 26th, 2005.

Before joining Media Republic Yme worked as a strategy consultant at Lost Boys, Europe’s leading web design agency. Further information on Yme can be found at his various weblogs: www.yme.nl/thoughts, www.yme.nl/ymerce, www.yme.nl/photos and www.panbo.com.

Yme’s presentation will focus on Eccky as a first example of something that will become very visible over the next few years: artificial and virtual life.


Oebele Bruinsma

Knowledge Stream Leader Trade
Founder & Partner, Synmind bv

Innovation as Risk Taking.

Oebele Bruinsma has a background in behavioural biology. He has worked both in public, including science, and private organisations. As an international consultant he is involved in industrial innovation and the driving processes of decision making underlying it.

He draws his inspiration both from nature and music which he considers both as ultimate expressions of knowledge management. He lives in the Netherlands.


David Butler

Chairman, Global Business Partnership Alliance


David Butler was educated at Mill Hill School and Keble College Oxford, where he won an open scholarship in classics. He was Chairman of Butler Cox plc, and the originator of the Butler Cox Foundation, the only major IT research programme ever founded in Europe. He was also a director of Istel Ltd and of the United Bank of Kuwait.

He is now Chairman of the Global Business Partnership Alliance, an organization dedicated to developing and propagating practical skills in the area of partnership. He is also a published author and lectures widely on business topics as well as on Greek and English literature.


Marc Canter

CEO and visionary, Broadband Mechanics

Media & Entertainment.

Marc Canter founded a company named MacroMind in 1984 which became MacroMedia in 1991 (NASDAQ: MACR.) Canter led the team that created the world's first multimedia player, the first cross-platform authoring system and the world's leading multimedia platform (Director - which became Flash.)

Marc Canter is currently involved in creating and promulgating open standards for new kinds of micro-content and social networking; including people (PeopleAggregator APIs), media (ourmedia.org and Media RSS), reviews (OpenReviews) and events (OpenEvents.)

Canter's company - Broadband Mechanics designs and builds digital lifestyle aggregators (DLAs) for customers like EMI (MyColdPlay), Visual Media (VMFX.net), Ziff-Davis Media (1UP.com), the GoingOn Network, Avid, Cyworld and Tribe.net.

After leaving Macromedia in 1992, Canter started Canter Technology which formed the MediaBand (an interactive music video ensemble), produced the Marc Canter Show (and example of scalable content), and implemented a cyber theme restaurant at his home on Potrero Hill in San Francisco.

Canter Technology helped Sony build the Metreon Center in SF and several other projects, Fujitsu launch its CD ROM based PC, JVC and NEC with their US strategies and also worked for Intel, HP, Apple and Time-Warner on several key projects. Other clients from that era include On-Command, SGI, nCube and Diva.

Canter then went on to build a flat panel system for SuperBowl XXXII (1998), designed a digital city for Trieste, Italy (1998) and an interactive TV authoring system for NOW/com (1999.) Subsequent clients have included Reuters, AOL and the Ealing Digital Studios.

Canter is on the board of several startups and sits on many advisory boards as well.


Patrick Crehan

Chairman, Summit for the Future 2006
CEO and Founder, Crehan, Kusano & Associates

Opening Event.
Session 4.

In 1996, after a career as a mathematical physicist in Europe and Japan, Patrick Crehan left academia to work at the European Commission Directorate General for Industry. Working in international collaboration on research in Information and Communication Technologies, he traveled extensively in countries of the Mediterranean basin, Latin America, Asia and Eastern Europe using international research collaboration as a policy tool for industrial and economic development. In 1998 he left the Commission to work as an independent consultant in international RTD, industrial and economic development policy. In 1999 he founded CKA - Crehan, Kusano & Associates. CKA is inspired by the conviction that the most important source of competitive advantage today is an ability to organize and manage knowledge-intensive activities such as research, innovation, learning & communication. CKA designs and manages processes that support complex-creative tasks in industry, society and government administration. It develops and adapts technologies to support these processes. It conducts research on management-as-work, on technologies to support organization-and-management tasks, as well as on the nature and organization of work in an age of constant change.


Chris De Bruijn

Chairman, Foundation, International Molecular Medicine Forum - IMMF


Since 2000, Chris de Bruijn has been responsible for Scientific Coordination at the European Institute of Molecular Medicine, a private institute for molecular medicine, developing evidence-based "personalised molecular medicine" and "personalised health management. Chris works with an international consultancy in molecular medicine & health technology. He also co-founded a biopharmaceutical R&D company (NDT, Inc.) based in California. His current focus is on facilitating know-how transfer between science-based and market-oriented organisations.

With expertise in genetics, molecular medicine, neurological diseases, and cancer, he has lectured at the University of Nijmegen and Eindhoven; he is a fellow at many prestigious institutions worldwide. He serves as advisor to the Dutch government in the areas of biotechnology and ICT in medicine.

Chris holds a Ph. D. in Medicine from the University of Nijmegen, did post-doctoral studies at Nijmegen and the Institute Pasteur in Paris, and he holds an MBA from the University of Nijenrode. He has over 120 publications in scientific/medical journals and authored books on biomedical and biogenetic research.

Chris is married to Jutta Martin and is the father of one daughter, Chérine.


Jay de Groot

Lobbyist of the Club of Amsterdam
Commercial Director, info.nl




Gustav Dobos

Chair for Complementary and Integrative Medicine
University Duisburg-Essen, Germany


Since 1999, Gustav Dobos has been Director of the Clinic for Internal and Integrative Medicine (54 beds) at Kliniken Essen-Mitte in Essen, the first model-institution for Integrative Medicine of the county of North Rhine-Westphalia in Germany. Besides doing research projects in classical naturopathy, Mind-Body Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine he has treated more than 5000 patients according to the principles of Integrative Medicine and is one of the most experienced specialists in his field world-wide. In October 2004 Gustav Dobos was selected as head of the first Chair for Complimentary and Integrative Medicine at the University of Duisburg-Essen in Germany.

With his expertise in Mainstream Medicine (he is an Internist, specialized in nephrology and intensive care) and Complementary Medicine he is able to speak both languages that are necessary for Integrative Medicine.

During medical school Gustav spent some time in Peking, China studying TCM in 1983. His postdoctoral training he did at the Research Institute of Scripps Clinic in La Jolla, USA and the University of California, San Diego. He has over 100 publications in scientific/medical journals and authored books on subjects of Complementary and Integrative Medicine.

Gustav is married to Karin von Kleist-Dobos, a trained Sinologist and is father of two daughters, Aniko and Marika.


James M. Dorsey
Foreign correspondent, The Wall Street Journal

Content Advisory Board.

James M. Dorsey is a veteran foreign correspondent. Currently based in Istanbul, Turkey for The Wall Street Journal, Mr. Dorsey has served in the past 30 years as a correspondent in the Middle East, Central Asia, Europe, Latin America, Africa and the United States for The New York Times, the Financial Times, the Christian Science Monitor, ABC News, NBC News. NPR and Dutch and Belgian radio. He has also worked as managing editor of Interpress (IPS) and was largely responsible for restructuring of the worldwide news agency in the early 1990s. Mr. Dorsey has three times been nominated for a Pullitzer Prize. He has furthermore served as a consultant to the World Economic Forum, playing a key role in shaping the positions of the forum and the business communities at the Middle East and North Africa summits in the 1990s. Mr. Dorsey has garnered broad experience in training of government officials, business executives and journalists. He is frequently invited to international conferences to speak on international affairs. Over the years, Mr. Dorsey has contributed to a number of books on the Middle East. Mr. Dorsey is also chairman of Irish-based Quest Holding, an international media consultancy firm.


Finn Drouet Majlergaard

Founder & Managing Partner, Gugin

Cross-Cultural Competence.

Finn Drouet Majlergaard (41) is the founder and managing partner of Gugin International Business Development operating globally with offices in France and Denmark. He holds an MBA from Henley Management College and is currently studying DBA at International School of Management. He has worked internationally through his entire professional life with companies like IBM, CSC, Arthur Andersen Business Consulting. He is a regular guest professor at Bangkok University and Copenhagen Business School but he spend most of his time helping companies around the world to succeed internationally. He has an unorthodox way of thinking and he likes to provoke in order to get his messages through.


Leif Edvinsson

CEO, Universal Networking Intellectual Capital

Life Sciences.

Professor Leif Edvinsson holds an MBA from the University of California, Berkeley USA. He is the author of numerous articles on the service industry and on Intellectual Capital. He is a speaker at such organisations as the Conference Board, OECD, Harvard Business School, Sorbonne, KM Forum in Japan, Learntec in Germany, the American Productivity Centre etc. He is listed in Who's Who in the world.

In January 1998, Leif received the prestigious Brain Trust "Brain of the Year" award.

In March 1997, together with Michael S. Malone, he launched one of the very first books on Intellectual Capital "Realizing Your Company's True Value by Finding Its Hidden Brainpower" describing the evolution of IC in practice.
Leif's publication from 2000 "Corporate Longitude - Navigating the Knowledge Economy" offers different ways of looking at the corporate longitude problem. He believes that it is only through new perspectives that we can gain new insights and it is only through new perspectives that we will be able to chart the uncertain waters of our futures.
His recent publication 2005 together with professor A. Bounfour has the title "Intellectual Capital for Communities, Nations, Regions and Cities" as the critical external structural capital for the human capital growth.

Leif is on the Board of Directors of several knowledge intensive enterprises among others the Swedish Brain Research Foundation as well as the Center for Molecular Medicine at Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden. Since 2000 he has been the Honorary Chairman of the UK based Henley KM Forum.

Since 2000, he has been the world´s first Professor, adjunct at Lund University on Intellectual Capital. He was formerly Vice President and the world´s first Corporate Director of Intellectual Capital at Skandia a global financial service enterprise. Professor Edvinsson was earlier Senior Vice President for Training and Development of S-E Bank, and President and Chairman of Consultus AB, a Stockholm-based consulting company. In light of his work in both training and Intellectual Capital.

Professor Edvinsson has been a key contributor to the theory of IC and has overseen the creation of the world's first corporate Intellectual Capital Annual Report. During 1996 he was recognised with awards from the American Productivity and Quality Centre, USA and Business Intelligence, UK, for his pioneering work on IC.

Professor Edvinsson has been a special advisor on service trade to the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs as well as Ministry of Industry, a special advisor to the United Nations International Trade Centre and is a co-founder of the Swedish Coalition of Service Industries. Recently during 2004 he was one of the prime advisors for the German Ministry of Economics on IC Reporting. He has participated in several European Commission projects and is now also one of the High Level Experts working for the European Commission on guidance for IC reporting to come 2005.

Ahmed El Sheikh

Scenario Planning, The Pharmaceutical Strategist

Life Sciences.

Ahmed is a senior partner at The Pharmaceutical Strategist, a forward looking think tank focused on scenario building for the life science industry.


Ralph Freelink

Founder, Centre for Holistic Inquiry


Ralph holds a long interest in working with chaos, complexity and evolutionary adaptation in systems. During his academic career he has studied various disciplines (from economics to philosophy) and attained an MSc in Holistic Science at Schumacher College, an international school for ecological studies. Since then he has worked in environmental education and as a consultant to bring his worldview into practise. In 2005 he founded the Centre for Holistic Inquiry to explore new frontiers in leadership and community by creating dynamic learning environments. He senses that facilitating transformative change through process oriented approaches, employed within the complexity of today's world, will form the solution to existing problems and enable innovative breakthroughs.


Erik-Jan Gelink

Founder, Provice

Media & Entertainment.
Erik-Jan Gelink is an entrepreneurial manager with a creative and practical way of doing business. He studied at Nyenrode University and has a masters degree in business economics from the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. He has worked for several commercial companies, been involved in the Dutch dot.com boom and has worked in the Dutch media industry for two of the largest technical distribution platforms. He is fascinated by what technology can do for people and is regularly asked to give an opinion on whether a technology is really useful, or simply a clever marketing campaign. He is the author of a book in Dutch about the rise of the Dot.com boom in the Netherlands.

Homme Heida
Member of the Club of Amsterdam Round Table


Homme Heida is a generalist by heart, who worked as a journalist for several mass media like Algemeen Dagblad, Tros Aktua and publishing group VNU. After ten years he started his own bureau Promedia: company journalism, which slowly changed into business journalism.

Homme Heida has a continuing interest in a more philosophical approach of 'being there'. His views on the future are very much based on new technologies. "Humans change only slowly by evolution. Technology will speed it up", he argues. His credo is: 'living body and soul', which means to him a sportive challenge as well as an intellectual one. From the Amsterdam marathon till the Club of Amsterdam.


Martin Herzog

Philosopher, Brainworker's Online-Journal des Wissens


Swiss. 1955. Rheinfelden. 1980, straight after exams (MS Forestry) Saudi Arabia (landscaping, Surveying) and Iraq.

1985-88 research project on genetic variability and resistance of silver fir against air pollution and drought at the Federal Technical Institute of Zurich.
1988-94 forest ecologist with FAO, Jemen, establishing Directorate for Natural Forest Management and Protection.
1994-96 Forestry Consultant in Ethiopia, Djibouti, Somaliland, Tajikistan.
1996 - 2000: Studies on the Swiss job-market and Swiss salaries system.
> 2000: Training in journalism, editor, webmaster - Creation of www.brainworker.ch - 2002 officially registered as individual enterprise.
Present activities: Internet-Journalism, Knowledge- and Town-Mapping (Baghdad) www.brainworker.ch/Irak/baghdad_map.htm). Trade-Dealer Irak.



Glen Hiemstra

Owner, Futurist.com

Opening Event.
Content Advisory Board.

Glen Hiemstra has been listening professionally and then sharing compelling lessons from the future for two decades. The Founder of Futurist.com, Glen is a highly respected consultant and speaker for business, government, and associations.

Those who hire him are looking for an engaging program on the long range future for their business, conference, enterprise, or community. They are seeking a program that has a lasting impact. They are seeking a program that changes things for the better. They are seeking a response like this one from an audience member in 2003…

"This is the most excited I have felt about the future since [I heard] Gene Roddenbury way back in graduate school."

What kinds of clients have experienced impacts like this? Examples include Microsoft, Adobe Systems, Attachmate, Boeing, Northern Telecom, Burlington Northern, Weyerhaeuser, Hewlett Packard, Regence, Premera, U.S./Mexico JWC, Swedish Medical Center, Seattle Sonics & Storm, Wonderware, Ernst & Young, PaineWebber, APAX Partners, Costa Rica Hotel Association, and Tulsa 2025. Television projects have included Technical Advisor to Steven Bochco Productions for the development of a pilot set in the year 2069, advising Universal Pictures on the new CBS series, Century City, set in the year 2030, and Technical Advisor to 20th Century Fox Television for the revival of the series, Lost in Space.

Glen is the co-author of Strategic Leadership: Achieving Your Preferred Future, and is an expert in Preferred Future Planning. Prior to going into business in 1987, Glen was an award-winning educator, selected Most Influential Professor at Whitworth College. Glen is a Visiting Scholar at the Human Interface Technology Lab at the University of Washington, which works on virtual and augmented reality technology.

At Futurist.com, you can read Glen's newsletter, FuturistNews, along with a wide variety of information about the future. Glen is often cited as a resource for articles about the future, for example in Scenario & Strategy Planning, The Futurist, the Wall Street Journal, U.S. News and World Report, the Los Angeles Times, and the Detroit Free Press.

The way it is...is not the way it will be. Glen's presentations offer insight into surprising developments shaping the 21st Century, and then go beyond that to the deeper challenge of understanding our new world and creating our preferred future. The hallmark of Glen's speaking is the dynamic connection he makes with his audience. His message is clear and heartfelt. His style is crisp, warm and engaging. People feel hope and begin to move in new directions, as a lasting impact is created which goes far beyond the initial experience.

Glen was educated at Whitworth College, the University of Oregon, and the University of Washington. Glen lives in Kirkland, Washington with his wife Tracie. Three college age and adult kids drop in from time to time. Tracie and Glen began a new entrepreneurial venture in late 2003, Bella Rose Fine Gifts & Furnishings, in Seattle's "Madison Valley" neighborhood.


Neville Hobson

Accredited Communication Practitioner, ABC

Corporate Governance.
Trend Watchers.

Neville Hobson, ABC, is a communicator, blogger and podcaster, one of the leading European early adopters and influencers in new-media communication for business. He blogs daily at NevOn (www.nevon.net) with commentary and opinion on business communication and technology, and co-presents For Immediate Release: The Hobson & Holtz Report (www.forimmediaterelease.biz), a twice-weekly business podcast at the intersection of online communication, business and technology. He is a frequent speaker on the subject of new media communication channels and their effective use in organizational communication.
Weblog: www.nevon.net
Podcast: www.forimmediaterelease.biz
Alliance: www.bloggingplanet.com


Antoinette Hoes
directeur, e-strategist, lecturer
REALZAR, Virtueel Platform, MediaMonks, HES Postgraduate Studies





Hans Hoogeweegen

Knowledge Stream Leader Healthcare
Executive Vice President, Medical Knowledge Institute

Cross-Cultural Competence.

Hans Hoogeweegen has dedicated almost his entire career to facilitating and enhancing access to medical education and information. After finishing his medical study in 1986 he was involved in the launch of the first computer and information network for physicians in The Netherlands. Until the summer of 2004 he worked for different companies (e.g. Elsevier Science and Nuvis) in the international market and successfully developed, launched and implemented a number of new services, like amongst others accredited CME programs, teleconferencing, e-mail newsletters and medical databases. In summer of 2004, he decided to dedicate himself to transformation in health care. Joining the Medical Knowledge Institute was a natural choice.


Soeren Jakobsen

formerly with EC, Directorate-General Trade
Chief Transport Economist, Rambøll

Content Advisory Board.

Soren Jakobsen recently joined Rambøll - the largest Nordic consulting engineering company – and works here as a transport economist. Previously he worked in the European Commission as a trade negotiator on transportation matters; in the multilateral talks held in the WTO - and in the numerous bilateral trade negotiations between EU and its trading partners. In DG Trade, the branch of the European Commission dealing with external commercial affairs, Soren was also in charge of the EU-ASEAN relations regarding Trade in Services and Investment. He has a long background in national and regional government administrations. Soren is convinced that transport is a defining and integrated part of any economic relationship between countries and regions.


Simon Jones
Human-Computer Studies Laboratory, University of Amsterdam
former Managing Director, M.I.T. Media Lab Europe

Opening Event.
Life Sciences.
Knowledge based Risk Management.

Simon Jones has been the Managing Director of M.I.T. Media Lab Europe. With 20 years of success in generating and deploying innovative R&D, Simon is a significant figure in the European Technology Landscape. His technical expertise, vision, experience, contacts and team-building skills marks him out as one of the few individuals able to drive innovative research teams in an international context.

In the mid-1980's Simon was one of the first to emerge from UK universities with research skills in Microelectronics Systems Design. Five years after his PhD he was awarded a full Professorship at the UK's largest Engineering Research Institution - Loughborough University, where he held the ARM/Royal Academy of Engineering Research Chair in Embedded Microelectronic Systems. He was also awarded at the age of 31 the British Association for the Advancement of Science 'Brunel Prize' awarded to 'an outstanding academic in engineering under the age of 40'. Simon is a fluent German speaker with a degree-level qualification in German Language and Business. He was awarded in 1998 'The Siemens/German Research Ministry Research Chair' at the Technical University of Dresden working that year with Siemens to advance new computer systems for the consumer electronic market and he continues to be well connected with European industry.

A period as Dean of Engineering and Design at the University of Bath, one of the top 5 universities in the UK, gave him valuable experience in the leadership of complex organisations.


Sir Paul Judge

Chair, Royal Society of Arts

Opening Event.

Sir Paul is currently Chairman of the Royal Society of Arts, of Teachers’ TV, of the Schroder Income Growth Fund plc, of the Businessdynamics Trust and of the British-North American Committee, Deputy Chairman of the American Management Association and President of the Association of MBAs. He is a Director of Standard Bank Group Ltd of South Africa and of Tempur-Pedic International Inc of Kentucky.

Sir Paul was an Open Scholar at Trinity College, Cambridge and a Thouron Fellow at the Wharton Business School, University of Pennsylvania, where he gained his MBA. He spent thirteen years with Cadbury Schweppes plc and then led the buyout of their food companies to form Premier Brands Ltd, which was successfully sold in 1989. He was subsequently a government-appointed Member of the Milk Marketing Board, Chairman of Food from Britain, Director General of the Conservative Party, a Ministerial Adviser at the UK Cabinet Office, a Director of the Boddington Group plc and of WPP plc and the key benefactor of the Judge Business School at the University of Cambridge. He is the Immediate Past President of the Chartered Management Institute and Immediate Past Master of the Worshipful Company of Marketors.


Kalle Kähkönen

Chief Research Scientist, Technical Research Centre of Finland, (VTT)

Knowledge based Risk Management.

Dr. Kalle Kähkönen works as a chief research scientist at the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland. He holds degrees from two universities: MSc (Civil Engineering) from the Helsinki University of Technology and Ph.D. from the University of Reading (UK). Dr. Kähkönen has been an active influential member of the project management society by his research and development for many years. He has been the chairman of Project Management Association Finland in 1998-2000. Kalle Kähkönen has published over 100 papers both in Finnish and English.


Jan Karel Kleijn

Youi, Result Strategy, Ideabroker, FON, Caliber Media, Food and Friends, Slogo


Creating, implementing and roll-out of business concepts, ideas and creative solutions is my forte. Serial entrepreneur, innovator, international start-up experience. Business consulting, strategy consulting, growth consulting, speaking. Highly networked, Hands on, No nonsense. Believes that good social software tools will result in more and better understanding between people and therefore in more and better business.

Motto: Love it or leave it.


Geoffrey Klempner

Philosophy for Business

Corporate Governance.

Geoffrey Klempner gained a BA (1st) in Philosophy from London University in 1976 and a D.Phil in Philosophy from Oxford University in 1982.

His book 'Naive Metaphysics' was published by Avebury in 1994.

In 1995 he launched the Pathways to Philosophy distance learning program which has since attracted students from over 50 countries.

In 2002 he founded the International Society for Philosophers.

He is the founder and editor of the electronic journals Philosophy Pathways (2001) and Philosophy for Business (2003).

His most recent articles are 'The Business Arena' (2004), 'Ethics and Advertising' (2004) and 'Corporate Social Responsibility and Ethical Dialogue' (2005).


Tom Kok

Chairman of the Board, AVRO
Chairman Executive Committee, Olymba

Trend Watchers.

Born in 1957 on the Island of Curacao in the Antilles, Tom Kok spend the main part of his youth in this subtropical part of The Netherlands. He has a strong bond with Curacao. The island is the origin of his preference for the unusual.

Kok's family moved to The Netherlands in 1968. His father was a school director, his mother officer in the air force. In 1976 Kok finished Gymnasium and went to study International Law in the city of Leiden. During his studies Kok was treasurer of the International Student and Youth Movement for the United Nations (ISMUN) in Geneva. A boardmembership that gave him new insights in contrast and harmony amongst peoples and organisations. Also Kok earned his lifehood during his studies by working in a bar for six years, which kept him with both feet on the ground. He graduated in 1982 in International Law.

Kok's professional life started with a two years term in the army as an officer in the marine, teaching international law to cadets at the Royal Naval Institute. Specially his colleges on the Conventions of Geneva (human rights and ethics) and sense and nonsense of Peacekeeping forces caused intense discussions amongst the students.

After military service Kok started a career in finances. At Abnamro Bank (then Amro) he got a full scholing as banker. Het became secretary of the Dutch Board of Amro in 1985, director of the creditcompany FinataBank in 1987 and director of Creditcard company LeCard in 1990. In 1992 Kok moved to insurances, when he became ceo of FBTO Insurances (550 employees). Here Kok stayed for six years and built up the company. In 1998 Kok was promoted to director of strategy of the Achmea insurance group, the second biggest insurance group in The Netherlands.

During the time of his career in finances, Kok also became active in politics within the political party D66, a party mostly referred to as The Democrats. This party has strong visions on the renewal of democracy, non discrimination, environment and international coöperation and is mostly considered to be left of the middle in the political spectrum. Since 1966 the democrats have been part of the Cabinet for 16 years, mainly under the leadership of Hans van Mierlo. From 1984 till 1988 Kok was treasurer of the national board. In 1996 he was elected chairman of the party, which position he held till 1999. As a person Kok is highly motivated in the fields of excellent education, disarmament and international solidarity.

In 1999 Kok's term in D66 ended and at the same time he left his job at Achmea Group, to start his own companies Krite in Sneek and CoolCapital in Amsterdam. Krite manages projects in the field of public-private cooperation. CoolCapital specialises in change management with the use of new media. Kok frequently acts as chairman and speaker in conferences. As a speaker he mostly adresses topics on politics and new media.

The Dutch broadcasting foundation AVRO is a public broadcaster.

New inspiration, new visions and new principles of leadership are emerging as people from different cultures are meeting and exchanging views with a higher frequency and intensity than ever before. In the lead-up to the 2008 Beijing Olympics, this has inspired an exciting Executive Masters in Public and Business Administration: Olymba.


Richard Kranendonk
Partner, Cross Content


Richard Kranendonk (1967) has been working with VDA in Hilversum, the broadcasting centre for the Netherlands, from 1996, as a technology consultant and project manager. He worked with several broadcasters, publishers and other media companies, researching the digitization and disclosure of video archives. In 2003 he established himself as an independent consultant / project manager.


Tom Lambert

Founder, Global Chairman, International Centre for Consulting Excellence
Advisory Board, Club of Amsterdam

Cross-Cultural Competence.
Content Advisory Board.

Known to the American business press as the "world's friendliest guru" Professor Tom Lambert is an international author, broadcaster, consultant, trainer, conference speaker, businessman and business journalist. In Europe, America, S.E. Asia and Southern Africa his books and seminars have led him to be known to the quality business press as "the consultant's consultant".

Tom is Founder and global Chairman of the International Centre for Consulting Excellence (ICfCE) a professional body launched by leading academics and businesspeople in the UK, USA and Australia with links to S.E. Asia, the Middle East and the EU. The ICfCE is an organisation that works with business and academia to ensure the highest standards of consulting and interim management - and fee income that makes those standards essential - are sustained in a highly volatile and competitive business environment.

Tom is a member of the Advisory Group of the Global Business Partnership Alliance and a director of a major international investment organisation.

Recently a list of "The Obvious Experts" in the field of consulting, training and conference speaking was published in the United States. Tom Lambert was the sole European listed which speaks volumes for his global reputation.


Mercedes Lassus

Founder, Director, M Lassus Consulting Srl


Dr. Lassus received her doctoral degree from the University of Uruguay, where she was a Faculty member in the department of Internal Medicine. She performed post graduate studies in Internal Medicine and Medical Oncology in the United States and was a member of the Department of Medical Oncology of the Mount Sinai Hospital in NYC and of the Cancer Therapy Evaluation Program at the National Cancer Institute, Bethesda Md. She has been head of oncology clinical development in Farmitalia CarloErba and Pharmacia, (Milan, Italy) and in Ciba (Basel, Switzerland). In that capacity she was involved with the development and/or approval of the aromatase inhibitors Letrozole and Exemestane and the cytotoxic epirubicin, which are among the current major agents for the management of breast cancer. She is currently founder and director of MLC, an Italian based consulting firm for development of new oncology therapies in collaboration with academic groups and industry. MLC is also involved in the organization of educational programs addressed to pharmaceutical industry personnel and practicing oncologists. Dr. Lassus is the Director of the MKI Oncology Program.


Bill Liao

Senior Partner & Director openBC / CEO Finaxis AG
Values and Spirituality.

Bill is a Chinese Australian who was brought up to speak English and Chinese. Bill began his international career working for Canon and here he gained experience with the Japanese language and culture.

He has been an entrepreneur since late 1980´s and has founded several successful businesses. The largest being Davnet Limited where Bill was co-founder and served on the board as director of operations. Bill moved to Switzerland to work with several investment and hedge funds and to explore opportunities for business co-operation between Asia and Europe.



Peter R. Luiks

CEO, Asian Centre for Consulting Excellence

Content Advisory Board.

Peter has over 25 years of on the ground success in building multi-billion-dollar enterprises in China and throughout the Far East.

Peter is a global authority on Knowledge Brokering and works at the core of the world’s vast globalizational change aspects focussed on the current economic equilibrium shift to Asia. His leading networks of international experts work within High Impact Teams on earned value programmes and creating sustained market presences in new rapidly emerging markets.

As one of world’s most pragmatic 'cut the chase' consultants he has a global reputation in business strategy and business flow architectures as well as change in integrated business alignment projects.


Jonathan Marks

Knowledge Stream Leader Media & Entertainment
Director, Critical Distance BV

Media & Entertainment.
Values and Spirituality.

Jonathan Marks (46) was born in the UK, but has spent most of his working life "abroad", 23 of those years in The Netherlands. After working in Austria and Britain, Marks settled in Hilversum, Holland's centre for broadcasting. There he quickly built new audiences for Radio Netherlands' English language service by producing science and technology programmes. Marks held several functions at Radio Netherlands, including eight years as Programme Director.

"I was originally hired to turn a media programme into a science show. But I ended up developing both concepts into long-running radio series that brought in excellent reactions from all over the world. Since then, setting up satellite television and new media projects in Latin America and Africa have been the most challenging work."

Since leaving Radio Netherlands in September 2003, Marks has set up his own business, Critical Distance. "As a media detective, I know that some of the best ideas for reaching people are coming out of the developing world. I enjoy acting as a catalyst, giving leadership to ensure new projects really happen. My new company gives me more time to pursue projects with a purpose. Right now, using mass media to reach hearts and minds has never been more important" says Jonathan. For many years he has been a frequent and impassioned speaker at media conferences, notably gatherings of the Asian Broadcasting Union, PRIX EUROPA and the European Broadcasting Union as well as London based Commonwealth Broadcasting Association.".

Reading, astronomy and being father to three kids fill in the gaps between Jonathan's media assignments.


Peter Merry

Evolutionary Change Facilitator
Partner, Engage! InterAct
Co-Director, Center for Human Emergence (Netherlands)

Creative Leadership.

Peter Merry is an evolutionary change facilitator. He is a founding partner of Engage! InterAct (www.engage.nu/interact) whose Core Purpose it to be a partner in life-affirming and resilient leadership. He is also Co-Director of the Center for Human Emergence (Netherlands)

He works in many different sectors. Current projects include facilitating an Integral change process in a multinational technology corporation, and advising on the development of a global problem-solving framework with key global stakeholders. He is a recognised expert in the field of evolutionary systems dynamics and Spiral Dynamics Integral in particular. He has just had his first book published in Dutch Evolutionair Leiderschap. His passion is to help us connect to our current condition and organise ourselves to take the necessary action. He also has strong roots in theatre and music.


Mark Minevich

Co-Chair, BTM Institute
Chief Strategy Officer, Enamics, Inc.

Innovation as Risk Taking.
“Global Mark,” as friends know him, could be described as a global change agent and visionary with one of the most influential international leadership networks. Mark is a Co-Chair of the BTM Institute - the Michael Nobel Harriet Fulbright Institute of BTM, and Chief Strategy Officer at Enamics, Inc. The Institute is the first international nonprofit organization of its kind that brings together cross-disciplinary global communities as a think tank to address the long-standing need to manage business and technology together. The BTM Global Leadership Council consists of a “who’s who” of senior corporate executives, thought leaders, former government officials, and members of the investment community who specialize in Business Technology Management. In Enamics and the BTM Institute, Mark utilizes his domain expertise in the area of globalization and outsourcing strategy for research, publications, and strategic customer engagements. Mark is a sought-after public speaker, globally recognized technology visionary, leading analyst on globalization, and author of The CTO Handbook: The Indispensable Technology Leadership Resource (Aspatore Books). Mark is also a contributing author of Winning 3-Legged Race: When Business and Technology Run Together (Prentice Hall). Previously, he was an IBM executive, CTO and senior strategist of the IBM Next Generation Group, where, among his many accomplishments, he formulated the strategy for IBM’s Venture Capital, Incubator Innovation and Going Global programs. Minevich is a former CTO of USWEB, and has advised the U.S. government on innovation as well as bilateral relationships with emerging economies such as Russia. Mark serves on various boards of directors and/or advisory boards across the world addressing issues related to globalization and outsourcing, as well as serving as a Chair for International Leadership Missions and Events with Chief Executives. Mark is a recipient of the prestigious Albert Einstein Award for outstanding achievement. Mark just co-authored the reference in globalization and outsourcing: Six Billion Minds.

Sijbolt J. Noorda

President of the Board, University of Amsterdam
Chairman, Content Advisory Board

Opening Event.
Content Advisory Board.

Since 1 January 2003, Dr S.J.Noorda (1945) has been President of the Board of the Universiteit van Amsterdam and the Hogeschool van Amsterdam. Before that he was President of the Universiteit van Amsterdam.
Dr Noorda served and serves on various boards and committees in the cultural and social domain.
He was chairman of IKON, board member of the NOS, chairman of Film en Wetenschap (Movies and Science) and two colleges.

Currently he is chairman of the KennisKring Amsterdam, chairman of the Supervisory Board of the AMC-UvA and the Supervisory Board of the Digital University, and the Holland Festival.


Richard D North

Media Fellow, The Institute of Economic Affairs
Editor, "livingissues.com"

Opening Event.

I am a pretty ordinary 57 year-old Englishman of my generation and background. I was brought up in the 50s and 60s liking my public school, and the suburban version of the national life (see "Britain's identity", here). I was and remain proud of the British tradition, and more particularly the English one. I believed I owed a debt to the generation, which fought a war for freedom, whose sacrifice and values were worth bearing in mind.

I was thrilled by the American blues, and by soul music, and preferred the Rolling Stones to the Beatles. I may, in the early 60s, have been the first person to wear a poncho in Surbiton, where we were living (in the road in which the young Isaiah Berlin, the most important Enlightenment thinker of our time, found himself on arrival here in the 20s).

Between ages 17 and 25, I "dropped out", working in shops and then adopting a more or less working class way of life as ferry boat, van and security driver.

Well into my 30s, I have worked as a peasant and a rural labourer, and fixed bikes in London's inner city. I have lived in rural Suffolk (my 20s) and Hereford (my late 40s), and in London (as a child, in my late teens, my 20s, 30s and 50s).

I have been "idle rich" and dirt poor - and most things in between. I have only had a "middle class" job or employment for four years (The Independent, 1986-90) and arguably for a further two (enjoying a Sunday Times contract (1990-2). Otherwise, I have had low wages or have freelanced. I am now starting a business (MM3 and www.livingissues.com). I now do occasional consultancy for industry - the majority of which results in writing in which I always mention any sponsorship.

A book by Richard North: Risk: The Human Adventure (ESEF, 2001) The merits of risk-taking and a challenge to the Anxiety Industry


Leif Thomas Olsen

Assistant Professor International Relations, Rushmore University

Cross-Cultural Competence.

Leif Thomas Olsen, nowadays Assistant Professor International Relations at Rushmore University, worked for over 20-years as a Management Consultant, Manager-for-hire and Management Training Consultant, across Europe and Asia. Among many other assignments he worked for Swedish Sida in Eastern Europe in the immediate aftermath of the Soviet break-up, and was appointed one of two project managers in the World Bank's first ever development project in post-war Vietnam. His first book, "Traffic - A Book About Culture", is just released, arguing that poor cultural sensitivity not only causes poor results, but also casts serious doubts over the true ambition of the world's multilateral institutions, whose agendas often serve narrow policy interests, rather than broader societal ones.

A native Swede, with mixed European ancestry, and a former resident of Sweden, Japan, USA, Vietnam, Malaysia and the UK, he is nowadays based in Thailand.


Hedda Pahlson-Moller
Managing Director, Evalueserve, Benelux


Hedda Pahlson-Moller is Managing Director of the Outsourcing/Offshoring consultancy, Omnisource International, and serves as the Benelux Client Executive for Evalueserve - a global knowledge services company providing customized, multi-lingual Business Intelligence (Business Research, Market Research, Investment Research and Data Analytics) and Intellectual Property research services to leading edge clients worldwide. Evalueserve has a team of 850+ professional researchers based in its operations centers in Gurgaon, India and Shanghai, China.

Hedda has a B.A. from Brown University (USA), a Masters in Political Science from Lund University, and is completing an executive MBA program from Copenhagen Business School. As a dual Canadian/Swedish citizen, Hedda has lived around the globe and worked for the Swedish Embassy and the Japan Development Bank in Tokyo, the US Chamber of Commerce in Berlin, the Centre for Science and Environment in India and spent 4 years at Hewlett-Packard in Brussels and Grenoble.


Nicolai Peitersen

Founding Chairman, Kesera

Values and Spirituality.

Nicolai Peitersen (b. 1970) is Founding Director of Actics Limited and Founding Chairman of Kesera.

Previously, Peitersen worked at J.P. Morgan in London, the central bank of Denmark, Danmarks Nationalbank, and the University of Copenhagen, and he is the author of numerous articles, booklets and research notes.


George Pór

Founder, CommunityIntelligence Ltd.
Former Senior Research Fellow at INSEAD

Creative Leadership.

George is an executive coach/mentor and facilitator of transformation in human and organisational capabilities to evolve. A sociologist by education and master learner by passion, he has been designing and guiding virtual communities in business for more than 20 years. During that time, he has been discovering and inventing many ways to accelerate the emergence of collective intelligence in groups and organizations. He is a learning partner to leaders in business and government in matters of innovation, change management and value-creation with communities of practice and knowledge networks.

George's signature projects include: the launch of the first online course on communities of practice, co-taught with Etienne Wenger in 1998; the web-based Knowledge Ecology Fair where 400 knowledge managers from around the world participated in virtual workshops and online café conversations exploring organic and grassroots alternatives to KM. After serving as Senior Research Fellow at INSEAD (2001-2002), he moved to the Complexity Research Group at London School of Economics. George is Chairman and Founder of CommunityIntelligence Ltd. He is the author of "Liberating the Innovation Value of Communities of Practice" in the forthcoming textbook on "Knowledge Economics: Emerging Principles, Practices and Policies."

His past clients include: Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, EDS, European Foundation for Management Development, Gulf Canada, Hewlett Packard, INSEAD, Intel, Procter & Gamble, Siemens, Sun Microsystems, Swiss Re, and Unilever.


JP Rangaswami

Global Chief Information Officer, Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein


JP Rangaswami has been Global CIO at Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein since early 2001. He read Economics and Statistics at St Xavier's College, University of Calcutta, specialising in developmental economics. Originally a financial journalist, he has worked with technology in finance since 1980 with a number of large multinationals before joining DrKW in 1997.

He was originally responsible for managing the Euro, Minimum Requirements and Year 2000 programmes globally, and was later appointed CEO of the in-house technology incubator. Three such ventures were spun off in 2001, and he continues to chair Yolus (a risk management infrastructure play) and openadaptor (the DrKW-sponsored contribution to the opensource community), amongst others.

He is an Advisory Board member of CAL-IT and a Charter Member of TiE UK, along with memberships of the IoD, the ACM and the IEEE. He is a regular speaker at industry events, particularly on innovation and opensource.

He was named CIO of the Year by Waters Magazine in 2003, and CIO Innovator of the Year by the European Technology Forum in 2004. He works closely with start-ups and early-stage companies, seeking to use technology as a key differentiator in capital markets.

He is passionate about his family (he has a wife and three children) ; active and committed to his local church; is hopelessly mired in late 60s-early 70s music; and reads/collects books like they are going out of style.


Madanmohan Rao

Consultant and prolific writer from Bangalore, Research Director, Asian Media Information and Communication centre (AMIC), Singapore.

Media & Entertainment.

Dr Rao has edited three book series: “The Asia Pacific Internet Handbook”, “The Knowledge Management Chronicles” and “AfricaDotEdu” (McGraw Hill). He is also editor-at-large of DestinationKM.com and contributor to the Poynter Institute blog on new media trends. Madan was on the international editorial board of the recently published book, “Transforming e-Knowledge" and "Asia Unplugged". Madan has been the communications director at the United Nations Inter Press Service bureau in New York, and vice president at IndiaWorld Communications in Bombay. He graduated from the Indian Institute of Technology at Bombay and the University of Massachusetts at Amherst USA, with an M.S. in computer science and a Ph.D. in communications. He is currently the director of the InfoComm Observatory at the Indian Institute of Information Technology, Bangalore. Madan is a frequent speaker at international conferences, having given talks and lectures in over 60 countries around the world. He has worked with online services in the U.S., Brazil, and India. His articles have appeared in DestinationKM.com, The Economic Times, Electronic Markets magazine, Economic and Political Weekly, and the Bangkok Post.


Sanjeev Rao

Founder, Partner, Gatway 2 India, G2i


French and Indian dual nationality

Founder of Gateway 2 India

  • Helping European Decision makers to leverage the real Indian advantage (growth and innovation) while minimizing the business and cultural risk
  • Supporting companies through Advisory services, Partnerships (JV, M&A) and Execution of Projects in India
  • Based in India with European presence in Paris, Milan and Benelux

3 year strategic experience with Boston Consulting Group in Paris (2001 – 2004)

9 year operational experience with Alstom in lndia, UK and France

  • R&D
  • Business development
  • International project management (TOT, R&D Set up, Multinational projects)

Insead MBA with an Electronics/Telecom degree from India


Joop Remmé


Corporate Governance.

Joop Remmé has a background in both academic teaching and consultancy, often bridging the two worlds.

The common characteristic between the two would be to assist people into growing towards new realities, be they the next phase of their formal education, the changes their organizations is going through or realities of a yet unknown nature (as within the context of sustainability). He typically does not have the ideal answers to the many questions around those changes, but he does offer ideas and other forms of guidance.

He has also learned over the years that it is not even interesting to have answers, as it is perhaps better to have good questions and appreciate a variety of answers, solutions, approaches and attitudes.

While in academic teaching, he contributes to formal programs. In business, he especially appreciates the contacts and meetings that spark creativity in dealing with concrete challenges.

Some of his clients are: · ABN AMRO · Shell · Rabo · CSM · Achmea · Unilever


John Renesch

Author, Getting to the Better Future: A Matter of Conscious Choosing

Values and Spirituality.

John Renesch is a San Francisco-based writer and keynote speaker on topics that integrate the subjects of work, human consciousness and possible scenarios for the future of humanity. He has been a scholar of human consciousness studies and systems dynamics theory for over twenty five years. An international keynote speaker, he also lectures to MBA students at Stanford, University of San Francisco and other campuses on topics that include "conscious leadership" and systems change. He has authored or compiled twelve books. He is a member of the faculty for the Center for Leadership Studies' masters program for organizational leaders and serves on the Board of Advisors of the Best Practices Institute.


Roman Retzbach

Director, responsible in Europe, Future-Institute International

Trend Watchers.

International futurist and futurologist since over 15 years. Author of many books & studies as "Future Life", "Megatrends & Future Scenarios", "Future- & Trend-Dictionary", Trend-Report", "Consumer-Report"…and speaker in America, Europe and Asia.


Dick Rijken


Media & Entertainment.

Dick Rijken has a background in psychology, electronic music, computer science and interaction design. He coordinated several design curricula, was CEO of TBWA/e-Company and strategy director for the TBWA Company Group. Currently he is part-time 'lector' in 'Information Technology and Society' at the 'The Hague University for Professional Education'. His primary interest is e-culture, where he looks at information systems as cultural products and investigates how traditional cultural players such as broadcasters and museums can redefine their role in society. He is also an independent consultant in this field, working for governments, museums, broadcasters, libraries, archives, and other organisations. Most of his projects deal with the organisation of self-organisation.


Job Romijn

Member of the Club of Amsterdam Round Table


Job is an artist pursing the line between art and practicality. As he is an idea generator, he's setting up a structure to enable him to live of his ideas.


Desiree Röver
Medical research journalist



Elisabet Sahtouris

Evolution Biologist, Futurist, Living Systems Design

Corporate Governance.

Dr. Elisabet Sahtouris is an internationally known evolution biologist, futurist, author, professor and business consultant. She teaches in the Bainbridge Graduate Institute's MBA program on sustainable business and is a fellow of the World Business Academy. Dr. Sahtouris has been a UN consultant on indigenous peoples, is a co-founder of the Worldwide Indigenous Science Network and has authored a scientific model of a living cosmos (see www.via-visioninaction.org under Articles). She lived extensively in Greece and the Peruvian Andes, discovering solutions to our big social and economic problems in Earth's ecosystems and indigenous sciences. Her venues have included The World Bank, EPA, Boeing, Siemens, Hewlett-Packard, Tokyo Dome Stadium, Australian National Govt, Sao Paulo's leading business schools, State of the World Forums (NY & San Francisco) and World Parliament of Religion, South Africa. Her books include EarthDance: Living Systems in Evolution, A Walk Through Time: from Stardust to Us and Biology Revisioned (with Willis Harman).


Jan Sall

Marketing Director, Club of Amsterdam


Jan Sall is a communication and advertising expert, consultant with a long experience in initiating and organization events on corporate and consumer level. Successfully realized projects for TNT, LU-Biscuits etc.


Huib Schwab

Philosopher, EuroLAB


Huib Schwab was born 1953 in Surabaya (Indonesia). He now lives in Amsterdam and in Spain (province Girona).

Huib Schwab studied physics and philosophy at the University of Amsterdam, he worked at the Montessori Lyceum Amsterdam, the Gerrit Rietveld Academie and at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam.
He designed a philosophy method for high and higher education and published on several aspects of education.
He was the driving force behind parliaments approval in 1998, of the introduction of philosophy in the Dutch high school system.
An innovative training course for teachers was designed and executed by Huib Schwab at the University of Amsterdam.
He developed several philosophy techniques like the value brainstorm, concept analysis, differential analysis, assumption analysis and think tank teaching method. He adjusted the Socratic discourse for educational contexts.
He co-designed the philosophy curriculum for the Dutch high school system.

He trained several organisations in reflection on mission and ethics, and advised governmental and other organisations on cultural affairs.
In the annual festival of philosophy he acts as "stand up philosopher". He is chair of the Kalos society, which aims to improve the presence of intellectual youngsters in the public domain.

Huib Schwab has developed the EuroLAB method, in which the Socratic discourse and the future scenario method are synthesized in a training format in which participants reflect on their position here and now by looking into a designed future. The participants combine all their knowledge to make different, challenging scenarios.

The EuroLAB is also a learning method in which students from different countries participate to brainstorm on urgent European matters. They produce an advice for the European government on the chosen subject (migration, water politics, media etc.). They learn by producing. Also they acquire international experience. In the Pyrenean area in Girona (Spain) the EuroLAb is developing steadily into a real virtual laboratory.

Learning in an urgent context, and innovate educational systems is his main target now.


Matthijs H. Spigt

Science and Technology Counsellor, Royal Netherlands Embassy at Berlin

Life Sciences.
Trend Watchers.

Thijs Spigt (1965) holds a PhD in business administration from the Erasmus University Rotterdam. He got his MSc in neurobiology at the University of Amsterdam.

He started his professional career in 1994 at the Licensing Department of Organon. Then he returned to the Erasmus University, faculty of Business Administration, where he --next to providing tutorials-- worked on a research-project called "management of R&D in pharmaceutical companies". Furthermore, he is the co-author of a book on managed care initiatives at insurance companies in The Netherlands ('Innovaties in Zorg verzekerd?'). After several positions in sales and marketing at Abbott, he went to Rhein Biotech to build up the European sales network.

Since 2003 he is Science and Technology Counsellor to the Royal Netherlands Embassy at Berlin, Germany.


Erika Stern

Knowledge Stream Leader Governance
Utrecht School of Governance

Corporate Governance.
Creative Leadership.

Erika Stern, organisational consultant and leadership adviser, currently is course leader of psychoanalytically-based Executive Masters Programmes at the Utrecht School of Governance; and Associate of the Tavistock Consultancy Service.

After studying psychology, education and psychodynamic counselling (Universities of Birmingham and London, U.K.) and being a UKCP registered psychotherapist, she helped develop counselling studies and organisational dynamics at Utrecht University.

She consults with leaders in the public sphere, including government, which she sees as a vital part of the democratic process, and is interested to develop our thinking about interpretative ways of working, especially at points where this process is most under pressure, or where people would not normally have access to it.

She was the first President of Group Relations Nederland, and is a member of the International Forum for Social Innovation (Paris). She was on the committee of IFSI, The Grubb Institute and the Bristol Business School which explored the use of art materials in group relations, including a try-out conference on Imagining Europe. She contributes to Leading Consultation, the advanced consultancy programme of IFSI together with the Hull Business School. She has group relations staff experience in Belgium, France, India, Ireland and Peru and has recently directed a series of international working conferences on 'Leadership, Engagement and Accountability at work in an uncertain world' in The Netherlands.

She consults with leaders in the public sphere, including government, which she sees as a vital part of the democratic process, and is interested to develop our thinking about interpretative ways of working, especially at points where this process is most under pressure, or where people would not normally have access to it.

She is on the International Board of Editors of The International Journal of Mental health, Psychosocial Work and Counselling in Areas of Armed Conflict and on the internatinonal advisory committee of the Journal of Social and Organizational Dynamics.


Colby Stuart
Chairman, IFCCC

Media & Entertainment.
Trend Watchers.

My talent lies in creative and strategic thinking and concept development, which allows me to untangle and explain even the most complicated concepts or identity systems (quantum entanglement, the study of consciousness, international corporate organizations). I also teach this at the graduate level in courses that I have developed from my core thinking - about transferring the knowledge behind quantum mechanics and pattern relationships to the business world - something I call Applied Connective Dynamics (eg. Brand, Identity & Concepts: their Human Organization, Creativity & Communication). I also train and coach others how to do this.

My favorite roles in my business life have been those where I lead creative processes and creative people. As an artist and a writer, I appreciate the talent and understand the drivers. As a business person, I understand that sometimes it requires a great deal of negotiation through a political landscape to land the creative work with clients and other more linear thinkers in an organization. This has always been a charming challenge to me.


Bob Stumpel

Result Strategy, Cellspace, OpenBC, Ideabroker, LBI, GetMobile, TCS, Mendix, FON


(in business since 1978)
Bob started his career as a copywriter and concept maker, later developing into a business strategist and consultant. He built two advertising agency groups in The Netherlands, developing both to a level of ‘biggest independent agency in the Benelux’, and then merging them into international agency networks. He is a long time pioneer in helping marketers to use or integrate new technologies, new media and new channels to enhance or revive more traditional marketing and communication routines.

Bob is a co-founder and board member of Result, an international growth consultancy, and a co-founder and managing partner at Cellspace, a radical marketing communications agency. Bob works or worked for clients like Nivea, Kimberly Clark, Courvoisier, Balantine’s, Mazda, Toyota, Lexus, Lotus, Robeco, Rodamco, Cisco, LogicaCMG, Microsoft, KPN, Sonera, Mindport, Irdeto, Compuserve, Sony, Philips, Cannon Films, Cannon Movie Theaters, UIP, Universal, Sony Music & Entertainment, VNU, Sanoma, RTL, several governemental bodies, and many NGO's.

He’s a co-founder and board member of DDMA, the Dutch DMA. He recently launched Cellspace, his third marcom agency adventure. As an international account co-ordinator he is presently responsible for the roll-out of the successful social software provider Open Business Club (OpenBC.com) in 6 countries, taking the role of country manager for OpenBC in The Netherlands.


Carl Johan Sundberg

Associate Professor in Physiology, University Lecturer in Bioentrepreneurship
Investment Manager, Karolinska Investment Fund

Life Sciences.
Carl Sundberg's research group is focused on molecular mechanisms of angiogenesis and mitochondrial biogenesis in human skeletal muscle. He is part-time project leader at Centre for Medical Innovations, responsible for the BioEntrepreneurship educational and research activities. Carl Johan works part-time as investment manager at Karolinska Investment Fund, a 65 M€ biomedical VC-firm. His role there is to find, assess, invest and develop early stage companies. He is also the Course Director for three highly acclaimed industry training programs: Science Based Companies, Medicine for Journalists and Medicine/Drug Discovery for the Financial Industry. These courses have built on the experience Carl Johan gained from founding and managing his own medical education company. He has extensive experience from science communication having designed several medical exhibitions at science centres and worked in the medical units of Swedish and American media. Carl Johan Sundberg has received the Karolinska Institutet Prize for Teaching Excellence (1998), a Certificate of Commendation for Communication in the Life Sciences from the European Molecular Biology Organization (2003) and Ångpanneföreningen’s Prize for Research Communication (2005). He is a nominee for the European Commission´s Descartes Prize for Science Communication TBD December 2005. Currently, he is basic science editor at the Swedish Medical Journal. He has been vice-president of Euroscience (a pan-European Association for the promotion of Science & Technology) and was the founder of and Chairman of Euroscience Open Forum 2004, a large international meeting on the role of science in society, business, politics and the media. He is also Chairman of Venture Cup, a business-plan competition. Carl Johan is a board member of NsGene A/S and TFS AB.

Mike Taylor

UK Managing Director, Evalueserve

Knowledge based Risk Management.

Mike Taylor joined Evalueserve three years ago and is the UK managing director. His responsibilities include account management, recruitment and training in the UK and Europe.

At Evalueserve Mike has led a wide range of projects, from full time teams working for Investment Banks to survey projects in the retail industry and writing patents for telecom startups. He has spoken to MBA classes, industry conferences and government advisory panels on the subject of outsourcing high value-add services.

Mike joined Evalueserve from Marconi where he was sales manager responsible for outsourcing and managed services. Pre Marconi he was head of design and sales for a small, high-tech engineering company in Cambridge. His background is engineering, with a degree in thermodynamics and fluid mechanics from Durham University.


Jacqueline Ternier-David
International Forum for Social Innovation

Corporate Governance.

Created in 1976, the Forum International de l'Innovation Sociale (the Forum) is an international non-profit association whose aim is to promote social innovation in private and public institutions. "Social innovation" means the ability to innovate in terms of social behaviors, whether personal or professional. The term also implies the capacity to envision options other than repetition and reproduction of past behavior. The term focuses on the ability to transform roles and, thereby, on the ability to contribute to the transformation of institutions.


Corinna Ullrich

DG Internal Market, EU Commission

Corporate Governance.

Corinna Ullrich is a laywer by training and currently administrator in the Commission, DG Internal Market. She is in charge of the proposal for a directive on the exercise of shareholders' voting rights, the modification of the 2nd Company Law Directive on capital maintenance and alteration and of the works on a study on proportionality between ownership and control in listed EU companies. Sie is furthermore working on the consultation on future priorities for the Action Plan on the Modernisation of Company Law and Corporate Governance and supporting the European Corporate Governance Forum in its work. Before taking up her current job in DG Internal Market in late 2004, Corinna worked as an assistant to the General Director for Personnel and Administration. Prior to her work in the Commission, between 1997 and 2000, Corinna worked for the German Ministry of Justice in the field of European Law and Private Law and for the German Permanent Representation during the German Presidency in 1999.


Nol van de Mortel
CAM Implants B.V.

Life Sciences.

Nol van de Mortel, studied economics, was a UN platoonscommander in his military services, worked for 20 years in advertising where he worked as a Strategy Director for clients as British American Tabaco, Mars, Sara Lee and Eli Lilly. Nol recently joined his former client CAM Implants to develop and market their latest new business initiatives. Nol considers work spare time, his passions are surfing, traveling; He hitchiked thru South East Asia, Crossed the African Jungle by Canoe and cycled with his wife from La Paz Bolivcia to the most southern tip of the South American continent and his family.


Rob van Es

Lecturer, Organisational Philosophy, University of Amsterdam
Consultant, Organisational Ethics and Cultural Differences

Media & Entertainment.

Dr. Rob(ert) van Es is lecturer in Organizational Philosophy at the Department of Political Science of the University of Amsterdam. His expertise is on the human side of organisational change: Culture, Ethics, Esthetics and Politics.

As a consultant he uses the same focus in developing and evaluating projects, in multiperspective organisational analyses and in coaching professionals to integrate their life and work. He published several articles and books on the intersection of organizational ethics, social responsibility, cultural differences, the philosophy of change, media and film.

He also is lecturer of the course Film & Science at the Institute for Interdisciplinairy Studies of the University of Amsterdam. In that course students and alumni are trained in film science while looking at films representing scientists and sciences.


Peter van Gorsel

Director, Institute for Media and Information Management, Hogeschool van Amsterdam

Content Advisory Board.

Peter van Gorsel spent many years in publishing before becoming Director of the Institute for Media and Information Management at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam.

Coenraad K. van Kalken

Director, NDDO Research Foundation
Director, NDDO Institute for Prevention and Early Diagnostics (NIPED)




Mathijs van Zutphen

Philosopher, educator, artist and creator of VISH

Life Sciences.

VISH is the front end of a private research effort dedicated to gaining a better understanding of reality and our various relations to it through a systems approach. VISH wants to make sense, educate, and function as an online knowledge base. Our knowledge-driven modern society is an informational climate rich in media and communication technology yet poor in meaning and understanding. Understanding arises from meaningful connections between ideas and knowledge domains. Innovation and technology drive complexity, requiring specialization as a way of managing this growing complexity, but specialization entails fragmentation of knowledge. Philosophy, rather than being an academic specialism, can be the antidote to this fragmentation, and has an important role as integrator of disciplines.

Van Zutphen is currently involved in promoting and creating a new and alternative vision on education.

After studies in the US, at the University of Pennsylvania, and at the University of Edinburgh's Department of Cognitive Science, van Zutphen finished his degree in Philosophy at the university of Amsterdam. A passionate scholar of Philosophy of Science, he studied Thermodynamics, Logic, Logical Semantics and Philosophy of Language.

Working as a researcher and lecturer at different Universities in Hungary, he focused on developing educational tools and methods while exploring the complexities of intercultural communication.

He gained indepth knowledge and experience as a web application developer, and helped create a succesful Business to Consumer internet company. More recently he was involved in setting up a business intelligence desk at a consulting firm in the Netherlands (Pentascope).

Mathijs is an artist (www.malandroart.com) and musician (saxophone), and lives in Amsterdam.


Mick Yates
Founder, LeaderValues Ltd.

Innovation as Risk Taking.

Mick Yates is the founder of LeaderValues, which helps create innovative leadership and business development strategies, advising and mentoring CEO's and their top management teams on multinational deployment. The LeaderValues website is also one the net's most visited leadership development resources.

He is a globally experienced CEO, having spent almost 30 years working in Europe, the USA and across Asia Pacific. Until mid 2001, Mick was Company Group Chairman of Johnson & Johnson's Consumer business in Asia-Pacific, based in Singapore. He was a J&J Corporate Officer and a member of the Global Operating Committee. Prior to this, Mick spent 22 years at Procter & Gamble, latterly as Regional Vice President based in Hong Kong and then in Japan. In all, he spent 11 years as a Regional CEO of Asian businesses.

Mick is Executive Chairman of Living Cell Technologies, a leading cell therapy Company just successfully listed on the Australian Stock Exchange. The firm has operations in Australia, the USA and New Zealand, with partners in Europe.

In the non-profit arena, Mick is a member of the Board of Trustees of Save the Children (USA), a past member of the Board of Save the Children Korea, and a Chief Advisor to the Save the Children International Alliance. End 1999, the Yates family started a Cambodian school development program, in a remote ex-Khmer Rouge "reconciliation area". Details can be found on yatesweb at Cambodia.

Mick is a member of the Change Leaders, a global community of practice dedicated to helping organizations positively address the human side of change. This was created by the participants in the 2004 Oxford / HEC "Consulting and Coaching for Change" program, where he also completed an MSc.


Lotte Zwijnenburg

Coordinator Communicatie, HvA & HES School of Economics and Business


If you pull a plug at the result is a chain of effects. In our interconnected world you cannot change without disturbing a lot more equilibria than the ones you intend to change. With a background in communications and law and some psychology my main interest is in group dynamics and the ability to adjust, learn and prevent a conflict of interest to explode.

I have worked with passion for the mobility-industry-association (RAI) and both for corporations and agencies in The Netherlands. Realising (each time more) that effective communication can only be preformed in a context that is receptive and willing to be involved. Since three years I have the privilege to play a role in the education of youngsters who's ambition it is to perform in the communication-field to help organisations 'to talk' with a little bit more understanding of the intended and created effects. I have been co-writer in a book about sustainable entrepreneurship and communication another field in which restoration of equilibria has ongoing consequences.