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Club of Amsterdam Newsletter, Issue 02


The Club of Amsterdam launch is on Wednesday, November 20th, 2002.
Don't miss this exciting event about Nanotechnology!

The Club of Amsterdam Ticket Corner offers an easy way to order tickets and to reserve a parking space at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam (next to the Amstelstation). The Ticket Corner uses the secure system of Bibit to process your orders. Bibit Global Payment Services is one of the world's leading Payment Service Providers. We also added a help file, which guides you through the ordering process.


Upcoming Events:
November 20, 2002: The Convergence of Nanotechnology, Biotech and ICT
January 29, 2003: Global Economy

The Convergence of Nanotechnology, Biotech and ICT
Date: Wednesday, November 20, 19:30-22:00
Where: Auditorium, Hogeschool van Amsterdam,
Weesperzijde 190, Amsterdam [next to Amstelstation]

Our keynote speaker of the evening Tim Harper, the leading European analyst on Nanobusiness
and CEO of CMP Cientifica Spain. He will be sharing with us his specialized insights on Nanotechnology and business decisions.
On our panel are:
- Monique A. Schoondorp, Co-Founder and Director Fund Acquisitions, Biomade B.V.
- Jan Willem van der Kamp, Programme Director Biotechnology TNO
- Karel van der Poel, Founder & CEO, Blue-Nova
and our host Ineke Malsch, Owner-Director of Malsch TechnoValuation.
More information at: http://www.clubofamsterdam.com

TIME Digital nominates Tim Harper as one of the Europe Top 25

Call him Mr. Nanotech.
Harper's mission is to ensure that European business people and politicians grasp the importance of nanotechnology - a hot research area, potentially larger than the information technology sector, that involves creating electronic and biomedical materials on the level of atoms and molecules
. (...)
The Vision Thing: "I want to ensure that Europe's world-class academic research in areas like nano-imprinting gets translated into world-class companies."
More at: http://www.clubofamsterdam.com

Biomedical applications of nanotechnology
June/July 2002
By Ineke Malsch
Nanotechnology is finding an increasing number of applications in diagnostic sensors, lab-on-a-chip techniques, pharmaceuticals, prostheses, and implants, and is even starting to mimic Nature. The article is copyright American Institute of Physics and may be downloaded for personal use only. Any other use of the article requires prior permission of both the author and the American Institute of Physics. Download here:

ENA nanotechnology research funding analysis shows Europe outspending the US significantly
October 2002
By the European NanoBusiness Association
(...) According to our analysis, EU nanotechnology funding alone, which constitutes between 4% and 20% of total European research funding, will exceed the recently proposed 2003 US nanotechnology budget. Given that EU spending often does not cover the infrastructure and manpower that US spending does, this being met by individual nations, and given that European research funding represents a much smaller fraction of total European funding than US federal funding does of total US funding, European nanotechnology funding may exceed US funding by a factor of 2 in 2003, or greater if funding from individual EU nations is taken into account.
Full report can be downloaded at:

CMP Cientifica, http://www.cmp-cientifica.com
The Institute of Nanotechnology, http://www.nano.org.uk
NanoBusiness Alliance, http://www.nanobusiness.org
European NanoBusiness Association, http://www.nanoeurope.org
nanotechweb.org, http://www.nanotechweb.org
Microsystem and Nanotechnology Cluster - The Netherlands - MINAC, http://www.minac.nl
euspen, http://www.euspen.com
Nanodot, http://nanodot.org
Foresight Institute, http://www.foresight.org
CORDIS: Nanotechnology, http://www.cordis.lu/nanotechnology
Nanoscale Science and Engineering, http://www.nsf.gov/nano
Nanoforum, http://www.nanoforum.org
Nanomed, http://www.f5nanomed.org

The CLUB OF AMSTERDAM is an international think tank which reflects our future: How we want to live, communicate with each other and what tools and cities we need, how we want to commute and how culture or industries should develop. In short: what we want our future to be.


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