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The Future of Urban Gardening

Urban Gardening, Urban Farming or Urban Agriculture is the practice of cultivating, processing, and distributing food in or around a village, town, or city. Urban agriculture can also involve animal husbandry, aquaculture, agroforestry, and horticulture. These activities also occur in peri-urban areas as well.

Wouter Schik, Landscape architect, Arcadis
Creating tomorrows green livable cities

What meaning has urban green space in a world that becomes ever more virtual? Cities grow and densify, making green space suffer. Less green space is less maintenance costs, which in a time of crisis is seen as a blessing. Unfortunately in the new metropolises and especially with climate change, green space is more important than ever. New technologies create new green possibilities: from roof top parks to vertical gardens. Hypes like urban gardening deliver new incentives. But how useful is that really? More green space doesn’t necessarily create better places. However using smart analyses, creativity and community involvement, we are now learning how to create the green livable city of the future.

Rachelle Eerhart, Project leader, IVN - Institute for Nature education & sustainability
Urban farming: getting back in touch with our food

Eating is one of our most intimate connections with nature, together with air, light and water food keeps us alive. But even though we perform this intimate act at least three times a day, we do not know much about food anymore. The recent trend of urban farming helps us to rebuild this awareness: growing food creates respect for farmers & knowing food teaches us about our connection to nature.

Vincent Kuypers, director of theSolidGROUNDS, knowledge brokers for green economy

Urban farming is not only fun, but serious business. Our concept is called Parksupermarket. In times of crisis urban agriculture pops up as a smart solution for (temporary) urban wasteland. However with nearly 80% of people living in cities - and even more in metropolitan regions, food production and distribution in blue-green metropolitan belts will become permanent.

The urban farmer is a professional in combining and harvesting both new ideas and old traditions. Parksupermarket is a production, trading and innovation centre, that can occupy urban green spaces,just as well as water reservoirs and energy production centres. Most of all it is a place to recreate and experience food and farming. It will give new permanent meaning to anonymus green spaces and or urban wasteland.

Tom Bosschaert, Founder & Director, Except Integrated Sustainability
Urban farming as green engine for urban redevelopment

Our cities and neighborhoods are in dire need of adaptation to the new realities of today. How will we fix our energy flows, deal with our waste streams, transform existing buildings, and make healthy and exciting places to live at the same time? How can we move from the old industrial model to a circular economy efficiently?

Urban agriculture is one of the key solutions in this challenge, if used as a catalyst to the transformation of our living environments.

Moderated by Tarik Yousif, Presenter at the Dutch public broadcaster

Event details
the future of Urban Gardening
Thursday, June 27, 2013
Reception: 18:30-19:00, Conference: 19:00-21:15
Location: Museum Geelvinck, Keizersgracht 633, 1017 DS Amsterdam

Ticket Corner

The conference language is English.
This event is a collaboration between the Museum Geelvinck and the Club of Amsterdam..

Museum Geelvinck Hinlopen Huis
Already since 1991, the Geelvinck Hinlopen Huis, a private canal mansion dating back to 1687, shows its overwhelmingly decorated 18th and early 19th Century 'beletage' interiors to the public. It features one of largest gardens of the UNESCO World Heritage listed Amsterdam Canal District. Therefore, one of the focus points of the museum is the urban garden and the gardens and parks of the country houses related to the history of the Geelvinck Hinlopen Huis. It relates contemporary lifestyle to its historic predecessors and disseminates their global cultural links. Thus, the Geelvinck aims at inspiring the visitor for creativity and awareness of the stuff and space in his own home and garden.


Club of Amsterdam
The Club of Amsterdam is an independent, international, future-oriented think tank involved in channelling preferred futures. It involves those who dare to think out of the box and those who don't just talk about the future but actively participate in shaping outcomes.
We organise events, seminars and summits on relevant issues and publish findings & proceedings through various off-line and online media channels. Our goal is to become a global player and catalyst for innovation in industries, science and society. We currently have more than 4,400 members globally.

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