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The future of Digital Identity

or the death of Social Media as we know it.

"Without really noticing, our society has gone through a revolutionary change. In the last 30 years the world as we knew it has been moved from an analogue to a digital foundation. We have become completely dependent upon this new foundation. Some of the effects of this revolution we see, many we can't even start to think about. Social encounters in physical space are facilitated by all human senses. All our impressions combined help us build up an impression of someone. Once we get to know someone, we get a feel of someone's identity.

In cyberspace, everything is reduced to bits of information, transported across utterly unknown digital pathways. Is the person we interact with on Skype the same person we shook hands with yesterday? Can we detect someone else digitally impersonating someone you know 'in the flesh'? When you have been impersonated, can you defend against it? Will our online activities follow us through the whole life? Things we did as young people play a role at every job interview? This may look bleak, but at this point in time, we can't even imagine the effect of the digital revolution.

The positive effects of the digital revolution are endless. For hundreds of years we augmented ourselves, using glasses, hearing aids and artificial limbs to overcome our biological limits. More fully integrating digital technology enables us to truly transcend them. Instead of just our five senses, we will develop new senses and develop new ways of interacting with reality, people and tools. This will have an even larger impact on the way we live and work together." - John Grüter, Owner, Digital Knowledge. Club of Amsterdam Round Table

The speakers and topics are

Michael Hagen, CEO, IDchecker
Can you be in control of your online identity?
Nowadays we can't imagine a world without Internet anymore. We use the Internet for Social media, shopping, search engine etc and because of that we share a whole lot of information about ourselves. Once the information is there, it is nearly impossible to get it of the Internet. Is there a way we are able to change this? I think there is hope for all of us!

Balázs Bodó, economist, piracy researcher at the Institute for Information Law (IViR), University of Amsterdam
How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Living in the Panopticon
The story of having a double identity / multiple personas is one of the most basic toposes of human imagination. We don’t need to be Dr. Jekyll (and Mr. Hyde), or Superman (and Clarke Kent) to realize that most of us have more than one face. One we show in public, one, we prefer to keep private, one, we consciously maintain, another we unwillingly hint at, etc. The Internet makes it hard to compartmentalize these personas, since we all live in the “perfect prison”, in the Panopticon. Will Jeremy Bentham’s dream “Morals reformed — health preserved — industry invigorated — instruction diffused — public burthens lightened — Economy seated, as it were, upon a rock — the gordian knot of the poor-law not cut, but untied — all by a simple idea in Architecture!” will finally be achieved now?

Annie Machon, Director, LEAP Europe. Formerly MI5
Panoptic Dystopia or Citizens' Utopia?
We are at a crossroads in history: never before have people had such access to information and the ability to communicate with others as the Internet now provides. Conversely, never before have governments, intelligence agencies and corporations had such an ability to track our every move, thought and word, with social media such as Facebook providing access the spies could only dream of 15 years ago. As technology continues to evolve, how do we, as citizens, preserve our basic freedoms?

Moderated by John Grüter.

the future of Digital Identity
or the death of Social Media as we know it.
Thursday, April 25, 2013
Registration: 18:30-19:00, Conference: 19:00-21:15
Location: Info.nl - Sint Antoniesbreestraat 16, 1011 HB Amsterdam [Next to Nieuwmarkt]
Tickets: Euro 10 (Students), Euro 20 (Members. etc.) or Euro 30.
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This Club of Amsterdam event is is supported by Info.nl & Freelance Factory

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