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the future of Reputation Management
Wednesday, May 31, 2006
Registration: 16:00-16:30, Conference: 16:30-19:15
Where: Syntens, De Ruyterkade 5, 1013 AA Amsterdam [Building of the Chamber of Commerce]


Our speakers and topics of the event are:

Mirko Creyghton, Market Leader, Burson-Marsteller Netherlands
Is reputation manageable?
While there is a search for transparency and corporate governance, management is at the same time afraid not being in control of the picture what is being displayed. Their reputation - and moreover that of the company - is at stake. Despite all rules, regulations, audits and PR efforts. Of course they want to protect their brands and reputation in front of all stakeholders, but trying to control everything (in fact trying to control reality) is a game they can not win. So here’s the(ir) big question: is reputation manageable?

Sure it is, but it doesn’t come cheap. A lot of different ‘instruments’ within the company have to be directed. But not in the traditional way, not by strict guidelines and endless control. Directing means setting the landscape, setting targets and give a clear view on the road ahead. Not only for internal stakeholders, but for external stakeholders as well.

So far, so good. But how to do it? I will show some ways (there’s not only one way) how to orchestrate and prepare the instruments and the players. Key words are: inspiration, trust & delegation, complementarities, understanding dictionaries, output steering, preparedness and of course communication.

What does the future of reputation management look like? Well, come and find out!

Ingo Heijnen, Group Manager, Hill and Knowlton
Reputation management is not the communicator's toy

While it is a widespread belief that reputation building is all about having a good CSR programme in place, as well as an effective PR department, recent cases have shown that reputations only seem to develop significantly in a postive direction when a company is able to create a clear promise, communicate it highly visible and stick to it. Recent research shows that the IT industry has a reputational problem. The reason: it did not fulfill its promise. IKEA has a very strong reputation - because its promise is clear, straightforward, continouosly communicated AND fulfilled. TomTom's reputation is improving at lightspeed - the company keeps delivering on what it said it would do. These and other cases show that reputation management is not only the communicator's toy - it is directly linked to company strategy. And while at this time it depends on company strategy - in the not too distant future it will influence it.

Lucas Michels, Director, Fleishman-Hillard Amsterdam
Reputation management, is it effective?

  • Brief exploration of the reputation hurricane in the business arena
  • Preview of recent CSR survey conducted in the US on the attitude of consumers towards an organization’s reputation
  • New ways of valuing the value of communication for organizational results

and our moderator is Bram Alkema, Business Developer, FISQ, Media Monks

- end -

The language is English.

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The event is supported by:
Syntens is a national innovation network for entrepreneurs that has the objective to increase innovativeness of SME's. Syntens provides support, matchmaking and consultancy for technological and non-technological innovation. Syntens strives to enhance the Return On innovation of dutch SME's.

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