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the future of Software Architecture

Wednesday, November 30, 2005
Registration: 16:00-16:30,
Conference: 16:30-19:15
Where: Syntens, De Ruyterkade 5, 1013 AA Amsterdam [
Building of Chamber of Commerce]

Our speakers and topics of the event are:
Maarten Boasson, Professor, Chair, Industrial Complex Computer Systems, University of Amsterdam:
Do we want to keep software architecture alive?
Like so many other interesting and useful concepts in the short history of software engineering, architecture is in danger of losing its meaning and becoming nearly synonymous with software engineering itself. This process is already happening and it may be too late to try to rescue the term. Regardless of what the term "architecture" will come to mean, the activity of designing the structure of a software system will always be crucial for successful development of such systems.

Engineering being the wrong analogy for the development of software, we will have to find new ways of thinking about software development. It is conceivable that either a different analogy, or a totally new concept can be formulated that does not suffer from the fallacies of the engineering analogy and can be sustained over a long future.

Maarten Visser, Performance, Productivity and Integration Evangelist, BPMi Business Systems:

The future of web communities
This presentation will discuss new possibilities concerning the use of ‘web 2.0 technologies’ for building the virtual communities of the future. The focus will be on a project called ‘GridThinking’, which I started to explore the possibilities of ‘collective brainstorming’.

Bert Oosterhof, Corporate Senior Architect and Director of Technology EMEA, Informatica Europe:
Software architecture adjustments for a changing business
Companies are more and more focusing on their core competencies. This results in outsourcing (part of) the activities or processes that are less strategic. Outsourcing IT is been going on for some years now, but outsourcing sales processes, or all HR-processes is a new and fast growing activity. These changes require adjustments in the software infrastructure to be able to integrate internal and external system, that support these process.

and our moderator Karel van der Poel, CEO & co-founder, Mirror42.


The language is English.

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