. the future of Healthcare & Technology

the future of Healthcare & Technology
"the patient empowered"

Wednesday, April 28, 2004, 18:30-22:15

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Why should you attend?
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by Wouter Keijser
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. Why should you attend?

For the quality of a person's life good health ranks very high in priority. Good healthcare to cure health problems and care for those that suffer temporary or chronic diseases or disabilities is a prime requirement in society. Today and tomorrow. We spend approx. 10 % of GNP on healthcare.

When we look ahead to the future (some 10 -15 years) many questions can be raised about the healthcare and technology. What impact will science and technology have on healthcare services, the role of the professional healthcare worker and the patient? If technology and science enable us to lengthen our lifespan, will that enhance the quality of life? Will technology take over the functions of our body? Will we be able to live to the age of 150 or even 200? What ethical questions can be raised when we breathe and our heart pumps, but we are no longer able to function in society? Will there still be a natural death or will we all use a pill to end our lives when we feel life is no longer worthwhile living?

Will science and technology (for instance biotech) give us full insight in the functioning of our genes? Will we be able to manufacture medicines to solve diseases like cancer and will we be able to fight viruses like sars? When the word's population growths according to forecasts, how will we be able to provide basic healthcare services for all? How can we prevent children dying? How can we prevent elderly to suffer from heath and malnutrition?

The Club of Amsterdam aims to bring visionary speakers together on the 28th of April to address these questions from a variety of perspectives: the patients perspective, the health workers perspective, the science and technology perspective and the organizational perspective on healthcare services. Based on these experts' inputs a lively discussion is triggered to generate fresh idea's on how to shape the future of Healthcare & Technology to enhance the quality of our lives?

. Program

17:30 - 19:00
VIP Reception

18:30 - 19:30
Registration, drinks, snacks, networking and live music by Salvatore, the s(w)inging cook from Abbuffata!

Welcome by our Host Bernard Vast, M.D., Healthcare ICT Specialist, 2Cure

Part I: The Speakers are:
Wouter Keijser, e-health specialist, Wacomed, Baarn
Graham Smith, Chief Scientist, Telbotics Inc., Canada
Rineke Rust, Member of the Board, Marketing & Communications, The Health Agency

Coffee break

Part III: Panel with Keynote Speakers and the Challengers
Hans ter Brake, Director, PinkRoccade Healthcare
Maarten Boon, Director of Strategy and Innovation, Agis Zorgverzekering (Agis Health Insurance Company)

and our Host
Bernard Vast.
The panel is followed by an open discussion.

Closing remarks.

Wouter Keijser

Graham Smith

Rineke Rust

Hans ter Brake

Maarten Boon

. Speakers

Wouter Keijser
e-health specialist, Wacomed, Baarn

After medical school, Wouter A. Keijser MD worked in general practice and was involved in communication and marketing projects. In the latter field Keijser has experience as researcher, medical journalist/copywriter, project manager and strategic communication advisor to healthcare and pharmaceutical industry. Keijser worked on several patient information/education products and services and is from 1996 active with Internet initiatives, especially for patients.

After 2 subsequent positions as chief medical editor for two Dutch consumer health sites (www.gezondheidscentrum.nl, www.medischplein.nl), from 1999 to 2000 Keijser was appointed as medical director for the Dutch affiliate of www.planetmedica.com and from 2000 until 2004 acted as medical director of www.dokterdokter.nl, the Dutch ISO-certified health portal. As medical director his responsibilities focussed mainly on management of medical content production, research and development, communications and public relations (BtC, BtB and BtD). From early 2004 Keijser is an independent senior consultant on e-health strategy and architecture (WACOMED, Baarn).

On e-health subjects concerning healthcare information, patient-doctor-relationship/-communication and innovation of healthcare processes, Keijser has presented oral contributions to several (inter)national auditoriums (e.g. MedInfo 2004; TEHRE 2003), is author of several (scientific) publications and the 'eHealth Handbook for Health Professionals' (ISBN 90-805666-2-4), due end of 2004.

Keijser is board member of the Dutch Patient and Consumer Federation (NPCF) on 'health information regulations and consumer behaviour' and president of the 13th District to the Royal Dutch College of Physicians (KNMG).

Graham Smith
Chief Scientist, Telbotics Inc., Canada

Graham Smith started Telbotics Inc.’s in 1996 and is the companies Chief Scientist. He is a leading expert in the fields of telepresence, virtual reality, videoconferencing, new media art and robotics and has worked with some of the world’s leading high tech companies including Nortel, Vivid Effects, VPL Research, Ex’ovision and IMAX. He initiated and headed the Virtual Reality Artist Access Program (VRAAP) at the world-renowned McLuhan Program in Culture and Technology at the University of Toronto. From 1993-95 and has lectured internationally on new media subjects. He holds 4 patents in the fields of telepresence/panoramic imaging and was recognised in MacLean’s magazine as one of the "Top 100 Canadians to Watch" in 1993. He is currently working to deploy the PEBBLES (Providing Education By Bringing Learning Environments to Students) videoconferencing robot to hospitals and schools around the world. PEBBLES was co-invented by Mr. Smith, is installed in 20 hospitals currently and is designed to heal the disease of isolation which affects many children with long term illnesses by linking them socially to their school..

Rineke Rust
Member of the Board, Marketing & Communications, The Health Agency

After a study in nutrition and health Rineke Rust has been working for about 30 years in the diary industry, mainly in mass communication and PR. At the Dutch Diary Bureau she worked as Head of Consumer Education and as Communication Manager. Her knowledge of the food market and consumer behaviour was the basis of many creative concepts: the cookery books and schools of the Diary Bureau, but also the new and attractive visitors centre for cheese, aimed at the local and international tourist.
In 1999 she started at the Dutch Rheuma Foundation as Head of Communications, where she contributed with her skills and experience in professionalising the organisation. Besides starting a new fund raising campaign, she also entirely renewed the patient's education. Being the first in Holland, the Rheuma Foundation provided the patient with rheumatoid arthritis tailor-made information through the Internet. The used InfoDoc® information system was developed by The Health Agency.
As of January 2004 Rineke now works for The Health Agency in order to promote the use of InfoDoc® in several places in the field of health care.

Hans ter Brake
Director, PinkRoccade Healthcare

Hans ter Brake was born in 1960 in De Lutte, The Netherlands. On the University of Twente he graduated for a degree in Maths and Business administration. Hans is married to Friedel and they have three children; two daughters and a son. Because their children are on secundairy school and are dedicated to music and sports, the family agenda is very much dominated by this. Hans takes special interest in the experience economy and more specific the application of this theory by Joseph Pine in the Healthcare and ICT sector. During his study Hans started his first job at the ZCS foundation, an ICT serviceprovider and software developing organisation, which was owned bij a group of regional hospitals. Hans, together with three of his collegues, guided the transition of ownership that made this public organisation a privately owned company. After 7 years this organisation became a part of PinkRoccade and is nowadays a profitable company, which employs 300 ICT professional in the Healthcare market under the name of PinkRoccade Heathcare. Within other PinkRoccade subsidiaries, another 100 people act in this market. Hans is member of the board of PinkRoccade Healthcare and is responsable for strategy, business development and business consultancy. Beside that Hans is marketdirector healthcare for PinkRoccade. Intense participation in various projects and contacts with clients, very much inspire and motivate Hans to carry out his knowledge and experience.

Maarten Boon
Director of Strategy and Innovation, Agis Zorgverzekering (Agis Health Insurance Company)

After finishing his study as master of Psychology in 1978 at the University of Utrecht, Maarten Boon worked for five years as a teaching professor at The Hague Catholic Faculty of Education. He lectured psychology, organizational sciences and HRM. In 1984 and 1985 he worked as a consultant for the Amsterdam Social Health Insurance Company ZAO. From 1986 to 1990 he was senior policy maker for the city Counsel of Amsterdam. He was involved in health policy (aids and senior policy), in drugs policy and youth policy. In 1990 he returned to ZAO as account manager and care purchaser. Later he became head of the office and division manager Care. After the merge of ZAO into Agis Zorgverzekeringen, he became director Strategy and Innovation. He is also responsible for the international activities of Agis. Besides his professional career Maarten was board member and chairman in a lot of not for profit social organisations in Amsterdam. At this moment he is in the board of AMOC, a consultancy organisation for foreign drugs users in Amsterdam and member of the advisory board of Pharos, a refugee organisation in Utrecht.

Bernard Vast
M.D., Healthcare ICT Specialist, 2Cure

Dr Vast studied electrical engineering and medicine in the Netherlands. He has worked five years on electronic medical records for general practitioners and hospital pharmacy systems. After this he worked five years on a large hospital information system and was manager of the development department. Currently he is co-founder and director Research & Development of a software company specialised in electronic patient records for hospitals (physicians and nursing staff), healthcare regions and (later on) the consumer. He is a frequently asked publicist and speaker on matters concerning ICT and healthcare.

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