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Do Banks have a Future? with Brett King hosted by Miss Metaverse - Thr Future Now Show
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The Future Now Show

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The Future Now Show

July 2018

Do Banks have a Future?

Brett King

hosted by

Miss Metaverse

Once upon a time, people used to get paid with pieces of paper and coins – physical money – and take that to a building nearby, their bank branch, for safekeeping. Nowadays the idea of a physical bank branch is disappearing as it becomes increasingly irrelevant. And physical money is used less and less. Transactions are handled in near-real-time, increasingly initiated on smart phones. With the growing options in digital transactions and digitally based money, will banks even be needed in the future? - Paul Holister

Future Now Show


The Future Now Show


Brett King, Bestselling Author, Speaker, Founder, Radio Host, TV Commentator, CEO of Moven

Katie Aquino, aka "Miss Metaverse", Futurista™, USA

Paul Holister, Editor, Summary Text

Club of Amsterdam

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