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Happy Rain with Isabelle Antunes - The Future Now Show
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The Future Now Show

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The Future Now Show

December 2017

Happy Rain


Isabelle Antunès

Storytelling is a fundamental part of what makes humans successful. This is a story about how farming communities in Bangladesh were transformed by an idea that allowed them to profit from the monsoon season instead of migrating away and waiting for it to pass. But it’s also a story about a story, about the documentary that was made and how this has been woven in to the evolution and spread of this transformative idea. - Paul Holister

Future Now Show

Support and collaborations required to use Happy Rain to provide 5 million people with food, jobs and improved livelihood in floodplains!

Turning floods into an asset in Bangladesh
Project  proposal presented by  Dr. Isabelle  Antunès

The Future Now Show


Isabelle Antunès, Documentary film maker, France

Paul Holister, Editor, Summary Text

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