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Demography of Europe with Michael Akerib - The Future Now Show
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The Future Now Show

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The Future Now Show

November 2017

Demography of Europe


Michael Akerib

Table of Content
History 1:16
Now 25:52
Migration 28:27
Opportunities 48:58

Musings on the future are often quite narrow in scope (e.g. specific technologies) and time. The near future is obviously of great interest as it’s our next page, but it’s one page in a very long book and sometimes you need to read the whole book to get the best sense of what the next page might hold. That approach is taken here when considering the demographics of Europe – the story starts 9000 years ago and spans the planet. Sit back, soak it in, and only then wonder about the future.- Paul Holister

Future Now Show

The Future Now Show


Michael Akerib, Rector, Swiss UMEF University.

Paul Holister, Editor, Summary Text

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