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Global Marketplace with Hardy F Schloer - The Future Now Show
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The Future Now Show

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The Future Now Show

July / August 2017

Global Marketplace


Hardy F Schloer

moderated by
Mustafa Chaudhry

Sometimes changes creep up on us. Will humans evolve into cyborgs? Well, if you think about how much you do through your smartphone, and how you rely on it to communicate (without speech, in general), and to make things happen in your life, then perhaps much of the transition to cyborg is already behind us and we just need the final touches to the interface (chip in the brain etc.). And what about the way we interact with the internet to get the goods we want? It is argued here that the internet-based marketplace is evolving (and AI will accelerate this) into a reactive entity where the needs and desires of people actively and rapidly affect what is offered, even what is made. Suggestive of the merging of the human mind (or minds) with computers. It makes one wonder where do the boundaries lie? - Paul Holister

Future Now Show

The Future Now Show


Hardy F. Schloer, Owner, Schloer Consulting Group
Mustafa Chaudhry

Paul Holister, Editor, Summary Text

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