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Shape the future now, where near-future impact counts and visions and strategies for preferred futures start.
Do we rise above global challenges? Or do we succumb to them?
The Future Now Show explores how we can shape our future now - where near-future impact counts. We showcase strategies and solutions that create futures that work.
Every month we roam through current events, discoveries, and challenges - sparking discussion about the connection between today and the futures we're making - and what we need, from strategy to vision - to make the best ones.

The Future Now Show
is brought to you by the Club of Amsterdam.


Credits: Andreas van Engelen, Sound Design

Dancing with Disruption: The Future of Business - June 23, 2015, London

Rohit Talwar, Gray Scott and Gerd Leonhard

the future of Metro Vitality - April 24, 2015, London

Josef Hargrave, Associate - Foresight + Research + Innovation at Arup

Dan Hill, Executive Director, Futures and Best Practice, Future Cities Catapult

Charles Landry - International authority on the use of imagination and creativity in urban change

the future of Collective Intelligence - February 11, 2015, London

Hardy Schloer, Managing Director, Schloer Consulting Group


Mark Petz talks with Anette Pekrul about "the world’s First Holistic Multi-cultural Multi-Generation Collective Community".

See also The Future Now Show October 2014

the future of Historic Pianos - October 13, 2014

Jurn Buisman, The Sweelinck Collection

Göran Grahn, Curator Musical instruments Nydahl Collection, Stockholm

Giovanni di Stefano, Curator of Musical Instruments, Rijksmuseum Amsterdam

the future of Green Architecture - May 29, 2014
Retrofitting existing houses and historic buildings. Zero-energy buildings.

Fenneken Anneveld-van Wesel, Independent Architecture & Planning Professional
Why modern technique and sustainability are important for the preservation of historic buildings.

Gijs Hoen, Project Leader, Stadsherstel Amsterdam
Monumental buildings: possibilities for a sustainable future

Paul de Ruiter, Paul de Ruiter Architects
Towards a CO2-neutral society

Mathias Lehner, founding partner, lehner gunther
NEXTCity - Biodiversity Design leading to more Quality of Life for all Species

the future of Urban Mobility - 30 January 2014

live stream
Winston Nanlohy

Wim Korver
, Head of Research & Development Unit, Goudappel Coffeng
The 21 century: the end of the car mobility as we know it

Robert Dingemanse, Co-founder and CEO, PAL-V
Flying cars, how will it affect future mobility?

Nick Cohn, Senior Business Developer, TomTom
TomTom on Urban Mobility: The Future is Now

Rohit Talwar, CEO, Fast Future Research
Global Forces Shaping Urban Mobility

the future of Economy and Consciousness - 7 November 2013

Ferananda Ibarra, Co-founder, Collective Intelligence Research Institute (CIRI)
Invisible architectures: the key to a healthy and thrivable Economy

Sacha van Tongeren, Project Developer, Waag Society

Charles Noussair, Professor, Tilburg School of Economics and Management
Artificial Intelligence and the Economy

the future of Europe - May 30, 2013

Stephen Aguilar-Millan, Director of Research, The European Futures Observatory, Director, The Greenways Partnership
Which Europe?

Fernando Lanzer Pereira de Souza, Consultant, itim International
The future of Europe is not rational!

Wim J. de Ridder, Professor Futures Studies, University Twente, Founder & Director, Futures Studies Management Consultancy - FSM bv
The future creates opportunities for a leading role for Europe

Video: Winston Nanlohy

the future of Digital Identity - April 25, 2013

Michael Hagen, CEO, IDchecker
Can you be in control of your online identity?

Balázs Bodó, economist, piracy researcher at the Institute for Information Law (IViR), University of Amsterdam
How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Living in the Panopticon

Annie Machon, Director, LEAP Europe. Formerly MI5
Panoptic Dystopia or Citizens' Utopia?


the future of Impact Investment - March 28, 2013

Herman Mulder, Chairman of the Global Reporting Initiative - GRI, impact investor, the Netherlands
Impact Investing as key driver for new-style International Development Cooperation

Giuseppe van der Helm, Executive Director, Dutch Association of Investors for Sustainable Development (VBDO), President, Eurosif (European Sustainable Investment Forum), the Netherlands
Impact investment: investing in your mission, delivering more than financial returns

Neeraj Bhatia, Executive Director, Member of the Board, Bank of India Ltd, India
The role of the three pillars in Impact Investments: Investors - Corporations - Policy Makers

Video: Winston Nanlohy

the future of Football - February 28, 2013

Tom Fadrhonc, Consultant, itim International, former General Manager Benelux, Nike
The future of Football. More or less united?

Video: Winston Nanlohy

the future of Space Travel - January 31, 2013

Gerard 't Hooft, Nobel Laureate from Utrecht University
oving to Outer Space: Science and Science Fiction

Bas Lansdorp
, Co-Founder & General Director, Mars One
Humans on Mars in 2023

Michel van Pelt, spaceflight engineer, author, Netherlands Space Society
Future Robotic Science and Exploration

Video: Winston Nanlohy

10 Years Club of Amsterdam - December 6, 2012

Hardy F. Schloer, Owner, Schloer Consulting Group -- SCG, Advisory Board of the Club of Amsterdam.:
10-step program for a sick planet

Socratic Dialogue
Socratic Dialogue guided by Humberto Schwab, Philosopher, Owner, Humberto Schwab Filosofia SL, Director, Club of Amsterdam
and the panel
Huib Wursten, Senior Partner, ITIM International / Andrei Kotov, Business Planning Manager, Projects & Technology , Shell Upstream International / Jeanine van de Wiel, Group Leader Global Regulatory Affairs, DSM Food Specialties / Oebele Bruinsma, Founder & Partner, Synmind bv / Arjen Kamphuis, Futurist, Co-founder, CTO, Gendo / Hardy F. Schloer, Owner, Schloer Consulting Group - SCG, Advisory Board of the Club of Amsterdam

Video: Winston Nanlohy

Urban Tribes - where is the magic? - July 22, 2012

the future of Taxes - May 31, 2012

Frank Herreveld, Partner Tax Controversy and Litigation, Deloitte Belastingadviseurs B.V., Chairman Tax Controversy Management Group
Taxation in 2020, IRS for Big Brother.

Iskander Smit, strategy director, and head of
The Internet of Things as enabler of a new organization of responsibility

Patrick Crehan at TEDx Leuven - March 29, 2012

The age of the ethical machine

the future of Languages - March 29, 2012

Video Summary

the future of European Democracy - June 23, 2011

Hardy F. Schloer, Owner, Schloer Consulting Group
Democracy is dead, as we know it!

the future of the Human Mind - April 14, 2011

Maurizio Zollo, Bocconi Dean's Chaired Professor in Strategy and Corporate Responsibility, Bocconi University; Program Director, Neuroscientific Foundations of Strategic Decisions
Strategic management and neuro-sciences

the future of Shell - March 17, 2011

Bill Spence, Manager Strategic Issues, Shell Upstream International
Energy Scenarios & the future of Shell

Andrei Kotov
, Commercial Adviser Global LNG, Shell Upstream International
the future of Gas

Guus Berkhout
, Professor of Geosciences, Professor of Innovation
New Business Framework for the Energy Industry

the future of Happiness - November 25, 2010

Ruut Veenhoven, Emeritus-professor of 'social conditions for human happiness', Erasmus University Rotterdam
Greater happiness for a greater number - Is that possible?

Nic Marks, NEF Fellow, Founder, Centre for Well-being
The Happy Planet

the future of Hacking - October 14, 2010

Frans Kolkman, Head High Tech Crime Unit East-NL
The future of Cybercrime and arresting Hackers

Martijn Aslander, lifehacker, connector and resourcerer
How to connect hacking with the possibilities of the network and information age

Alper Çugun, Intendant, Monster Swell
Civic duty in a hyper-connected world

Moderated by Arjen Kamphuis, Co-founder, CTO, Gendo


the future of CERN - June 3, 2010

Sergio Bertolucci, Director for Research and Computing, CERN
Moderated by Humberto Schwab, Philosopher, Physicist

the future of Connectivity - June 25, 2009

Egbert-Jan Sol, CTO, TNO Science and Industry, co-founder/1st chairman, DSE
Billions of people using 1000 Billion connected devices and bandwidth for free

Peter Cochrane, Co-Founder, Cochrane Associates
Evolving Connectivity

Hardy F. Schloer, Owner, Schloer Consulting Group
Human Connectivity at the Event Horizon of new AI Technologies

Summit for the Future 2005





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