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Turning Your Wishes Into Reality
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by Nisandeh Neta 37 Success

Nisandeh Neta, Founder, Open Circles Academy about his book Elements of Success

is a presenter at our Season Event about
the future of Success

What does being successful mean to you? Does it mean being financially set for life… having loving, nurturing relationships with your partner, family and friends… finding spiritual fulfillment? We may all have different ideas of what success is but there’s one thing we all agree on - we want it!

Yet for many of us, success remains elusive.

If only success was something you could view as tangible: something you could take off a shelf and make happen…

Now you can.

Take a moment and imagine that life is a well-appointed kitchen. All of the appliances and tools are in place. Every ingredient you need is at hand. You can cook absolutely anything you desire.

All you need are a few simple recipes.

Elements of Success, a new home-study course invites you into the “kitchen” where you’ll discover how to create the life you’ve always wanted. More than simply a how-to course, the easy-to-follow, 200-page hands-on book and CD set puts you directly in the mix as you apply all that you learn towards making your life truly successful.

Elements of Success leads you step-by-step through:

The myths and mistakes that hinder success. Learn to identify personal pitfalls that have blocked your success in the past and discover how to overcome them.

The power of the mind. Every result in life starts as a thought. Elements of Success teaches you how to use your mind to focus energy on attracting any result you wish for.

The importance of taking personal responsibility for your actions and thoughts. Find out how to move out of the victim role and reclaim your power as a creator.

The power of visualization in creating reality.
Learn precise and powerful techniques for manifesting your dreams into reality, receiving answers to life questions and more.

The power of acknowledgement and completion. This rarely talked about secret, when used the right way, puts you in a positive spiral. You will get more and more energized with each result you create.

What failure really is. As soon as you understand the true meaning of failure, all of the negative connotations and feelings you attach to not getting the result you planned will disappear.

How to create instant results by moving beyond barriers of beliefs. Elements of Success offers three simple ways to move beyond what you believe is impossible to create instant transformation.

The difference between "wanting" something and "being willing to have" it. Learn the difference between the passive, childish position of "I want chocolate! I want! I want!" and the mature, active, willing position of "I am willing to do whatever it takes, to let go of whatever is not supporting me and to become whoever I need to be in order to fulfill my potential.”

And so much more …

Elements of Success is divided into three easy-to-digest parts. The first part, Prepping the Kitchen, gets success chefs ready for the creative process. It reveals why the mind is your most important tool and demonstrates how to keep it sharp and ready to carve out success.

Once the kitchen has been prepared, you are ready to begin creating success. In the second part of the book, Cooking Success, the SPICE creative cycle is explained. Each creative cycle is made up of these elements:

Consequence and

SPICE describes how you’ve created success in the past and what you need to do to create success in the future in any area of your life.

SPICE begins with a Source. The source is the inspiration that kicks off the whole creative cycle — the fire that heats the oven.

Once inspiration has taken hold, you begin to feed the fire and allow the heat to build. You start to Picture what you want to achieve. You begin to see what success will look like, to savor what it will smell like, to imagine what it will taste like.

Once the excitement and enthusiasm take hold, you’re ready to take action - to actually put the ingredients together and Implement your ideas. Your action, in turn, will lead to a Consequence, the result of what you have chosen to create and how you have prepared it.

Of course, not every consequence will be the exact one you planned. When you achieve a goal only to realize it’s not what you want, you can either learn a lesson from it, or begin making changes to Enrich the result you’ve created until it’s closer to the one you expected.

That enrichment process is often the start of a whole new creative cycle.

The heart of the book is in the third part, Serving The Meal. Here, you will “attend” a powerful yet simple six-week hands-on “cooking school,” on two CDs, that will lead you from simply wishing for success to ultimate satisfaction.

The techniques on the CDs will help you alter your conscious and unconscious mental patterns, allowing you to rise above current limitations to achieve your longed-for goals. As a finishing touch, the book also includes proven techniques for both relaxation and reinvigoration, and special “success recipes” geared towards different results.

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