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Summit for the Future 2006 Report
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Summit for the Future

Club of Amsterdam
Date: May 3-5, 2006

Summit for the Future Report

Summit for the Future website [May 3-5, 2006]


Summit for the Future Report

Summit for the Future Report 2006
244 pages
With contributions by
Sir Paul Judge, Simon Jones, Ahmed El Sheikh, Elisabet Sahtouris, Jonathan Marks, Madanmohan Rao, Colby Stuart, Oebele Bruinsma, David Butler, Martin Herzog, Ralph Freelink, Jacqueline Ternier-David, Chris De Bruijn, Gustav J. Dobos, Huib Schwab, Roman Retzbach, Joop Remmé, Geoffrey Klempner, Mick Yates,
Mark Minevich, George Pór, Mathijs van Zutphen, Kalle Kähkönen, Mike Taylor, John Renesch, Leif Thomas Olsen, Tom Lambert, Finn Drouet Majlergaard, Peter Merry, Patrick Crehan, Evalueserve and many more ...

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Felix B Bopp 3

Illustrations 10
Job Romijn 11

Opening 16
Sir Paul Judge 17
Risk and Enterprise: How new endeavours are shaped by perceptions of risk
Simon Jones 25
Innovation and Risk: The New Media Perspective
Lotte Zwijnenburg 30
The group dynamics of dirty feet

Life Sciences 34
Simon Jones 35
Risk and Life Sciences
Ahmed El Sheikh 37
21st Century Bio-Technology: Novel Perspectives on Scope, Risks and Rewards
Mathijs van Zutphen 40
Dispatches from the Frontier
Gergely Tyukodi 43
Life Sciences
Special Report 45
Biopharmaceutical Outsourcing – Moving to Centerstage

Media & Entertainment 51
Jonathan Marks 52
Summary: Media & Entertainment
Madanmohan Rao 57
Mobile Media Futures: The View from the Asia-Pacific
Colby Stuart 66
Review of the Summit for the Future 2006
Zachary M. Newmark 68
Risk and the Recording Industry
Special Report 70
The Web of Entertainment

Trade - Asian Leadership 75
Oebele Bruinsma 76
Summary: Trade - Asian Leadership
David Butler 78
Partnership: A 21st Century Imperative
Martin Herzog 81
Trade - Asian Leadership
Ralph Freelink 85
“They think the unthinkable and do it.” – Summit Quote
Special Report 88
Asian Leadership in Trade and Associated Risks

Healthcare 95
Chris De Bruijn 96
”My Genes, My Health”
Gustav J. Dobos 99
Integrative Medicine - Integrating Complementary and Alternative Medicine into Mainstream Medicine
Huib Schwab 108
Roman Retzbach 110
Iclal Akcay 113
The Fall of Icarus - Risk taking: to live in a mode of panting
Christine Grimard 116
Challenging Scientific Practice: A Vision for the Future of Healthcare

Corporate Governance 118
Jacqueline Ternier-David 119
They Shoot Horses, Don’t They?
Joop Remmé 123
Ruling the waves, not waving the rules
Elisabet Sahtouris 126
The Biology of Business: Key to a Sustainable Future
Geoffrey Klempner 140
My Summit
Nicolet Wouts 143
Corporate Governance
Special Report 144
Corporate Governance - the controlled way to success

Innovation as Risk Taking 148
Oebele Bruinsma 149
Summary: Innovation as Risk Taking
Mick Yates 150
Innovation as Risk Taking – and the Organizational implications
Mark Minevich 159
Global Innovation and Growth fueled by Outsourcing
George Pór 167
Innovation Architecture
Special Report 176
Innovation: The DNA for Growth

Knowledge based Risk Management 179
Simon Jones 180
Summary: Knowledge based Risk Management
Kalle Kähkönen 181
Fundamental enablers for wide-scope risk and opportunity management
Mike Taylor 187
Global Risk Management - Role of Business Research and Data Analysis

Values & Spirituality 189
John Renesch 190
Conscious Living, Conscious Work: Becoming Global Patriots
Nicolai Peitersen 192
‘Actics in the Ethical Economy’
Special Report 197
Values and Spirituality

Cross-Cultural Competence 200
Leif Thomas Olsen 201
Cross Cultural Competence in a Globalised World
Tom Lambert 207
Cross Cultural Intelligence
Finn Drouet Majlergaard 211
Release the power of cultural diversity in international business

Creative Leadership 215
Peter Merry 216
Evolutionary Leadership : creativity for emergence
Special Report 224
Creative Leadership

Partners 227

Resources 241


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