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Service Oriented Architecture
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by CIO 25 Software Architecture

SOAs start with services, which are groups of software components that carry out business processes. At its most basic, an SOA is a collection of services on a network that communicate with one another. The services are loosely coupled, have well-defined, platform-independent interfaces, and are reusable. SOA focuses on business processes and standard interfaces, helping to mask the underlying technical complexity of the IT environment.

A Multimedia Introduction to Service Oriented Architecture
Come with us on a five-minute narrated slideshow tour of the basics of SOA, as well as its pros and cons.

Expert Q&A: Service Oriented Architecture
Duane Nickull, chair of the OASIS SOA Technical Committee and senior standards strategist at Adobe Systems, answered readersí questions about SOA.

Architecture: A New Blueprint for IT
A service-oriented architecture can be a powerful tool for changing your businessóor a good way to boil the ocean. The keys to a successful SOA project are setting limits, mitigating risks, and giving the business what it wants and needs.

IT Strategy: How SOA Really Works
In his IT Strategy blog, CIO Executive Editor Chris Koch shares a conversation he had with Hossein Moiin, vice president of technical strategy for T-Mobile International, about the how and why of his organizationís SOA.

SOA: Building the Compliance Infrastructure
Many (if not most) organizations lack a sufficient motive to establish an enterprisewide SOA. Yet if you broaden SOA to include an application-aware infrastructure, the SOA value proposition becomes more compelling.

Consultantís Briefing: Changing the Landscape of Application Outsourcing
The increasing demand for SOA will have a structural impact on application outsourcing services, inducing companies to integrate SOA into their outsourcing strategies and make way for this new wave of development.

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