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Report on “Internet Governance”
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by EICN European Internet Coregulation Network 28 Governance

July 2005

Internet governance is a controversial issue. For some observers, it should be limited to the production of technical norms for the network, for naming and the future of ICANN. For others, it should cover other issues, including content, evolution of uses…; in any case, everyone questions the specific role of the States and the other actors (civil society or private sector) in the management of this internet governance.

The subject has been submitted to the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) and it appears as a critical one.

In the absence of consensus between the States, and the various parties concerned, a working group has been launched under the United Nations Secretary-General. The mission of the group, chaired by Nitin Desai, is:
  • to identify issues of general interest related to it;
  • to elaborate a common conception of the roles and the areas of responsibilities of governments, inter-government and international organizations, and other existing forums, as well as the private sector and civil society, in developing and developed countries;
  • finally, to elaborate a report on the results of the mission, which will be examined in the course of the second phase of the Summit in Tunis in November 2005.

This is the context and the reflection to which the European Internet Coregulation Network (EICN) wishes to contribute.

A working group was launched in April 2004 under the supervision of the French Internet Rights Forum. These conclusions were adopted by the members of the Network in July 2005.

The objective of the EICN is to feed the public debate with its own vision of the notion of “internet governance”. This vision is built on the expertise of its members in the legal and policy issues related to the internet. It is directly linked with the philosophy of regulation shared by the EICN members. It inspires recommendations or guidelines for a good internet governance.
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