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Club of Amsterdam Journal, September 2004, Issue 31
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Shaping Your Future in
the Knowledge Society

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September 2004, Issue 31
the future of

Monday, September 27
The Go Digital Awareness Campaign 2001-2003: The main lessons to be learnt

Coffee-houses: The internet in a cup

European Ethics Network

Business Europe

Zurich MedNet


  .Dr. Philippe Rychen speaks at NanoWater

Dr. Philippe Rychen,
Head of Environmental Systems, Centre Suisse d'Electronique et de Microtechnique (CSEM SA)

Nanotechnology and Electrochemistry, hand in hand for innovation in the Water Treatment field

In industrialized countries, drinkable water is usually clean and safe, but regulatory agencies monitor over hundred dangerous water contaminants, which can come from rain run-off over hazardous waste, naturally occurring sources of contaminants, water treatment chemicals, and pollution from residential consumers, industry and agriculture. To preserve its future, the developing world has to take care of its resources by cleaning and recycling water. In third-world countries, which face extreme dryness or floods, the water problem is even more crucial due to the combination of a lack of water, pollution by micro-organisms and almost inexistent water supply networks. For example, in such countries, efficient transportable disinfecting units, eventually powered by photovoltaic systems, will be salutary in many parts of developing countries.

Thanks to unique physical, chemical and electrochemical properties of polycrystalline doped nano-diamond coatings on Silicon substrates, these products open new horizons. The widest electrochemical window ever seen for a so highly stable electrode material opens new doors for easy and green water treatment applications without the use of any chemicals. Water disinfection process through in situ generation of strong and long lasting residuals oxidants is now possible without adding any chlorine or other hazardous chemical at very competitive costs comparing to alternative technologies.

Highly polluted wastewater with refractory (non biodegradable)) chemicals can now be treated before releasing it into sewage plants respectful to environment or can even be recycled, if the water is treated with the DiaCell® Technology.

DC current on Boron-Doped Diamond is sufficient to eliminate all types of organic pollutants in water. Through the formation of highly oxidizing agents like OH radicals, organic molecules are easily oxidized up to carbon dioxide. All microorganisms (including Legionella) are inactivated with longer lasting residuals through a mixture of disinfectants generated from naturally occurring minerals in water and from water itself.

These Boron Doped Diamond Electrodes are engineered into water treatment modules called DiaCell® and DiaMos™ for small/medium and large sized treatment capacities respectively.



  .about the future of Healthcare

PQL- Pure Quality Life
PQL is a quality-assured, biologically verified concept for maintaining and increasing your health and well-being. It is the culmination of today's collected knowledge and of several years of leading-edge research in Sweden.
Pure Quality Life is a web-based life enhancement tool, evaluated in a world leading prospectively controlled study by researchers from Uppsala University. It is the only health site with effects that have been assesed psychophysiologically in a controlled study. Over 20.000 users from different backgrounds have registered.



eHospital - IT experience of Hospital Son Llatzer, Spain
eHospital is a full digital, filmless and wireless hospital. Son Llatzer has implemented a global integrated and accessible clinical information system.

.News about the Future

The World's Lightest Micro-Flying Robot
Seiko Epson Corporation has successfully developed a lighter and more advanced successor to the FR, the world's smallest and lightest micro-flying robot. Turning once again to its micromechatronics technology, Epson has redefined the state of the art with its FR-II micro-flying robot - the world's new lightest and most advanced microrobot, which also features Bluetooth wireless control and independent flight.

About one-third of the world's population lives in countries with moderate to high water stress. The problems are most acute in Africa and West Asia but lack of water is already a major constraint to industrial and socio-economic growth in many other areas, including China, India and Indonesia. If present consumption patterns continue, two out of every three persons on Earth will live in water-stressed conditions by the year 2025. The declining state of the world's freshwater resources, in terms of quantity and quality, may prove to be the dominant issue on the environment and development agenda of the coming century.

.Ervin Laszlo’s View of the World

Exclusive Lecture - Ervin Laszlo’s View of the World

He was a child prodigy at the piano who became a professor without finishing school. The former systems theory pioneer is now concentrating on research into the information field, which should not only shed light on inexplicable connections between man and matter, but may help create a new paradigm that will make the world a better place. “It’s my job to supply the proof,” he declares. With this vision in mind he also initiated the Club of Budapest.

When: Thursday, 28 October 2004 from 19h30 to 22h00.
Location: Amsterdam.
Registration: Click here or call 020 – 423 26 20.
Entrance: 45 euros (Club of Amsterdam Members receive a 30% discount).

.Recommended Book

Mayo Clinic Guide to Self-Care: Answers for Everyday Health Problems

(Mayo Clinic Health Information) Consumer text provides reliable, practical, easy-to-understand information on more than 150 common medical conditions and issues relating to health. Includes new information about staying healthy and aging, the link between stress and health, and dietary supplements.

.The Centre for Future Studies

The Centre for Future Studies
The Centre has extensive contacts in finance, government, technology, academia, professional services and the media and is concerned with promoting training, education and research into future social policy issues including crime, ageing, education and health, and future studies methodologies.

Some projects:

The Future of the Over Fifties
A Foresight Study into the mature society of 2020.

The Future of Holidays
A multi-disciplinary forecast and analysis of the drivers of change in the holiday industry to 2020.

Global Scenarios for Financial Services
A major research programme designed to identify the global drivers of change that will impact on consumer savings behaviours in eleven key markets around the world.

The future of the high street
A major Foresight Study into trends, developments and events shaping the future of town centres and urban communities.

The Future of British Migration
A Foresight Study into trends and developments impacting on the nature and extent of migration to 2020.

Frank D Shaw, Director General, Centre for Future Studies, speaks at the Summit for the Future: Trade / Service Industry - Travel guide to Amsterdam features tourist information and tips, sights, entertainment, transport, map to print, and free pictures of Amsterdam.

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