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Survey of European Universities Skills in ICT of Students and Staff
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by Socratesprogramme 16 the future of ICT

SEUSISS - Survey of European Universities Skills in ICT of Students and Staff

The project has produced a comparative qualitative and quantitative report on the findings for Rectors and senior staff of Universities. It will also be of interest to agencies that are seeking to improve graduate and academic staff ICT skills and to researchers in the field. A one-day seminar was held for senior staff to discuss the broader applicability of the findings and to aid the project team in creating a good practice guide for the development of ICT skills strategies for universities.

If European universities are to support their students in the development of appropriate ICT skills, they need to:

  • know the ICT skills, knowledge and attitudes possessed by their new and existing students
  • be able to compare their own university's ICT skills development processes to those of others
  • be aware of what skills their graduates leave with and how these match up to employers' needs now and in the future
  • be conscious of their own university's outputs in the context of European and world developments in graduate ICT skills
  • ensure that their staff are aware of university objectives and initiatives regarding student ICT skills, so that they can align their activities to promote these
The SEUSISS Project was designed to provide European universities with some of the information and tools necessary for them to be able to address the issues listed above. It has provided:
  • multilingual survey instruments to gather comparable data from students and staff in universities, and from employers
  • baseline measures of the ICT skills of students at seven similar European universities
  • strategic views from senior managers and academic staff at those universities, and from employers of their graduates
  • the background to relate these views to the wider context in each of the seven countries
We have developed and tested our surveys with several thousand students in the partner universities, and consider that these are useful tools that could now be used more widely to provide data from students at different types of higher education institutions and in other countries to extend the baseline information about student ICT skills in Europe. Their partial use in two other projects give us additional evidence of this wider applicability.

The full report is available: click here

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