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Summit for the Future: partners, sponsors
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Corporate Partners
University Partners
Media Partners

Supporting Partners


Corporate Partners

Bayer CropScience

Bayer CropScience, a subsidiary of Bayer AG with annual sales of about EUR 5.8 billion (2003), is one of the world’s leading innovative crop science companies in the areas of crop protection, non-agricultural pest control, seeds and plant biotechnology. The company offers an outstanding range of products and extensive service backup for modern, sustainable agriculture and for non-agricultural applications. Bayer CropScience has a global workforce of about 19,000 and is represented in more than 120 countries, ensuring proximity to dealers and consumers.


INFOLUTION provides scalable knowledge management solutions that utilize the power of new semantic technology to enhance the performance and intelligence of enterprises. The solution seamlessly integrates into information domains, which allow customers to instantly source and manage any business critical information. Infolution is unique in that it processes, comprehends and retrieves concepts in the same way as humans do.

With large and small clients including ABN Amro, The Boston Consulting Group, Dutch Police force and others world wide INFOLUTION has the products and the recognition to ensure higher return on information and investment from your corporate information.

University Partners  

Trade / Service Industry:

HES Amsterdam School of Business

Honouring a tradition in business studies that goes back to 1867, HES Amsterdam School of Business (hereafter referred to as HES Amsterdam) is one of the largest single-faculty institutes of professional business education in the Netherlands. It offers a wide range of business-related programmes preparing students for Bachelor and Master Degrees. Support courses are included in the degree programmes such as foreign languages, law and psychology. Currently, the school has a staff of 300 and some 5,500 registered students.


École Polytechnique, Paris

Research and educational programs on energy at the Ecole Polytechnique:
In 2004 the EP created a chair focused on sustainable development in partnership with EDF, the leading French firm in the production and distribution of electricity. Out if its 23 laboratories of research, several focus on thematics linked to energy, among them plasma reactors, pulsed power, high power lasers and nuclear engineering.

In keeping with the Bologna process, the EP has opened 4 masters in fields relating to energy: materials for structures and energy, fluid mechanics and energetics, transportation and sustainable development (in partnership with Renault) and economics of sustainable development.


Medical Faculty, University Basel

The Medical Faculty is an integrated part of the University of Basel and fullfills the mission of teaching and research in the adjoined curricula and academic diciplines. Furthermore the Medical Faculty plays an important role in the postgraduate education and continuing education of physicians. The performance stimmulates an ecellent medical care and influences the developments in health policy. The focal points in research are: imunology, neurobiology, oncology, cellplasticity and tissue engeneering, clinical morphology and biomedical engeneering.

Media & Entertainment:

Media Academie, Hilversum
The Media Academie is the training institute for the Dutch broadcasting companies and the audio-visual industry.
The Academie was founded by the NOS (the Dutch Broadcasting Foundation), the NOB (the Dutch Broadcasting Production Company), the Amsterdam School of Art (AHK) and the Utrecht School of Art (HKU).

The aim of the Media Academie is to provide quality training for radio, television (national, regional and international) and new media in the field of both programmes and facilities. In addition, the Media Academie organises courses for the audio-visual industry. The Media Academie designs tailor-made courses and training-projects for national and international companies or organisations. The Media Academie also provides presentation and media trainings for companies and institutes.

The Media Academie is a training centre, not a school. The staff consists of project-managers and trainers, whereas professionals are asked to give training in their field of work.

Science & Technology:

Corvinus University of Budapest
Futures Studies Department


Media Partners


with musik.lounge
For all German-speaking music professionals, musik.woche features useful services, trends and opinions in the weekly print format "musik.woche". It also features up-to-date news on a day-to-day basis with the web and mobile services contained in the "musik.lounge".
More on

KnowledgeBoard, the online community to create a global exchange of Knowledge Management expertise and interest.
KnowledgeBoard is a KM portal funded by the European Commission under the Information Society Technologies Programme (IST-). and is a growing community of over 7,000 KM professionals throughout Europe and the world.

The Association for International Broadcasting

AIB - the industry association for the international broadcasting community

'The Channel' is the quarterly journal published by the AIB.
It is the definitive news source for the international broadcasting industry.
The magazine reaches more than 4,000 decision-makers in international television, radio and related manufacturing and service provision companies in over 100 countries world-wide.

To ensure that you receive this important industry publication, follow the link to our web shop below.,15,22&eventID=77&ticket_quantity=1

Fuel Cell Markets

The marketplace is an interactive communication platform for the Hydrogen Economy, providing 24x7x365 exposure for Fuel Cell and Hydrogen industries. Amongst many other features, you can follow the latest developments, buy products, and look for opportunities within the industry...

Fuel Cell Markets Ltd are a market catalyst, to help develop the fuel cell marketplace, open opportunities, and to promote Hydrogen and fuel cell technologies to the mass market.


The European Journal for Sustainable Hydrogen, is the first independent journal writing specifically for professionals and management within the Hydrogen Community.The Journal is produced and written to high journalistic standards and therefore gives reliable, in-depth information on relevant developments in technology, politics, markets and new applications. There is adequate exposure of companies and views of people (opinion-leaders) working within the Community. National political developments are closely followed along with developments within the European Union.

Promedia takes care of the production of internal and external magazines, (e-mail) newsletters, content for websites, reports, speeches, etc. Communication projects that build bridges between sender and recipients. Promedia gives shape to your communication goals and advises about the multi media approach.

Supporting Partners  

Medical Knowledge Institute
The Medical Knowledge Institute (MKI) is a healthcare education and healthcare information organization dedicated to the premise that healthcare is truly a human right, both in industrialized or developing and transitioning countries. The programs of MKI are designed to improve the quality of and to promote humanitarian values in healthcare through education and public health programs. The educational and information tools to confront related matters come from experts who are leaders in their healthcare fields. They offer information and guidance honed by experience. Our faculty is drawn from some of the finest institutions around the world.

The World Future Society
The World Future Society is an association of people interested in how social and technological developments are shaping the future. The Society was founded in 1966 and is chartered as a nonprofit educational and scientific organization in Washington, D.C., U.S.A.

The Society strives to serve as a neutral clearinghouse for ideas about the future. Ideas about the future include forecasts, recommendations, and alternative scenarios. These ideas help people to anticipate what may happen in the next 5, 10, or more years ahead. When people can visualize a better future, then they can begin to create it.

Who belongs to the Society? Membership is open to anyone who would like to know more about what the future will hold. The Society includes 25,000 people in more than 80 countries--from Argentina to Zimbabwe. Members come from all walks of life. They include sociologists, scientists, corporate planners, educators, students, and retirees. They are thinking people who seek a better future for themselves and society.

Health Management Forum
The Foundation for Future Health Scenarios (Stichting Toekomstscenario's Gezondheidszorg - STG) is a non-profit organisation. Its objectives are: to execute future research, to develop strategic policy options and to support strategy development in the Dutch health care sector.

The Foundation assists in:
- executing a future-scanning or scenario project;
- gathering and analysing strategic information;
- drafting and calculating policy options;
- supporting the development of a vision process on an (inter)national, regional or local level;
- organising and conducting conferences and workshops;
- providing presentations and introductory lectures;
- realising an exchange of international experience.

A combination of these activities leads to a better view on the future needs of certain services, innovation possibilities and new strategic opportunities.

The Foundation assists in the development of visions on the future of parts of the (health) care system. On the basis of the knowledge of the results of future research a well-structured dialogue is started with the most involved decision-makers. New policy options are developed in intensive workshops comprising carefully selected participants. Experienced facilitators guide the development of a shared vision.

Shaping Tomorrow
Shaping Tomorrow helps busy people and organisations better anticipate the future, profit from tomorrow, manage uncertainty and create opportunities for growth, today.

How will the future be different and what should you be doing about it? Find out if you are fit for the future and why, and how to track trends and likely forces for change. Learn about futures studies, strategy creation, change management and action planning. Find fresh ideas for your innovations and competitive intelligence only at Shaping Tomorrow.


European Health Telematics Association (EHTEL)
The European Health Telematics Association (“EHTEL”), provides to its members a platform for information lobbying, representation, networking and co-operation in support of the implementation of information and communication technologies (ICT) in health and social care in Europe.

EHTEL believes that using ICTs in health and social care in Europe offers an unparalleled opportunity to revolutionize: a) The quality of health and social care services provided to patients and citizens, b) The speed and ease of access to those services; and c) Their efficiency and cost effectiveness.

The association brings together under one roof all of the constituencies with an interest in ICTs in health and social care: National and regional health authorities and systems, hospitals and other health institutions, public and private insurance providers, health professionals, health managers and executives, patients, citizens and consumers, industry, researcher and academics, national and regional member-based organizations.

World Summit Award
The World Summit Award, a global project, held in the framework of the WSIS, seeks to demonstrate the benefits of the Information Society in terms of the new qualities in content and applications, by selecting, presenting and promoting the best products from all over the world with a special emphasis on bridging the digital divide.

World Futures Studies Federation
The World Futures Studies Federation is an organization of some 500 individuals and 60 institutions around the world whose mission is to promote futures education and research. The WFSF is a global network of practicing futurists - researchers, teachers, scholars, policy analysts, activists and others from over 80 countries - established in 1967.

Gemeente Amsterdam Economische Zaken

Embassy of Switzerland in The Hague


Contact Jan Sall at +31-20-615 4487 or for more information.


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