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. What is the Summit for the Future?


Club of Amsterdam
Summit for the Future

Date: January 26-28, 2005
Location: HES Amsterdam School for Business, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Gain critical insights and a deeper understanding of the issues that will shape the Knowledge Society. The Summit for the Future 2005 is an international conference that brings together experts, thought leaders, policy makers and knowledge workers.

Is Globalisation the single biggest factor affecting all our visions and strategies for 2020? Is it a threat to the fabric of society - or are those who do not join the people we should be keeping an eye on? Are all innovation and production gradually shifting to the BRICK countries by 2020 (Brazil, Russia, India, China, Korea)? Will Europe simply turn into the world's retirement home? Or will the current knowledge centres in UK and The Netherlands switch to Ireland, Sweden, Finland and Australia? How can we change Brain Drain into Brain Gain - or perhaps Brain Circulation is a better phrase?

At the end of January 2005, we're putting the pick of the strategic thinkers together for our first "Summit of the Future". It will be a creative clash of inspiration. We will debate the significance of global trends in the open plenary sessions - followed by simultaneous workshops in five key knowledge streams:

Each Knowledge Stream can be attended by 25-30 participants.

The results of these workshops will then be discussed in the final plenary forum.

We currently have confirmed participants from Canada, China, Egypt, France, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Indonesia, Israel, Luxembourg, Mali, Nepal, New Zealand, Portugal, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, The Netherlands, UK ...

If you like thinking "out of the box", this Club of Amsterdam Summit may prove to be the best conference of 2005.

. What is the Club of Amsterdam?

The Club of Amsterdam is an independent, international think-tank that organises regular high-level discussions on preferred futures. It involves those who are not just talking about the future - but those who are active participants in shaping the outcome. So far we've organised more than 20 specialised events, each tackling a different sector within society.

. Why should you attend?

Attend the Summit for the Future 2005 and:

understand the drivers of change
tackle key issues with experts
prepare your organisation with long term visions
network with thought leaders and policy makers

The Summit for the Future 2005 is a unique opportunity for participants to learn from experts while tackling key knowledge issues. There will be ample time for networking during workshops, breaks, meals and social events. A web environment will be available prior, during and after the conference to share ideas, backgrounds, documents and resources.

See also the Knowledge Streams

. Who should attend?

The main objective is to bring together thought leaders, policy makers and knowledge workers to gain a deeper understanding and more insights regarding critical elements in their industries and how they relate to the Knowledge Society.

See also the Knowledge Streams

. When and where?

The Summit for the Future 2005 takes place at

HES Amsterdam School for Business
Fraijlemaborg 133
1102 CV Amsterdam Zuidoost
The Netherlands

January 26-28, 2005 Program

You can also just attend the Opening Event of the Summit for the Future, Wednesday, January 26, 2005, 09:30-12:30.

. Contact

Club of Amsterdam
Summit for the Future

Oude Haagseweg 69 A-2
1066 DC Amsterdam
The Netherlands

P +31-20-615 4487
F +31-20-408 0733


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