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by: Melissa Gira,
type: Articles
in: 42 Sexuality

Thereís no argument that the internet has given rise to new sexual speech. Foucault, Sedgwick, Rubin, all would rejoice a little. Now, though, surrounded by new online sex acts each day, is it not time to apply a bit of a critical eye to how sexuality is produced by the internet? How we play a part in the production of sex in not just our reading, linking, and tagging, but in what we donít even think to look for?more....

by: IPPF European Network,
type: Articles
in: 42 Sexuality

This guide was created to assist policymakers and governments to develop better policies and practices related to sexuality education. Additionally, it is intended to help EU Member States to improve the exchange of information and best practices on adolescent sexual and reproductive health and rights and sexuality education.more....

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