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Summit for the Future
start 4/30/2004 8:58:54 AM

The Program will be uploaded soon!

Visions & Strategies for 2020

Gain critical insights and a deeper understanding of the issues that will shape the Knowledge Society. The Summit for the Future 2005 is a European conference that brings together experts, thought leaders, policy makers and knowledge workers.

Together with top experts, this conference tackles key issues in five knowledge streams:

    Media & Entertainment
    Science & Technology

The Club of Amsterdam helps shape your future in the Knowledge Society. It is an independent, international think tank that supports thought leaders and knowledge workers to form opinions, visions and agendas about preferred futures.

Attend the Summit for the Future 2005 and:

understand the drivers of change
tackle key issues with experts
prepare your organisation with long term visions
network with thought leaders and policy makers

For more information, please write to:


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