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:: 09 the future of Media & Entertainment
The Future of Communications
09 the future of Media & Entertainment 9/28/2003 7:48:29 AM


Anywhere, Anytime, Any Device

The future is unwired
Analysts predict that by 2005 there will be 700 million mobile handsets and over 80 million WLANs in use world-wide, and nearly 13 million wireless home networks in place in the United States. Explosive growth of wireless networks and devices will have a huge impact on the core network itself. The network equipment infrastructure, converged devices and valuable services that are enabling the unwired future represent an enormous opportunity for computing and communication companies and the businesses and consumers they serve.

For thirty-five years, Intel has been changing the way the world computes. Through industry-leading silicon design and manufacturing, standards-based technology and product building blocks, and collaboration with industry, academia, and government, Intel is accelerating convergence and changing the way the world communicates. As communications and computing converge, Intel is uniquely positioned to accelerate the shift to a new world of services and information access anywhere, any time, on any device.

"The convergence of computing and communications will bring a new level of productivity to business, reducing costs and extending the reach of communications across the globe, opening up new opportunities on a scale we can't imagine today. Intel is committed to accelerating toward this future, through continued technology advancements and close collaboration with industry and governments worldwide." Pat Gelsinger Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer Intel Corporation

The report is available at Intel Research:

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