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:: 09 the future of Media & Entertainment
The Connected World
09 the future of Media & Entertainment 9/27/2003 1:18:49 PM

June 2003

New technologies are driving the world toward more connectivity. As these technologies mature and interact with one another, they will create an increasingly complex world, drive new behaviors, and create more transparency. IFTF has identified ten of these connective technologies that we think will change the world over the next decade--wireless, peer-to-peer, digital and physical tags, sensors, smart materials, displays, voice, biometrics, and small-scale power. In this interactive, CD-ROM tool, we look at these technologies and the consumer and business innovations that lie at the intersections. Finally, we've delved more deeply into the connected home of the future to understand what a connected home is, what drives connectivity in the home, and how the new technologies are likely to be used in different ways around world.

The report is available at the Institute for the Future:

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