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:: 09 the future of Media & Entertainment
Mission: Impossible – Thoughts on a 2 nd edition of the Music Business
09 the future of Media & Entertainment    9/20/2003 9:03:35 AM

February 26th, 2003

I am a serious movie fan, and so the other night I had a bizarre dream: I was catapulted into the opening scene of my own sequel of ‘Mission: Impossible’, and the mission – should I chose to accept it - was to rebuild the music business from scratch. The industry we know it was “Gone with the Wind”, and it was my job to reassemble it.

Despite the distinct megalomania flavor (which, you have to admit, is a distinct component of every ‘Mission: Impossible’), this idea resonated nicely in a “Titanic” kind-of- way and I agreed to accept the mission. The next morning I awoke and felt that I had to try to deliver what I promised, dream or not. Yes, I know “What Lies Beneath” but… ‘A few good men’ must do it.

So, here is my 10-step program for the Impossible Mission of restructuring the music business, ‘Men in Black’ notwithstanding.


1) We need to re-build this industry on the basis that Technology and Music are Siamese twins.

2) Let’s make Partners out of Minions.

3) Let’s shrink

4) Let’s drastically lower the prices for music products

5) Let’s look at new ways to release music.

6) Let’s unchain the music we already have.

7) Let’s preclude compulsory licensing laws to be enacted by compulsively licensing

8) Let’s go for the Niche Markets.

9) Let’s re-engage with people over 35.

10) Let’s start collaborating!

You can download the full article [*.pdf]: click here

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