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04 the future of Mobility :: Speakers
Frederik Johannes Abbink - Challenger
Speakers 2/15/2003 1:17:17 PM

Frederik Johannes Abbink


Frederik Johannes Abbink
Technical Director of the National Aerospace Laboratory NLR

NLR is an independent non-profit research institute based in the Netherlands that carries out contract research for national and international customers.

Present functions
Technical Director of the National Aerospace Laboratory NLR (since 1988)

Member of the Executive Committee of the Council of the Group for Aeronautics Research and Technology in Europe (GARTEUR) (Chairman 1994/1995) (Active in GARTEUR since 1982 in the Group of Responsables for Helicopters, and since 1988 in the Executive Committee)

Member of the Board of the Department for Defence Technology of the Royal Netherlands Institute of Engineers (KIVI) (since 1988)

Member of the Advisory Council of the Royal Netherlands Aviation Association (KNVvL) (since 1994)

Member of the board of the foundation SIMNED (Simulation platform of the Netherlands) (since 1995)

Member of the DISC (Dutch Institute of Systems and Control) (since 1996)

Member of the NATO RTO-SAS Panel (since 1997)

Member of the Programme Committee of the International Council of the Aeronautical Sciences (ICAS) (since 1998)

Member of the Advisory Group for the Key Action "New perspectives in Aeronautics" of the European Commission-DG XII/C ( since 1998)

Member of the Advisory Council of the Aeronautical Technical College Haarlem (since 1998)
Tutor of the "Flevoland Technology Centre" (since 2000)

Chairman of the Netherlands foundation "Fibre Metal Laminates Centre of Competence" in Delft (since 2001)


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