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04 the future of Mobility :: Speakers
Luud Schimmelpennink - challenger
Speakers 2/15/2003 8:55:36 AM

Luud Schimmelpennink


Luud Schimmelpennink
Industrial designer, managing director, Ytech Innovation Centre

Luud Schimmelpennink is industrial designer and managing director of Ytech Innovation Centre, a bureau that busies itself with the development of socially relevant projects, with an emphasis on non-pollutive transportation, such as bicycles, electric cars etc. After a three years period as head of the construction department of Structural Werkspoor Utrecht, he started working as a freelance advisor for Vicon Landbouwwerktuigen/Greenland (manufacturers of agricultural machines, 28 years), Wientjes Emmen (manufacturers of reinforced polyester products, 8 years), and Batavus Heerenveen (manufacturers of bicycles, 2 years).

On his own initiative he developed individual, public transport projects such as Witkar, a small electric city car (in operation in Amsterdam in the beginning of the seventies) and Witfiets, a system of public bicycles (started in Amsterdam in the late sixties and reopened in the late nineties).

In the social field he initiated/coorganized/was a member of the city council of Amsterdam for Provo, a famous provocative party in the sixties, the Prinsenhof conference, the National Heroine symposium Westerkerk, the committee of the Cooperative Association Witkar, the supervision committee of the Social Cultural Planning Bureau, chairman of the community centre " de Oude Stadt and similar parties. In 1990 Luud Schimmelpennink was honoured with the Golden Pin of the City of Amsterdam for his many merits for the city.


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