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04 the future of Mobility :: Speakers
Wim Korver - keynotes
Speakers 2/15/2003 8:49:58 AM

Wim Korver


Wim Korver is head of the Department of Traffic & Transport (24 employees) and member of the management team of the institute TNO Inro (Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Development) of Applied Scientific Research TNO in Delft. He is also a transport consultant in the field with more than 12 years experience. His experience has a broad spectrum within the transport field. He specialises in the relationship between technology and transport policy, mode choice and evaluation studies of transport policy measures. He is an expert in international technology watch studies, especially in "translating" technology development into relevant technology bundles for the transportation sector. He is adept at demand assessment studies of new integrated transport systems and has a broad knowledge of different kind of methods to assess demand for (new) transport concepts/systems.


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