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04 the future of Mobility :: Speakers
André Hammer - keynotes
Speakers    1/23/2003 5:33:42 PM

André Hammer


André Hammer
General Director, Connekt

Since September 2001, André G.J.M. Hammer M.Sc. (1951) is general director of Connekt, the innovation network for traffic and transport. Connekt, a public private foundation in which ministries, industry, branch organisations and knowledge institutes participate, is charged with the duty of stimulating the development and transfer of knowledge in the sphere of traffic and transport, thus contributing to the indispensable innovation in this field.

From 1996 to the beginning of 2001, Hammer was general director of move GmbH, an organisation responsible for the set-up and execution of a very innovative, co-operative traffic management around the World Exhibition Expo 2000 in Hannover.

Previous to that, he worked at management level in the field of strategy development for public transport companies and directed various projects in Eastern Europe. Hammer has been active in international organisations for a long time. André Hammer studied mechanical engineering, information science and traffic management.



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