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Sitemap 04 the future of Mobility
The paper describes the development of the air transport system to its present status and the required systems to provide for the doubling of the air transport while maintaining a high safety level and limiting the burden to the environment."> We have allowed our local environment to become child unfriendly and to be shaped only by the desire to reward car drivers. They can now drive faster and metal railings have been erected on some streets to make sure that the elderly and the ill have to walk even further so that drivers can be given even greater opportunity to drive faster and ignore vulnerable road users. Why should the journeys on foot of the elderly, the ill and young children be made more difficult and circuitous to enhance the ease and joy of the motorist? "> Duurzame mobiliteit - noodzakelijke ťn kansrijke opgave voor de toekomst van Nederland
De mobiliteit in Nederland nadert haar fysieke grenzen. Het dichtslibben van het wegennet, de problemen op het spoor en de slechte bereikbaarheid van(uit) de Randstad, maar ook de grote steden daarbuiten, spelen ons ernstig parten. De consequenties voor onze economische ontwikkeling en maatschappelijke ontplooiing zijn slechts bij benadering vast te stellen. Dit geldt versterkt voor de internationale positie van Nederland.
"> Rejuvenation of the tax system is an important policy tool geared to more sustainable eco-nomic development. This involves both the sustainable management of scarce space and the sustainable management of the environment."> The Club of Amsterdam organised a conference about the future of Mobility on March 26th. The main topic was about creating a vision and strategy for mobility issues in the future. This report will give you a brief summary of the topics and the discussion between the panel and the participants of the Club of Amsterdam. "> This brochure outlines the European Commissionís view for a single European sky and its potential benefits to the airline industry and those who travel by air. "> This brochure outlines the European Commissionís view for a single European sky and its potential benefits to the airline industry and those who travel by air. "> European Aeronautics: A Vision for 2020 sets the agenda for the European Aeronautics' ambition to better serve society's needs and strengthen its quest for global leadership. The vision has been developed by very senior personalities widely drawn from the industry and other stakeholders. They recommend strengthening and reorganising research and development efforts to improve competitiveness and provide a safe, efficient and environmentally friendly air transport system."> In order to support the decision on the national railway network franchise, the Presidium of the Dutch Lower House has requested a second opinion on the future main railway network franchise (OCII) from three independent research agencies. "> This report presents methods are presented to subdivide exploitation subsidy for local and regional public transport over 35 regions in The Netherlands. ">
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