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Sitemap 02 the future of Global Economy
Expansion of capital and information markets continue to bring unprecedented opportunities for creation of new wealth at the same time they deepen scepticism among many that such wealth is exacerbating, rather than diminishing, social inequities. "> Club of Amsterdam: the future of Global Economy
The Club of Amsterdam organised a conference about globalisation on January 29th. The main topic was sustainability in the 21st century. This report will give you a brief summary of the topics and the interactive discussion between the panel and the participants of The Club of Amsterdam.

Two presentations were given to provide the discussion with high level knowledge. Annemarie Jorritsma gave a brief overview of globalisation in the past with the Dutch VOC and the ongoing globalisation in the future.

Paul Hohnen of the Global Reporting Initiative showed that regulation of government on globalisation is important, but that it isn't the only mechanism needed. He stated that companies should use a different kind of reporting, that not only focus on financial, but also on ethical aspects.
"> The next 50 years could see a fourfold increase in the size of the global economy and significant reductions in poverty but only if governments act now to avert a growing risk of severe damage to the environment and profound social unrest. Without better policies and institutions, social and environmental strains may derail development progress, leading to higher poverty levels and a decline in the quality of life for everybody. "> The reasoning behind the Dutch Government’s current, random looking cost reductions, which have not been adequately communicated, is that the future will require an improved integration in and between the agricultural, industrial and the automation age, adapting and improving upon our current knowledge base in order to stay abreast with global competition which will only intensify in the next coming decades.
"> How come the so-called 'international community' so often, in spite of their lead agent's (IMF) failings in the handling of two major economic crises of the 1990s, still make the mistake to believe that the Washington Consensus has universal following? Could the answer not be that this Washington Consensus is in itself a culture, with its own culturally derived "unstated assumptions"? "> ">
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