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Each year, IFTF steps out beyond the edge of today's common knowledge and asks uncommon questions about the trends and innovations that are likely to reshape our world in the coming decade.

"> Reaching our full potential - as a civilization, society, organisation, or community - requires goals that challenge us to exceed that potential. Unfortunately, in this most instrumental of ages, daydreaming is unfashionable. An educational system inherited from the industrial era teaches us to keep our attention on the task at hand; the drive for upward mobility focuses our creativity on immediate problem-solving and practical matters of management. The age of deconstruction awards more points to critiques than to castles in the air.

Given these barriers, little wonder that people are uncomfortable with the verbs "vision," "imagine," "dream." If not for the cases cited in recent leadership and management literature which underscore the utility of vision for motivating exemplary performance, it would be difficult to convince professionals to engage in visioning. Yet it is something humans do naturally, that in fact we must be trained not to do. Reinstating visioning as a powerful creative tool is simply re-balancing our internal environment: giving equal pride of place to intuition and imagination next to logic and calculation. Envisioning a preferred future requires them all.
"> The enterprise relevant scenarios are the basis for a FSC-supported [Future Scorecard] business management. Starting point is the vision what the enterprise should have reached in three, five or ten years and what is its position in the market compared with the competitors. ">
The Club of Amsterdam published the Summit for the Future Report 2005. It includes issues related to Trade / Service Industry, Energy, Healthcare, Media & Entertainment and Science & Technology.
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Summit for the Future Report 2005
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