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Einstein told us that we are still an infantile society. We human beings are hardly fully-evolved. Let us call for more spiritual courage, an increased willingness to break out of our skin of familiarity or the petty limitations of what we expect from our consciousness and allow ourselves to dream bigger about how we think, what we do and what we expect for our future. Let us break out of the mold of guesswork or prediction about how things may be in the future and, instead, take a wiser more mature stand for what we want. Then, let us do everything in our power to bring about that future"> Spirituality is rising. And for a reason! There is a growing need to reach inside and fulfil our true potential. It is an understatement that the current system is lacking. But what is it? What is the broader context of this spiritual coming out? All over the world people are taking on universal values and developing more encompassing worldviews. What does it take to bring forth these deeper values? This article sheds light on the rise of spirituality and its relationship to values, technology and capitalism.
"> Present forms of bureaucratic or personal network based models of regulation should, as far as possible be based on transparent models of peer to peer evaluation where, in so far as possible, evaluation is located in the proximity of the actors concerned. "> Terrorism and conflict dominate the political landscape of most countries around the world. From Nepal to Columbia and from the Parisian suburbs to the streets of Grozny, Chechnya, differences between people and their opinion have transformed into bloody conflicts.

These conflicts originate mainly because of intolerance and a lack of commitment to a peaceful resolution of differences. Such a commitment to peace and progress through dialogue has to be brought about by restoring public faith in the immense potential of human values and dialogue as the means to resolving differences.
Finding Spiritual Courage
The Rise of Spirituality
The Ethical Economy
Values and Spirituality
Universal Declaration of Human Values

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