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Sitemap 28 Governance
Internet governance is a controversial issue. For some observers, it should be limited to the production of technical norms for the network, for naming and the future of ICANN. For others, it should cover other issues, including content, evolution of uses…; in any case, everyone questions the specific role of the States and the other actors (civil society or private sector) in the management of this internet governance."> Scenario A: This scenario has three main themes. Firstly, it addresses the new politics resulting from direct democracy. Secondly, it shows how the possibility of electing mayors for the first time can influence the Netherlands. The third subject the scenario will address is increased autonomy on neighbourhood level.

Scenario B: In this scenario politics has ´skipped´ local and political levels. It tells the story of Director Adema of the "Regional Authority" Public Safety of the Dutch city of Zutphen. Public services are now regionally directed. Local councils ceased existing, Europe has replaced it on three quarters of all decisions. After the crisis in 2005 national governments overtook remaining local decisions. There were two reasons for that. Firstly, the relation between autonomy and codeciding was not in an equilibrium. Secondly, increasingly few people turned up at local elections.

"> The UN Global E-Government Readiness Report 2005: From E-government to E-inclusion has been prepared under the leadership of Guido Bertucci, Director of the UNDESA Division for Public Administration and Development Management (DPADM). "> From October to December 2005 an online public consultation was held on future eGovernment policy towards 2010. "> In democracies, like any endeavour under the stars, it may pay off to set rules and guidelines. This observation is based on the fact that human knowledge and behaviour are usually flawed. In other words, we should be able to start every new venture with a clean sheet of paper; otherwise the word new is meaningless. ">
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