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Sitemap 23 Intellectual Property
A recent study by Evalueserve highlights the fact that there will be a huge shortfall in the number of European patent lawyers in the next five years, hampering innovation and pushing up costs for European companies. At present, 8,000 lawyers and agents are registered with the EPO, which processes around 160,000 patents per year. The Evalueserve study predicts a 30 percent upsurge in the number of patents filed per year by 2010. An additional 2,000 registered lawyers and agents will be required to cope with this rise, or costs will go up exponentially. "> This book covers a wide range of topics, describing how Japan introduced the patent system over a century ago, and used the system as a major tool in the development of its economy. It also discusses how patent strategy has changed in companies in recent years, and what kind of patent administration should be implemented in the future. While this book offers Mr. Araiís suggestions on intellectual policy to the world, it also acts as an important source of reference on intellectual property policies in various countries. "> Building and enforcing intellectual property value. An international guide for the boardroom. At PricewaterhouseCoopers, we believe that intellectual property is one of the most important elements in the value of major corporations. For the second year running we have joined with other leading organisations to provide a comprehensive overview of the critical areas of valuation, accounting, corporate finance, protection and taxation. "> Results from the EU-India Workshop/IP Conference, Sarai, Delhi January 2005. Notes from the EU-India Workshop/IP Conference, Sarai, Delhi January 2005. ">
Offshoring Patent Drafting and Prosecution Services
The Japanese Experience in Wealth Creation
IP Value 2005
Creative Industries: from properties to relationships.
Creativity, Innovation and Economic Growth in the 21st Century

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