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Sitemap 19 the future of Water
The 21st century will present a number of challenges to the aquatic environment. A coordinated approach to data collection, processing and management in Europe to support decision-making and to improve the reliability of environmental information will be essential to meet these challenges. This publication is aimed at a broad readership and is intended to present the key issues in a format that can be appreciated by policy-makers, professionals and the general public alike. "> Inadequate drinking water and sanitation are amongst the world's major causes of preventable morbidity and mortality. This book provides a state-of-the-art review on approaches and methods used in assessing the microbial safety of drinking-water. It supports the rapidly emerging trend towards preventive management and a broader, system-wide outlook. It supports a framework for water safety which extends from resource to consumer and is based on rigorous risk assessment and risk management. The book offers guidance on the selection and use of available indicators alongside operational monitoring to meet specific information needs. It looks at potential applications of "new" technologies and emerging methods.

"> The aim of this study was to estimate the economic costs and benefits of a range of selected interventions to improve water and sanitation services, with results presented for 17 WHO sub-regions and at the global level. "> On Monday September 30, 2004, The Club of Amsterdam and Cientifica together hosted the first international conference on nanotechnology and water “NanoWater”, at the RAI Congress Center in Amsterdam. Nanotechnology and water, an unlikely combination? Not really. In fact most of the technology presented at the conference can be defined as a solution to the following assignment: construct a really fine-grained way to sieve water. "> State 2005 and Development up to 2015, Markets and Projects in over 70 countries worldwide, Companies, Technoloigies, Operators/Users, Suppliers and R&D ">
Europe's water: An indicator-based assessment
Water and health in Europe
Assessing Microbial Safety of Drinking Water
Evaluation of the costs and benefits of water and sanitation improvements
VISH&CHIPZ check out the Club of Amsterdam NanoWater Conference
Study: Water Desalination Worldwide for Sea Water and Brackish Water

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